What is Manifestation? An Extensive Guide to Manifestation

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the art of turning something from idea into tangible creation through attraction. The process involves the focused use of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Whether you want to manifest a job, weight loss, a partner, or a house, you can use the principles of manifestation to manifest it.

Manifestation is not that difficult, but by knowing the theory behind manifestation, you can take control of the process and your manifestations. Further, by learning the principles of manifestation, you will become aware of when you are unintendedly manifesting something you do not desire.

In this article, I will teach you the principles behind successful manifestation – and the pitfalls to avoid. So stay tuned!

The Concept of Manifestation

Maybe you are already familiar with The Law of Attraction and the concept that we create our reality with our thoughts. This is among others covered in the hugely popular best-selling book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

The Law of Attraction says that in order to attract anything in our lives, we need to align our vibration with that thing. It is a widely recognized and acknowledged concept within spirituality. Popular spiritual teachers such as Eckhard Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and Teal Swan all agree to The Law of Attraction. So it is not a new concept.

Manifestation and the Universe

Manifestation and the mind

The Universe operates according to some spiritual laws and principles. We as a soul and human have been given free will to explore life. Life continuously unfolds and to a large extent, this process manifests as a result of our thoughts. In other words, we manifest our reality with our minds. This is by the way what Rhonda Byrne refers to as “The Secret”.

How do you Manifest?

We manifest all the time so it is not something you have never tried before. Everything you have in your life, you have manifested deliberately or un-deliberately. Either at soul level or as human.

By focusing our thoughts and feelings, working with our beliefs, plus taking inspired action, we are able to deliberately manifest what we desire. Of course, it is a bit more complicated than that. But don’t worry, in the following, I will teach you everything that is involved in successful manifestation.

The 8 Core Principles Behind Successful Manifestation

1. Set your Intention

Manifestation Step: 1 Set your intention

First of all, you need to set your intention about what you want to manifest. Make sure you really want it. If you are not completely sure whether you want it or not, you are sending mixed signals to the Universe. This will make it more difficult to manifest it. So spend a bit of time reflecting on if you really want it 100% and why to become completely clarified and determined. It can be a good idea to write it down.

2. You need to Firmly Believe It Is Possible and that You are Worthy of Receiving

Manifestation Step 2 - You need to Believe

This step is about aligning yourself with your manifestation. It is important that you actually believe in your manifestation. Otherwise, it will be difficult to manifest.

Let’s take a basic example. You are a man who wants to manifest an attractive girlfriend. In order to do so, you need to build up some confidence. Otherwise, it will be challenging to receive when opportunities arise. Likewise, if you meet a girl and you believe it is possible, you will meet her with a different energy that is much more attractive. You need to be ready to play ping pong with the Universe when it presents you with opportunities. This is regardless of whatever you want to manifest.

You also need to feel worthy of receiving. If you don’t, it is like telling the Universe “I don’t want it because I don’t deserve it”. Then the Universe just says “Okay” and obeys. It doesn’t evaluate if you deserve it or not. It just listens to your instruction.

So spend a bit of time making sure you really feel worthy of receiving what you plan to manifest. If not, you need to work with yourself mentally to you firmly believe you are worthy and deserve it. This can among others be done through “Affirmations”.

It is a good idea to remember that the Universe is abundant. Just because you receive something doesn’t mean others will lack. It is safe for you to receive.

3. Don’t worry about how your manifestation will come around

Don’t worry too much about exactly how your manifestation will come around. The Universe has much more options than we are aware of. And new opportunities will arise as you start to take action towards your manifestation.

Manifestation Step 3 - Don’t worry about how your manifestation will come around

Maybe you are familiar with Six degrees of separation. According to this idea, all people are six or fewer social connections away from each other. In the same way, the universe has a lot of possible ways to manifest your desires.

4. Take Steps to Deliberately Raise Your Vibration

Manifestation Step 4 - Raise Your Vibration

Having a high vibration is important since it is super supportive of your manifestation abilities. Everything flows easier with a high vibration and it will speed up the process of your manifestation. You will have a much better foundation for manifesting with a high vibration.

