Who is my guardian angel

Many people ask: “Who is my Guardian Angel?”

Often implying that it might be a deceased family member or likewise someone they should know. Deceased family members, etc. may well choose to stay around us after their death to help and guide us, but then we are talking about spirit guides. A guardian angel is in contrast an angel who has taken on the role of following us our whole earthly life.

What is a Guardian Angel?

Everybody has a guardian angel. It’s a part of living on Earth. No one walks on Earth alone. It stays with us from we are born and follows us our entire life. It is not replaced. The role of a guardian angel is to always be by our side no matter what happens and whatever we do.

It is not possible to lose your guardian angel. They love us unconditionally and never judge our actions. It is the guardian angel’s responsibility to make sure we do not exit our physical life before planned. It has, in contrast to other angels, been given permission to intervene without our consent if our life is endangered and this is not a part of our pre-life contract.

Our guardian angel has followed us in every physical life we have ever lived and has been with us since our soul was born. Thereby it knows us extremely well and knows everything about the challenges we deal with etc.

Guardian angels have, unlike spirit guides, typically never incarnated (lived physical lives). Guardian angels and angels, however, under special circumstances have the opportunity to take the form of physical persons if necessary. However, this happens very rarely. 

What is the name of my Guardian Angel?

Many also ask: “What is the name of my guardian angel?” 

To my knowledge, guardian angels have names. But not necessarily names as we know names on Earth. Their names may have more dimensions than our pronounced names. For example, it may be more a tone combined with an emotion, to give you an example of how they may differ. However, they are keen to start using an earthly name to strengthen the relationship with its human. If you want to name your guardian angel just think about what name feels right, and then you can simply start using it. It will definitely appreciate it since it will bring you closer to your angel. You can also simply ask if it has a name it likes you to use. If you know how to meditate, ask the question when you are well into the meditation and see if you get an answer in your mind. If you are not familiar with meditation, try the following: 

1) Sit in a place where there is peace around you.

2) Take some deep breaths and feel your body. Listen to the sounds around you as you focus on your breathing. 

3)  Imagine being surrounded by white light from head to toe. Enjoy this feeling while you continue to breathe deeply. Give it a minimum of 5 minutes to you are completely relaxed.

4)  While you are still sitting immersed, you can now ask in your mind “Dear guardian angel, what is your name?”

Maybe a name pops up inside your head. If you do not succeed the first time, you can repeat the exercise another day. It is about reaching a relaxed state of mind. Your guardian angel will always be available to you if you need support and guidance.

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