What is a Lightworker

The meaning of a Lightworker

“A lightworker can be defined as a person that assists Earth and its inhabitants to move in a positive direction. To help raise the collective consciousness and the vibration of the planet.”

Or put another way, lightworkers are doing work that paves the road for better lives on Earth through various efforts.

Their work can be carried out in so many ways and it is impossible to describe all the ways they contribute. However, below I have created a list of different types of lightworkers and how they contribute.

Types of lightworkers:

– Energy Workers and Healers

Examples are Reiki healers or other types of healers that work with the human body, mind, and spirit to heal ailments. In contrast to western medicine, they often work to find the root cause of an ailment instead of treating the symptoms. They perceive mind, body, and spirit as an integrated whole.

– Clairvoyants, Psychics, and alike

This type of lightworker often guides or counsels people through one-to-one sessions. They often help their client to follow their inner knowing to take wise decisions that can pave the road for improved lives. The more people that learn to listen to their inner knowing, the better a place Earth will become.

– People that lead by example – Wayshowers

Lightworkers often incarnate to Earth to lead by example. This can involve doing things in a different way to inspire other people to take similar positive actions. A good example is people who “Get off the hamster wheel” to pursue a more fulfilling life. All kinds of positive lifestyle changes can be included here. These people can transform the lives of many by inspiring and being a positive example. They can be considered “Wayshowers”.

– People that guide and inspire through books, teachings, or lectures

Another way to assist Earth’s ascension (as a lightworker) is by writing inspiring texts, creating videos, or in other ways providing information. The information can be educational and teach about spiritual subjects. Or, it can help people to evolve spiritually, help them get in contact with their inner knowing to make better decisions.

The information can be channeled or written with the assistance of spirit guides. Or, it can be based on the person’s own experiences sharing what they learned. The common trait is that the information helps people become empowered, inspired, and raises their consciousness level. This ultimately helps Earth to ascend and become a better place.

The Typical Path of a Lightworker

Even though I don’t like to put people into boxes, I see some common patterns for lightworkers. Of course, lightworkers can have many paths, and not all will follow the pattern I describe below. I however share what I have seen since it might provide comfort for some readers. Know what they experience is normal and that they are not alone.

An Event or other Hardship Initiates The Process

It is apparently really common for lightworkers to either endure some hardship in life or at some point face an event that turns their life upside down.

The hardship can come in many forms like experiencing abuse, being in a very unhealthy relationship, abusive parents, physical assault, drug abuse, or maybe an accident.

It is also very often seen that the process is initiated by an event like burnout or stress reaction. The result will often be the same. It initiates a healing journey most often in combination with a spiritual awakening.

A Healing Journey and Spiritual Awakening

During the period after the initiating events, the lightworker will often experience raping spiritual development. The event forces the person to look inwards and do a lot of personal development work and healing. 

This healing journey and spiritual development serve as a school for the lightworker. He or she will often have to walk the path of healing and personal transformation before he/she, later on, is able to help other people through the skill obtained.

These processes are not necessarily pleasant or beautiful and can involve a lot of shadow work. But it all serves a purpose.

Second, the hardship opens up the heart of the lightworker and enables greater compassion. This can be needed later on when helping other people.

How do you know if you are a Lightworker?

Just the fact that you found this page indicates you could be a lightworker. But below I have listed some of the traits of a lightworker that you might be able to identify with if you are a lightworker.

1. Having a hard time understanding the negative or destructive behavior of people on Earth

Lightworkers are often highly empathetic people. Their souls will in many cases originate from places where greater peace exists. Places where harming others is difficult because they intuitively know we are all one. This can sometimes make it very difficult for them to comprehend what is going on at Earth.

2. Experiencing a Spiritual awakening

I already described it. It is very common to experience some sort of crisis that sparks a rapid transformation and spiritual growth. During this process, you are likely to move closer to your soul and its purpose (More on this later!).

3. Being able to Read People

Lightworkers are often very intuitive and sensitive people. They are often able to feel into situations and people. This also means they are hard to manipulate or lie to.

4. A desire to help

This is particularly the case if you came here to assist and help others. This could be the case for healers, clairvoyants, mediums, and alike. Their big desire to help however also brings them at risk of burning out. Hence, an important task for the lightworker is to learn to balance energy. Only giving is not healthy. It depletes one’s energy and drains both mentally and physically.

5. Being attracted to spiritual information or other exoteric teachings

Lightworkers often find spiritual texts and exoteric teachings fascinating and interesting. It often resonates with them at a deeper level. They are often searching for the “bigger picture” and desire to understand things.

6. Increased Psychic Abilities

Most people, if not all, are able to develop their psychic abilities. For some people, it however comes more naturally, and some are even born with them active. When you were younger you might not even realize these abilities were special. It was just your reality until you found out it was not normal to other people.

It is more common for lightworkers to have these abilities than for most people. Either from a young age or the abilities may start to emerge following the initiating events described earlier.

7. Looking through the hidden agendas

Let’s face it, our society is not perfect. Many things are, to put it mildly, “not ideal”. Examples are how the pharmaceutical industry does not really serve our best interest (Hints: Treat instead of cure, Money before health). How we are being manipulated by TV. How politicians might not always serve the voters’ best interest. How the monetary system is not serving humanity. How the resources of the Earth are not used fairly etc.

