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A Psychic Medium, or just Medium, is a person that through his or her abilities is able to sense into the spiritual realm. The practice of doing so goes under the term mediumship. This can be done for multiple purposes. 

A Psychic Medium can be used to Contact Deceased Family Members

Psychic mediums are said to be able to talk to the dead. It has been demonstrated many times that they are able to obtain information that only the dead person could know. Often the medium starts the session by letting the spirit provide signs that only the client will know what means. It could be something the deceased and the client had together that few other people knew about.

Getting in contact with a deceased family or another closely related person can be beneficial if the relatives did not have the time to say properly goodbye, or if questions remain unanswered about the person’s death. Such a session can bring peace and closure making it easier for both the relatives and the spirit to move on. It can be a very touching and powerful experience.

The is no guarantee that a deceased person will show up to such a session and hence contact can and should not be guaranteed. A medium with proper integrity will only charge for the session if contact is possible.

Using a Phychic Medium for Clearing Haunted Houses

If trained in this, a medium is also able to perform house clearances. This can be needed if the residents of a house are experiencing unwanted spiritual activity. Examples of this could be light that turns on and off by itself, strange sounds, sudden change of room temperature, etc. If you are experiencing this, you can read this article: Is my House Haunted? 18 Sign to Look For. This article also addresses how you can get rid of unwanted spiritual activity.

How to become a Psychic Medium?  

You can become a medium by taking a formal education that will lead to receiving a Diploma of the obtained skill. However, in many cases, people have the skills from they were born and the education only serves to get the skills fully under control and have some tools and techniques to apply. In this way, education can be a good thing.

The diploma itself is however not a guarantee for a skilled psychic medium but it shows the person has received formal education. What is more important is having worked with the process and having obtained experience within the field.

How to find a good Psychic Medium?

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