Raising your vibration is a two-step process:

  1. We need to continuously take care of and nurture our vibration in order to be in the best possible position to manifest and receive our manifestation. This is a daily exercise. I recommend you read this article “13 Ways to Raise your Vibration” in order to become aware of what affects your vibration and how to nurture it. It is not that complicated and with time, it becomes a routine. This step creates the general foundation for successful manifestation.
  2. We take focused action to raise our vibration in connection to the initial manifestation and visualization process. This can be done in several ways, but gratitude holds a very high frequency so this will be our focus here. By focusing on things you are grateful for, you will instantly raise your vibration. This can be people or things in your life you really like. Or situations from the past that feel good to think of. You know best what makes you feel happy and grateful. Spend from 2-20 minutes raising your vibration this way before moving to the next step.

5. Imagine and Visualize it as if you already have it

Manifestation Step 5 - Visualize it

With the raised vibration, you are now in a very good state to manifest. Now start visualizing what you want to manifest. How does it look? How does it feel? The more clearly you can visualize it, the better. Feel how it is to have that which you desire. Fell how it is to be in the position you want to attract. See if you can feel the feelings associated with being in that situation. The feeling aspect is very important for your manifestation.

6. Feel it! Feelings Amplify the Manifestation Process

Manifestation Step 6 - Feel it

As mentioned above, it is important to feel how it is to receive and have the thing you want to manifest. When we activate our feelings it is like turning up the power of the manifestation machine. If manifestation is perceived as water flowing through a tube, feelings will make the water flow faster. So don’t neglect this step!

7. Be open to receive – but let go of exactly how it should happen

Manifestation Step 7 - Be open to receive

Be ready to receive, but don’t be overly focused on one specific solution or way to get to what you want. The Universe knows the best and fastest way to bring you from A to B and it is not necessarily the way you imagine.
Sometimes we might believe we need a triangle, but it turns out a square is exactly what does the job. So, be open to the different ways your manifestation may come about.

8. Take Inspired Action

Manifestation Step 7 - Take Inspired Action

It is not enough to imagine what you want. At least not if you want to manifest something more significant. Most often you will also need to take action in order for your manifestation to come through.

If you want a new job, you should start looking for it. You need to think about how you can get that job you desire. Talk to people. Brush off your CV. The Universe will play along with you in the process. You might be lucky that an old colleague contacts you out of nowhere, but don’t rely on this alone.

The taking action part is often missed, and some people tend to believe they can just meditate and visualize to manifest anything. Maybe you can manifest some things this way, but in general, this is not how this dimension works. A key part of earthly life is taking action – to participate in life –  to make our manifestations come true.

Elon Musk has very strong manifestation skills – but he is also an action taker. Things did not just manifest in front of him. He went with his inspiration and then the Universe, again and again, presented him with opportunities to take advantage of, challenges, and setbacks to learn and grow from. Things that made the foundation for his next steps and made him stronger. Ultimately, this process propelled him to where he is today.

Training Part:

Above I taught you the core principles of manifestation. But as you know, you really first learn something by doing it. So now the exciting part begins! I encourage you to manifest something to exercise your new skill.

Start out by Manifesting Something Easy

Start by manifesting something small. This exercise will serve two purposes.

  1. It will prove that manifestation is real, and
  2. It will boost your confidence in manifestation. 

As you might remember, it is important to believe in things in order for them to happen. Experiencing the magical feeling of having a manifestation come true, will boost your confidence and belief in manifestation.

You can manifest whatever you like, but keep it on a small scale for now. By starting out small, you are more likely to achieve success – and quicker. And by this point, this is what it is about.

One thing I deliberately have manifested several times with success is money. Here I am not talking about huge monetary gains. It was more like I for fun tested if I could manifest money, and then it happened. Opportunities arose that manifested money or they simply came to me in some way.

If you don’t have other ideas, let’s go with the idea of manifesting money.

