What does it mean to have an Old soul? Here are The Signs

You might have come across the term “old soul”. Or maybe someone has used the term about you or someone you know. But what does it really mean to have an old soul and is it special? This I will cover in this article plus I will reveal the signs of having an old soul. Do you have one?

What does it mean to be an Old Soul?

The term old soul is often used about a person with certain characteristics. For instance, people could be saying something like: “When I look at her, I can see she is an old soul. Her eyes are so deep and wise.”

What is an Old Soul?

Having an old soul means the soul has incarnated many times (lived many lives). Here we are not talking about 10-20 incarnations (lives) but more likely several hundred or thousands of incarnations.

All the past lives have given the soul significant experience and this will also have caused the development of attributes like greater empathy and compassion. These attributes will be reflected in the human with the old soul.

Is Being an Old Soul Good?

Well, I really don’t think you can put it that way. To put it in perspective, is it better to be a grown-up than a child? Both are valuable but are just at different stages and contribute different things to life. It is the same with souls. They also evolve and go through learning processes and stages.

Souls in general strive to learn about all aspects. In each life, different aspects will have focus. An old soul will this way have significant experience in many aspects of life at soul level.

Being an old soul is however often referred to as a positive thing due to some of the positive aspects associated with the old soul. On the other side, living a life as an old soul is not necessarily a smooth and pleasant ride. Old souls often come to Earth to help in some way and this journey can in some cases be challenging. More on this later.

The Signs of an Old Soul – Are you one?

So now you are maybe curious if you are an old soul. Below I have listed some typical signs of being an old soul. Please notice this is not an exact science where you need to check all of them. But if most of the signs resonate with you, you could be an old soul.

1. Strong Intuition

Many old souls have very developed intuition. If the soul has lived thousands of lives, it will have experienced many similar situations already. This past life knowledge is not directly accessible during everyday life. But at a subconscious level, it will still help us navigate through intuition.

Intuition could for instance be when you have a strong feeling of what is right and wrong despite everybody telling you differently. It is a good idea to listen to this kind of inner knowing since it could be your soul speaking to you.

2. Hard to Lie to and Manipulate an Old Soul

This is related to the above, the strong intuition and often sensitive nature make it difficult to lie to an old soul. Or, at least get away with it. They will sense it.
The more the old soul has learned to listen to, and trust, his or her intuition, the more difficult it will be.

3. Looking through the Hidden Agendas and Sees Unjust

This could be how systems and structures in society are not serving us well. For instance: The way the political system is structured in some places. How the people in power are not serving the best interest of the public. How we are being manipulated by the media in different ways. The examples are many and will vary from country to country.

Seeing through these structures and hidden agendas can be challenging, frustrating, and draining if not handled in a good way. Old souls often try to shout out to the greater public and are then in some cases considered conspiracy theorists. In other cases, they actually succeed which can lead to big positive changes and improve the lives of many.

4. Being Highly Empathic

Due to the many lives lived, an old soul has experienced a great deal including suffering. One of the lessons of suffering and hardship is that it opens our hearts. Suffering in past lives enables the old soul to relate to other people’s suffering easily. Their soul knows how it feels to be in their shoes.

5. Increased Psychic Abilities

Old souls tend to have more developed psychic abilities than most people. This can initially in life cause some problems. Seeing spirits and angels can be frustrating when your parent can’t see the same. Being told “it is just your imagination” can cause these children to suppress their abilities. If you have a child like this, be open to their world but don’t be overly interested.  

Later in life, the old soul might learn to use these abilities for the benefit of themselves and others. 

6. Having a Hard time Understanding what is going on at Earth

Signs of the Old Soul - Having a hard time understanding what is going on at Earth

The old soul will often have a very hard time understanding some of the things going on at Earth. Things like war, exploration of people, how natural resources are destroyed in the hunt for short-term profit, etc. “Why can’t they see it?” would be a common statement from an old soul.

The same goes in relation to when people treat each other badly. For instance by stealing, taking advantage of, or directly hurting others. The old soul has a hard time understanding how they can do so. Because if it did it, he/she would feel terrible. The old soul has probably already tried doing most of these things and experienced had it done to it. So, it subconsciously feels strongly against it and won’t repeat that.

