What is Karma? The spiritual law of karma explained

Different spiritual laws apply to different parts of the Universe. In this part of the Universe, the spiritual law of karma is in place. Since karma is one of the key spiritual laws, it is a good idea to dedicate a bit of time to fully understand it. This will both help broaden your understanding of how life unfolds on Earth and help you understand how the law of karma affects you.

Lastly, I will share some perspectives on how to deal with negative karma, which is inevitable when living on Earth.

What is Karma?

Many people associate karma with being punished for bad deeds. I believe it is wrong to perceive it that way. The Universe does not want to punish us. It is, however, correct that the spiritual law of karma returns to us what we send out – good and bad. But this happens for other and more loving reasons than punishment and reward. This I will explain below.

Karma Serves Several Purposes

1) A driving force that keeps events rolling

We manifest our lives by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. But besides this, karma is a driving force in the Universe that keeps events rolling. It continuously creates new situations for us to explore based on the choices we make and have made in the past.

2) Serves to maintain balance in the Universe

The spiritual law of karma is closely linked to the spiritual law of free will. Free will means we can more or less do whatever we want here on Earth without intervention from the divine. We have the option to do as good or as bad as we like. The Universe values all expressions of life. Everything is an experience to learn and grow from.

We can explore how it feels to take advantage of others, steal, kill, etc. However, karma will (at some point) make our soul experience how our actions impacted the lives of other people.

For instance, if we kill someone, our soul probably has to explore how it is to be killed, to release that karma. But we might also have to explore how it is to lose a husband because he was killed. Both are likely effects of killing someone.

By letting the soul experience firsthand how its actions feel, it learns which actions that are desirable and less desirable. The memory will be stored at soul level as subconscious knowledge. We might not directly recall it. But the next time the soul faces a situation where it considers killing someone, it will subconsciously know “Hmm, this is a bad idea”. This way karma serves the greater good of everyone and helps to maintain balance in the Universe.

Why do not all people face their own karma?

You might wonder why not all people seem to face their own karma? Some people can spend a whole lifetime undertaking some sort of damaging behavior without ever facing the consequences. Why is this?

Not all karma will be released in the lifetime it is built up. Some karma is simply not suitable to be released in the lifetime it is created. Then the soul will carry that “bag of karma” forward meaning it has to be released in a subsequent lifetime.

Bad Karma – How to deal with it?

Negative Karma - How to deal with it?

My spirit guides and angels from time to time inform me that specific negative circumstances in my life are happening due to bad or negative karma. It can be really annoying finding out something negative is happening due to karma, because what can you then do about it?

I am not really sure why they inform me about this. I guess it is to expand my insight into how the universal laws work and maybe make it easier for me to accept why certain things are happening.

Karmic or not doesn’t matter

Whether a situation is karmic-related or not doesn’t really affect how we should deal with it. That it is karmic only says something about what brought the situation about. It doesn’t affect our options to handle it. We are still able to deal with it like any other situation in life. To change it, mitigate it, and improve it.

So even if you find out a situation is karmic-related, there is no excuse for not taking care of your well-being and address the situation the best way possible.

So, how to deal with bad karma?

Below is some advice you can use when facing a negative situation, karmic-related on not.

1) Focus on the things you can control

We might not be able to control the things that are happening to us. But we can control how we react to these. This is a good rule to live by during times when things are chaotic.

2) Most negative circumstances in life are temporary

Exactly how to deal with a negative situation will, of course, depend on the nature of the situation. But in general, it is important to remember that many circumstances in life are temporary. This shall pass to. How you feel now will improve. The sun will shine again.

3) Avoid The Victim Role

The Victim role

We can choose to let negative events completely destroy us and take on the victim role. It is easy to end up in the victim role and this might spawn thoughts like:

“Why is this happening to me?”
“Why do I deserve this?”
“Does the Universe hate me?”
“What is wrong with me?”

Not constructive thoughts and not doing any good. Indeed they are damaging. They lower our vibration and serve as negative affirmations. By repeating these thoughts, we are actually affirming more misery into our lives. Further, by entering the victim role, we are giving away our power. This will make it even more difficult to turn things around.

The victim role is clearly not desirable so it is highly recommended to do your best not to go there.

4) Be loving towards yourself

When bad happens - Be loving towards yourself

Remember you are doing your best. A part of the human experience is to make “mistakes”. We learn and grow from these. The angels repeatedly tell me “mistakes” are blessings in disguise.

5) Be brave and have courage

Face your challenges with your head high. It might take some time to solve things but it is very likely you can do it. A general rule is that we are not given bigger challenges than we can deal with.

And remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Take one step at a time and you will slowly work your way out of the situation no matter how overwhelming it seems initially.

Instant Karma

Some people tend to experience something that can be categorized as “Instant karma”. This is a phenomenon where karma returns very fast to the person. It’s like the soul continuously cleans up in order to limit the amount of karma it carries on. In my experience, it is related to people that carry a high vibration and might have an old soul. By continuously clearing the karma (when possible), the souls will be less restricted when choosing the next life.

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