Manifesting a small sum of money training

Training Manifesting Money

By now you have already set your intention so spend a bit of time raising your vibration. For some minutes focus on several things that you are grateful for. At least to the point where you can feel how it lifts your mood.

When that is in place, you can imagine how it is to receive some money you did not expect. See if you can recall the sensation of a monetary win. Feel it inside you. See if you can obtain that “yes feeling” and maybe feel it all the way down your stomach. 

Just simulate it as if it had just happened. Go through the emotions and mental state as if it has just happened. As mentioned, the feeling part is super important. 

Since this manifestation is very open, you do not need to visualize a specific way the money comes to you. Here it is better to focus on the feeling and then let the universe manifest it in whatever way is easiest.

Now you can let go of it for now. How quickly or slowly your manifestation will arrive may vary. But rest assured your manifestation is already on its way. Continue your life as usual but be ready to take advantage of potential opportunities if they arise. 

If you decided to manifest something different than money, you should go through the same steps.

How long will it take for your manifestation to manifest?

The Time Aspect of Manifestation

That will of course depend a lot on what you plan to manifest. The small training exercise above could manifest relatively quickly and 1 to 10 days would not be surprising. Bigger things, that require you to completely transform your life, will naturally take longer to manifest. More on this later.

The Pitfalls of Manifestation

As we can manifest what we want, it is also possible to manifest what we don’t want. Sometimes we do this unintentionally. This and other pitfalls of manifestation I will describe below.

1. The Universe manifest where you focus Is

If you are focused on not having an accident, you will actually be attracting or manifesting an accident. This is because your focus is still on accident. That is of course not desirable. So In situations where you are trying to avoid something you should instead focus on the desired outcome. With the above example, you can instead focus on safety or getting well to your destination.

Now please don’t panic because you had a negative thought. A positive thought holds a much higher vibration than a negative one. Many negative thoughts can easily be canceled by a single positive. A higher vibration manifests much faster as described earlier.

2. Be mindful about your words

Words, written, spoken, or in your mind, are powerful. More powerful than most people believe. Each time we say something, we affirm it. It doesn’t matter if we mean it or not. The Universe and your subconscious mind are listening. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know if it is true or not. When you say something, you are actually programming yourself and your subconscious beliefs. This is, by the way, how affirmations work. For this reason, negative self-talk is a no go – at least if you want to manifest positively.

You also need to be mindful when you talk to people about your life, your future, and how you are doing. What you are saying, and repeating, you are affirming. It will gradually affect your perception of things, your beliefs, and ultimately your life. So monitor what you say, think, and write – and make sure it supports your manifestations.

3. Not in the future – but now

Another pitfall of manifestation is the time aspect. If you are stating “I want to manifest a new job in one month” you will keep your manifestation in the future. Because in one week, or one month, it will still be “in one month”. This is the reason we normally focus on our manifestation should take place now. If you for some reason really need your manifestation to take place in one month, it is better to set a date.

4. Fear – a limiting factor

Fear is often a limiting factor in relation to manifestation. This can particularly be the case for old souls. If you don’t dare to take action and move out of your comfort zone, some things will be difficult to manifest. You should not take carelessly risk. But taking calculated risk and following your intuition can lead to great achievement.

And remember, mistakes are not mistakes. They are experiences to learn and grow from. They give you valuable experience that could be the foundation for your later success. Will Smith says it very well in this short video where he talks about his relationship to failure.

Will Smith: Motivational speech on fear of failure.

Limiting Beliefs

I previously covered why it is so important that your beliefs are aligned with what you want to manifest. In relation to this, it is also important to have a brief look at “limiting beliefs”.

Limiting Beliefs

A limiting belief is a belief or mindset that restricts you from reaching your full potential. Everyone is experiencing limiting beliefs, but by learning to identify them you can proactively prevent them from limiting you.

Typical examples of limiting belief could be:

“I am not good enough”
“I am not smart/pretty/talented enough” 
“I am not worthy of being loved”
“I don’t have enough time/experience/resources to pursue my passion”

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

The first step in overcoming limiting beliefs is to identify them. Next, you need to evaluate if they are actually true, fair, and accurate. In many cases, they are fear-based or coming from a past experience.

