Where do dreams come from?

Dreams can sometimes be confusing and difficult to understand. But they can also be a source to personal growth, healing, and divine guidance if we learn how to tap into their hidden wisdom. This article will help you to better understand dreams. Where they are coming from, what they are, and how you can use them.

What are Dreams?

When we are sleeping our brain waves change and we enter a different state of consciousness. Often our consciousness changes to the 5th or 6th dimension and we are basically having an out-of-body experience. This altered state of consciousness makes us open to receiving information in the form of dreams. Below I have listed some of the different types of dreams and their sources.

What are dreams?

Dreams of Pre-Manifestation

We are continuously manifesting our lives (deliberately or un-deliberately) by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Some dreams are reflections of this ongoing process and can give us insight into this pre-manifestation stage. What is in the cooking to be manifested in our life, so to say.

This type of dreams will most often be symbolic representations and should not be seen as a one-to-one picture of what is going to happen in the future.

For instance. I was once told in a dream “your father is dying”. This was of course upsetting initially and something I did clearly not like. However, in my dreams, my father has been used many times as a symbol of entrepreneurship and following your passion. This dream was simply showing that, at the moment, I did not dedicate time, energy, and focus to this aspect of my life, hence this aspect was “dying”.    

These pre-manifestation dreams can be used to “adjust the course of our boat” to use another symbolic representation. The above example with my father was a reminder to focus more on my passions and work on these if I wanted this area go grow.

Can Provide Perspective on Situations or Themes in Your Life
– A Tool for Personal Growth and Healing

Sometimes a theme or situation in our life is holding us back or challenging us. Dreams can be a symbolic representation of these situations, themes, or challenges. The symbolic representation can help us to better understand the dynamics of the situation or theme. In many cases, by analyzing and interpreting our dreams, we will see things in a new light with increased clarity. More on dream interpretation later.

Spirit Guides, Angels, and our Soul can Communicate through Dreams

Spirit Guides, Angels, and our Soul can communicate through Dreams

Since we enter a different state of consciousness when we sleep, it is much easier for our spirit guides, soul, and angels to reach us. Here they can deliver messages and guidance to assist us on our journey through life. Since they have a higher perspective this can indeed be very useful guidance if we manage to tap into it. They can help us with any aspect of life. The example below will demonstrate how it works.

I had I dream where I was standing at a restaurant with a buffet trying to decide what to have. I spent a lot of time on this and when I finally had made up my mind – the buffet was empty.

As with most dreams, we have to interpret the message of the dream.

I realized this dream was a general picture of how I spend a lot of time making the absolute most optimal decisions in all aspects of my life – even for the smallest things. Often to save a bit of money. This behavior however had a negative side effect. By spending this much time on less important decisions, I ended up missing out on life. The time went away from the more important tasks that would actually do a difference in my life. It became clear that my spirit guides wanted to share what they had noticed and tried to help me with this aspect of my life – by bringing my awareness to it.

To this day, I am still challenged by this behavior of mine, but now that I am aware of it, I can try to stop it when I start walking this road.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation has since ancient times been used for divination1. And it is indeed a great tool for receiving guidance and giving perspective to things in your life. The example in the previous section demonstrated how a dream could be interpreted.

The best way to tap into this resource is to create a dream journal. Write down your dream as soon as you wake up. Otherwise, they will quickly fade and can be hard to recall. Keep the journal next to your bed to make it easy.

Dream Interpretation

 It can take a bit of practice to get used to interpreting dreams. But as with everything else in life, practice makes perfect. Even though some dreams initially may seem without meaning, you will learn there is logic in most of them when perceived symbolically.

General symbolism vs. “person specific symbolism” in dreams

You can often look up online the meaning and symbolism of things or objects you may encounter in your dreams. This can be a very good starting point. Have a look at our Dream Dictionary to see how this works. Things often have a general meaning. For instance, water in general represents feelings and the house and its condition is often a reflection of you and your internal landscape.

You will also learn that if things have a special meaning or significance to you, they can be used symbolically this way. For instance, since a young age I always really liked cats. So, in my dreams, cats represent “joy”. This way, if I am shown a cat that is struggling in a dream, I know it is time to prioritize more joy in my life.

Get help to interpret your dreams

Sometimes it can also be helpful to have other people’s perspectives on your dreams. On Facebook, you can find Facebook groups dedicated to dream interpretation. Here you can post your dreams and ask how other group members would interpret them. And you can help others by trying to interpret their dreams. This is a great way to improve your skills.

Dreams can help us deal with difficult, stuck, or unfelt feelings
– A road to healing

In general, we tend to put away unpleasant feelings. This is a natural reaction because it can be painful to deal with our feelings. But this is indeed a bad strategy. Not dealing with our feelings is unhealthy and can have adverse effects. One cause of depression is actually unprocessed feelings. But unprocessed feelings can also manifest themselves as a physical disease as time goes. First, it will manifest at an energetic level and then later at some point, if we do not deal with the feelings, it can manifest physically.

One way our system prevents this from happening is by forcing us to feel unprocessed feelings through dreams. This can be done by making us enact a situation again through a dream with all the associated feelings. Or the dreams might play out in other ways but will still trigger the stuck and unprocessed feelings to be felt. Even though it can be unpleasant it is an important safety mechanism to protect us. It can be compared to a safety valve.

What to do when you wake up feeling terrible after this type of dream?
Feelings are like water. If you feel them, they will evaporate. Just be in what you feel and be assured they will lift soon. The whole purpose of the dream was to make you feel them so please don’t try to suppress them again. This will just postpone the problem. 

Dreams as Messages from Deceased

It is not uncommon for deceased to visit us in dreams. This typically happens relatively shortly after someone we loved or cared about passed away. This is particularly the case if we did not have the chance to say properly goodbye. A dream of this type could play out as we are having a conversation with the deceased as if he/she was still alive. Here we have the chance to talk and say the things we wanted to but never had the chance to.

The common dominator in this type of dreams is that they appear VERY real. People say things like: “It felt so real! It was like talking to him/her in real life!”.

What happens is the person who is not among us anymore uses the dream state to connect with the related person. This will help with closure both for the deceased and the person left back.

Why can’t I remember my dreams?

Some people state “I never dream” or “I can never remember my dreams”. This can have several reasons but in general, the more focused we are on the spiritual dimension of life, the more we will dream. What I also realized is that many people can simply ask for a dream – and then it will come. Simply ask in your mind or out loud for it. In many cases, you will have a dream you can recall the next night. The more you focus on your dreams, the more will come.

Smoking a lot of cannabis, can also block your dreams.

Personally, I dream a lot and it really took off as my spiritual awakening took place many years ago. That was also the time when angels entered my life to help and assist me. But that is a completely different story you can read about here if you like.

When Babies are dreaming

When babies are dreaming it can in some cases be memories from past lives that are not fully processed. Some experiences can only be fully integrated when we are in the physical body. If a previous life ended abruptly, this might be what your baby is dealing with. It is integrating and healing.


Dreams are a great way to tap into divine guidance, catalyzing personal growth and healing. It is also a way to develop a closer relationship with your soul. With practice, you will learn to interpret the symbolism in dreams to explore their meaning. Practise makes perfect and with training, dream interpretation can become a lifelong tool to assist you on your journey through life. The more you focus on dreams, the more dreams you are likely to experience and remember. Good luck!

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