I am not going to deep dive into these subjects since this is not what I am here for. However, if you are a lightworker and started to awake, you will very likely start to question many of the constructions mentioned above. You know deep inside that things are wrong. You know better solutions exist.
A piece of good advice. Some people are here to shine light on these constructions to change them. But not all. Don’t let bad things consume you.

8. Being Connected to Nature

Lightworkers in general have a strong connection to nature and value it more than most people. They tend to care more for nature and animals in general. Nature further serves as a great healer that can be useful following the spiritual awakening many undergo.

9. Lightworkers typically have old souls

What does it mean to have an old soul? Souls undergo development just as humans do.

The difference is that while humans get more experience as they grow up, souls get more experience the more incarnations they complete. So being an older soul means having completed many lives (incarnations).

Having completed many human lives means the soul has more knowledge to share and draw upon. This way it comes naturally that lightworkers should have older souls to be in a better position to help.
The traits of humans with old souls are some of the following. Some I have already covered above but they can also be attributed to the old soul.

– A great compassion for other people and animals in general.
– They find it easy to put themselves in the shoes of another person.
– Feeling old even at a relatively young age.
– A strong intuition due to the soul’s experiences from many previous lives.

Sometimes you can just see it in the eyes of people. You know they have an old and wise soul. This goes for both grown-ups and children.

10. A desire to “go home”. A feeling of not belonging here

Signs of a Lightworker - A desire to “go home”. A feeling of not belonging here

Some lightworkers feel like they don’t belong here (on Earth). They “want to go home” but they don’t know where home is. They just know it is not here.

This, as previously explained, could be related to their souls in many cases originating from more peaceful places in the universe. More evolved civilizations where spiritual and technological development is maybe far ahead of Earth.

Evolved souls from such places can choose to incarnate on Earth to help Earth evolve in a positive direction. If your soul normally incarnates to a peaceful and evolved place in the universe, it can be a tough experience going to Earth.

If the above resonates with you, you might benefit from looking into “Starseeds”. Starseeds is a term that describes humans with souls that originate from other places in the universe. To my knowledge there exist many Facebook groups covering this subject where like-minded can be found. I know some people benefit a lot from connecting with like-minded and by exploring their soul’s origin. However, not all lightworkers have this desire or the feelings described above.

Okay, so you are a Lightworker. What’s next?

If the above traits resonate with you then you are maybe a lightworker. “Okay, what’s next then?” you might ask. Well, nothing really changed. No need to change your title or make public announcements. But I hope this article has provided you with useful insights and maybe you got a better understanding of who you are and the process you going through.

– How can you best carry out the tasks you came to Earth to do?

It is essential to take care of your body. Your body is your temple as the saying goes. Taking care of your body means having a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting sufficient sleep, and not overworking yourself.

By supporting your body you are able to be your best version. This will clearly help you whatever your tasks might be.

– How to find your purpose as a lightworker?

Depending on where you are in your process, this might raise your next questions.

“What is my purpose as a lightworker? What did I come here to contribute with?”

Well, there is no easy answer to this. It is a process to find out and something that gradually unfolds. It is not something you will receive a clearcut answer to. You might receive hints if you go to ask a Clairvoyant. But it is ultimately up to you to explore and find out by yourself. Your soul and spirit guides will however guide you. Let your intuition guide you. Your intuition is one of the ways both your spirit guides and your soul guide you.

– Education will benefit you

If you feel inclined to take different spiritual courses please do so. This can benefit you in many ways. You will acquire new useful tools but at the same time, you will often get a better understanding of yourself. Courses will often initiate personal and spiritual growth, development, and bring your closer to your purpose.

Learn How to Use Your Angels - A guide to get in contact with the angels

Lightworkers in the past

In the past lightworkers have served roles such as medicine man or woman, shamans, witches, etc.

Many lightworkers of today have experienced unjust and cruel acts done towards them in previous lives (previous incarnations) due to who they were. Things such as being tortured or burned alive. This particular took place in Early Modern Europe and Colonial America about year 1450 to 1750. The period of the witch-hunts, where an estimated 35,000-50,000 were executed.

The witch-hunts were often caused by fear when not understanding what these people did. Or, out of jealousy. Witched or alike often worked to help and heal people in their community and could become successful and respected which also gave them enemies.

As of today many lightworkers still carry traumas stored at soul level from these times. The traumas can be reviewed and healed by visiting the Akashic Records which indeed can be beneficial.

In my opinion, many religious figures such as Jesus, Buddha, or the Prophet Mohammad can also be considered lightworkers. How people across time have chosen to interpret and use their teachings following is a very different story.

Why is the name of this website Lightworkersnet?

I found out that a lot of lightworkers are actually searching for the topics I write about. For this reason, I ended up naming the site lightworkersnet. My hope for this site is that it will help lightworkers or other spiritually open people to obtain greater knowledge and grow spiritually. Get inspired, and maybe learn new skills. Skills that can be used both for their own benefit and for the people or clients they help.

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