What is a Soul Family or Soul group

A soul family or “soul group” is a group of souls that develop together in the spiritual realm and also shares important lessons in the physical life”

Did you ever meet someone that you instantly clicked with? A feeling of already knowing that person even though you just met? Well, chances are you just met someone from your soul family.

When our soul is not incarnated into the physical body it is in the spiritual dimension. Here it develops with a group of souls that it belongs to. A soul family/soul group. These souls are more or less at the same stage of development. They can be considered your classmates in the spiritual realm. They learn, grow, and evolve together.

Souls from the same soul family also interact when on Earth and often share important life lessons. They plan these meetings and lessons carefully in cooperation with spirit guides and ascended masters to ensure important life lessons are obtained and/or karma is released. 

When and how do you meet your Soul family?

A member of your soul family might enter your life in many ways. They can play different roles when entering the physical life to learn about different aspects of life. We might meet in the form of a partner, a close friend, a sibling, etc. In the physical life, parents are typically not from the same soul group as their children even though it is possible.

You share important experiences

Members of the same soul group can also be involved in important events. This can be events that catalyze major changes or spiritual growth. A meeting with a member of your soul family can be very intense but will typically then also involve a great deal of growth for the souls involved.

Important life events are governed by soul contracts that are made pre-departure to the earthly life.

It makes good sense that members of a soul group interact in the physical life since they are often working on matching or complimentary life lessons or themes at soul level.

The size of a soul family/soul group

To my knowledge, a soul group typically consists of around 15 souls but I noticed numbers ranging from 3 to 25. However, I don’t believe the numbers are that fixed. The universe is sometimes not as fixed as we want it to be. And soul groups might change nature as the souls evolve.

Very developed souls have less interaction with their soul group to my knowledge since they are often busy with other tasks in the spiritual realm. Further, they might not need to evolve in soul groups the same way as younger souls. Instead, they might form “workgroups” where they corporate around various tasks. This could for instance be a task of helping Earth’s ascension.

How to recognize your Soul Family?

As described initially you often recognize a member of our soul family by a feeling of familiarity. You feel you already know this person even though you just met. This is of course explained by your souls recognizing each other. 

If you have experience in communicating with your spirit guides and maybe in accessing past lives, you might be able to explore this connection. Another way to explore the connection is to ask a skilled clairvoyant for assistance. They will often be able to tune into the connection. Exploring a such connection can be a bit emotional since you might be shown significant events you shared.

Another way to recognize your soul family is through the eyes. We say “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”. This might come for a reason. My experience is that you can sense the connection if you look that person deeply into his/hers eyes. 

Types of Soul Groups

The soul group/soul family I described above can be considered our primary soul group. But besides the primary, we also have secondary soul groups. Secondary soul groups are other soul groups that we interact with but the interaction is mostly of a lighter nature. It could be meetings that are more short-term. For instance, a high school friend that we lose connection to later on or a holiday romance. 

Can you change Soul family/Soul group?

Since the Universe is always seeking expansion it is an option to change soul group. To my knowledge, it is not something that happens that often but If the room for expansion has become limited, a change can take place. Another reason could be that the soul simply has a desire to evolve in a new direction where a new soul group is a better fit.

Further readings

If you want to explore more about how souls interact both in the spiritual realm and when on Earth, I can highly recommend the book below. It is written by Michael Newton Ph.D. and based on his interviews with souls at different stages of evolution. The interviews were conducted through hypnosis to enable him to directly talk to people’s souls.

If you want to explore more about how souls interact both in the spiritual realm and when on Earth, I can highly recommend the book below. It is written by Michael Newton Ph.D. and based on his interviews with 29 people. Under hypnosis, he brought them back to the stage between their physical lives – the soul state. This way he was able to retrieve large amounts of knowledge about the spiritual realm and the souls.

The book is very interesting and educational if you are attracted to these subjects. This is highlighted by the fact that it has sold more than 700,000 copies. Click on the picture to learn more about the book.

Journey of the Soul

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