What Happens When We Commit Suicide

In this article, I will share a spiritual perspective on what happens if we commit suicide.

Due to the spiritual law of free will, suicide is an option we have. Maybe not a good option but nevertheless, it is an option that exists. For this reason, it makes sense to have a look at what happens if we commit suicide. Because it is an option with consequences.

First of all, if you are considering suicide, you should immediately seek out professional help. This article is not a self-help article aiming at helping people in need. It solely aims to explain suicide from a spiritual perspective and the spiritual implications of suicide. If you are having suicidal thoughts you can reach out to the contacts at the bottom of this article.

With that being said, let’s have a look at what happens if we commit suicide.

The Soul’s Life Lessons and Suicide

As a starting point, we need to remember that our soul has chosen this life how hard and unfair it may sound at times. This life is carefully selected in cooperation with our spirit guides to aid our soul’s expansion in the best possible way. Our soul has typically planned some themes it wants to work on and some key experiences. From a human perspective, these experiences can be considered good or bad. From the soul’s perspective, they are all considered valuable since they all contribute to the soul’s growth, learning, and expansion.

Suicide Interrupt the Soul’s Learning

What happens when we commit suicide is we interrupt our soul’s learning. This also means the soul will not have the chance to complete the planned lesson it is currently struggling with. The consequence is our soul most likely has to work with the same life lessons in the next life. In other words, committing suicide will not solve problems. It will most likely just postpone them to the next life. You may need to go through a new life with the same hassle, in order to one more time have the chance to complete the lesson that was challenging you.  

The Value of Challenges and Hardship

Challenges are what we grow from, what make us stronger, and in many cases are the foundation for a good life at a later point. Further, they serve as the contrast. If we only experience good, we take it for granted and appreciate it less. Negative experiences that way give life contrast and make later positive experiences that much better. Good reasons to hang on and stay strong.

The Karmic Consequences of Suicide

Another implication of committing suicide is it causes a significant amount of emotional pain to the people near to us. Family, friends, etc. This your soul will see from the spiritual realm. Moreover, it will also have karmic consequences. The spiritual law of karma means that we need to explore ourselves the consequences of our actions to learn from them. And it is a way the Universe keeps events rolling. This means, your soul will build up karma for instance in relation to losing a child to suicide if you commit suicide. That karma has to be released in a subsequent life. I heard that in general, it takes the soul two additional lifetimes to solve (experience) the karma associated with suicide. To learn more about the Spiritual Law of Karma you can read this article: What is Karma? The Spiritual Law of Karma Explained

To sum up, even though suicide is an option due to our free will, it is clearly not a desired option due to the negative spiritual consequences.

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Resources for people in need:

Facebook Safe Center
Facebook Safe Center – suicide prevention resource by county can be found here:

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (US)
In the United States, call, text, or chat with the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline here:
988 alternatively 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or by texting “HERE” to 741741

Canada Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
In Canada, call, text, or chat with the Canada Suicide Prevention Lifeline here:

1(833)456-4566 or by text 45645

Association quebecoise de prevention du suicide 1-866-APPELLE

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