7. Being a Lonely Wolf

Old souls often have a tendency to stay alone and appreciate being alone more than most people. They can be social but often need time to recharge their batteries and sometimes have the urge to distance themselves a bit from the outer world. 

8. A Desire to Help Other

Due to the old soul’s empathic nature, they often have a strong desire to help people. This can be reflected in the jobs they undertake although they can have other types of jobs too. Often they have “normal jobs” to they face their spiritual awakening after which they start to pursue deeper purposes.

9. Children and Animals Like You

Signs on an Old Soul - Children and Animal like you

Children and babies are more sensitive to energy. They will in many cases sense the energy of the old soul that can be more welcoming. The same goes for more developed animals.

10. You can see it in their Eyes – The Eyes of the Old Soul

Old Soul Eyes

We say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Maybe this is true. Old souls tend to reveal themselves by their eyes. They seem calm, deep, and wise somehow. You can often recongnize people at soul level by their eyes. The the age of the soul is similarly reflected in their eyes.  

11. A Longing Home – But don’t know where home is

Sign of the Old Soul - A Longing Home - But don’t know where home is

Many old souls are also “starseeds”. A starseed is a person with a soul that origin from other places of the Universe than Earth. Souls from more advanced civilizations can voluntarily go to other less developed places to help in some way.

Since their origin is different than Earth, they can have this unexplained longing home. They don’t know where home is they just know it is not here. Becoming aware of the starseed origin, seeking out information in regards to this, and connecting with like-minded will often help.  

12. Old Souls are often Lightworkers

Old souls often serve as lightworkers. A lightworker is a person whose soul came to Earth to assist with some type of task often related to the Earth’s ascension. The areas can be many. They can for instance lead by example, guide, counsel, or inspire people to live better lives. To learn more about the different types of lightworkers, the work they do, and their typical path, you can read this article: “What is a Lightworker? Are you one?

13. A Big Interest in the Spiritual Side of Life

Old souls often have a great interest in the spiritual side of life. This could be because they often have worked intensely with this in past lives. For instance as a medicine man or woman, witch, or alike. So this type of knowledge appeals to them at a deeper level. They know there is more to life than what the eye meets.

14. If you are reading this

Lastly, the fact that you have found this site and are reading this is actually an indication that your soul is old. As mentioned above, old souls often have a strong interest in the spiritual side of life. You did probably come across this page for a reason. 

Can Old Souls still struggle in life?

This is a clear “YES!”. Indeed old souls often come to Earth in the form of lightworkers. And as a lightworker, it is common to go through some form of hardship and spiritual awakening in order to fulfill their life missions.

But even a very evolved soul that has released all its karma does still have family karma and traumas to deal with.

The Old Soul and Fear

Another factor old souls have to deal with is fear. Due to their many past lives, they most likely have a lot of trauma and painful experiences that are affecting the soul. Many old souls have for instance experienced being burned alive as witches or in other ways suffered due to their beliefs. Even though the times are different now, the soul still has these memories stored.

The Old Soul and its Role in the Spiritual Realm

Souls also have tasks and “jobs” when in the spiritual realm. Younger souls are more focused on their own development and learning. This changes a bit as the soul evolves. At some point, the soul will start to have more responsibilities. It can start to have responsibilities for other souls and may serve as their spirit guide when they are at Earth.

Ascended Masters

At some point, the soul will ascend. This means it will no longer need to go to Earth to evolve. It has completed its incarnation cycle, released its karma, and it will not serve any purpose to continue going to Earth.

This process is very long and will typically take thousands of incarnations. A soul that has reached this stage and is now assisting Earth from the spiritual realm is considered an “Ascended Master“. Ascended Masters mostly undertake their work from the spiritual realm. However, they can voluntarily go to Earth to directly have an impact. Famous examples of this are Jesus and Buddha. Many more examples exist and not all Ascended Masters are well-known or have lived famous lives.

To learn more about the Ascended Masters and who they are, you can visit this article: “What are Ascended Masters and who are they“.

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