One of the best ways to overcome a limiting belief is through affirmations. Affirmations are sentences you repeat in order to build up yourself in some area. If you for instance struggle with not feeling worthy of being loved, you can repeat “I am highly loveable and I know it” – as an example. You of course need to find sentences/affirmations that fully resonate with you.

Affirmations are a great way of programming your subconscious self and beliefs.

Can you Manifest Anything?

In theory, yes you can manifest anything, and people that sell expensive manifestation courses will probably tell you so. But the reality is a bit more complex than that. As mentioned earlier, small things can manifest relatively easy and quickly. While bigger things, that may require a complete transformation of your life and beliefs, naturally will take longer.

Some of the factors that influence how easy/difficult it will be to manifest something are the following:  

  1. Your vibration.
  2. How good you are at the manifestation process (visualizing and feeling it).
  3. If your beliefs are aligned with what you want.
  4. How much you need to grow or change in order to become receptive / become a match to your manifestation.
  5. How willing you are to take action.

The exercise of manifesting a small amount of money is easy to manifest for most people if they just put some effort into number 1 and 2. Number 3, 4, and 5 will normally not cause issues in regard to the money exercise.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur will, in contrast, require many steps and will for most people require some form of transformation in regards to number 3, 4, and 5.

Manifesting Money and Wealth

Manifesting money is something most people can relate to and care about. Hence, I will briefly touch on it here. 

Your relationship with money

What I realized is that many people have blocks in regards to money. For this reason, it can be useful to examine your relationship with money. Is your relationship with money healthy? Be completely honest with yourself. 

Maybe you initially say. “Yes, I like money. I would like to attract and manifest more money”. That is good and maybe true. But what are your beliefs about money under the surface?

Some people say things like “I hate money. I wish they did not exist” or “money is the root of all evil”. As you can imagine, saying something like this is not beneficial for attracting money. Ask yourself, where do these beliefs come from? Are they true? Are they serving you? And are you ready to let go of them to manifest more abundance in your life?

You need to remember, money is solely a transfer of energy. Yes, maybe they are being used in bad ways by some people to obtain control, exploit people, etc. But money alone is not bad.

Past lives can influence your relationship with money

Your relationship with money can actually be affected by past lives too. I once helped a client examine his relationship with money. I found out that he had a past life 200 years ago in France. In this life, he made a lot of money but he also learned that money was NOT good. This had resulted in that, at a subconscious level, “he did not want them”. Even though he worked hard to earn money in his current life, his core belief was that “money is the root of all evil”.

These beliefs he had to change in order to attract and sustain more money. The first step was to become aware of these factors, which I helped him with. Next, he could start to transform the beliefs. This was done through affirmations and by continuously monitoring if these beliefs were affecting his actions.

So if you want to attract and manifest money, I recommend you examination of your relationship to money. See if you can identify your underlying beliefs, and check whether they serve you or not. If not, take steps to make them healthy.

Co-Manifestation – Having someone to help you manifest

In the same way as you can manifest alone, you can have someone to help manifest. This can indeed be powerful. The process is the same. The other person just has to focus on it is happening to you instead of him- or herself. They should visualize you in the situation you want to be in.

Or, If you want to help your friend manifest something, and you agreed on this, you can visualize your friend being happy in the circumstances he or she desires.

Co-manifestation can be compared to plugging an extra battery to the manifestation machine.

Manifestation versus Real Life

Manifestation and “real life” are not two different things. Some people are very good at manifesting without even knowing about manifestation. They just live their life, focus on their goals, and work towards what they want. At the same time, they do what makes them happy and try to live a balanced life. By now you can probably see they are actually unknowingly following many of the steps for successful manifestation.

For you to be successful at manifestation, you need to see manifestation as an integrated part of your life. You need to keep doing the things you believe will bring you there, while you utilize the principles of manifestation at the same time.  

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