What are The Akashic Records and How to Access them

What are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is an energetic library that contains information about everything that has ever happened. Covering both the past, the present moment, and future potentials. Further, it contains records of each soul’s past lives. Everything the individual soul has ever experienced, thought, said, done, and future potentials are stored here. This makes the Akashic Records an amazing source of information that can be used for many purposes. And the best thing, we can get access to this giant archive – if we just know how to. More on that later.

Where are the Akashic Records located?

The Akashic Records is not a physical thing and hence it does not have a specific location. It exists at an energetic level and is more a dimension of consciousness.

What are the Akashic Records used for?

The Akashic Records can be used for many purposes. It is commonly used to get access to our past lives. This again can serve many purposes. If you for instance have a strong, and seemingly irrational fear of water, you can access the archives to explore if this is related to a past life. By shedding light on the origin of a fear, it can be healed. The archives can also be used to answer specific questions in regards to your soul’s history. The possibilities are endless.

Who Can Get Access?

Everybody can in theory get access to the Akashic Records. They are not attributable to any religion or belief. If you learn how to do, you can access it. It takes a bit of effort and training, but it is definitely possible.

How to Access or Read the Akashic Records?

How to Access or Read the Akashic Records

Accessing the Akashic Records can be done in several ways. It is not like there is one way to get access. Different techniques work for different people. People are known to get access through meditation, hypnosis, prayer, or even through healing like Reiki.

In order to get access to or read the Akashic Records, we need to change our vibration and conscious level a bit. This is what the above-mentioned techniques help with. To my knowledge, meditation is one of the most used techniques but using a prayer also seems to be used by many. Below I will show you how to get access through meditation.

Steps to Access the Akashic Records:

1) Preparation – Your Surroundings

Find a quiet and undisturbed location. Too much noise can distract you and make it harder to keep focused. It is also important that your body is comfortable but without being so comfortable that you fall asleep. Place yourself in a position where your spine is straight. For most people, it works best to sit upright in a position that is also suitable for meditation. Laying down will also work for some people but it increases the risk of falling asleep.
You might need a blanket to ensure you don’t get cold during the session that can last some time. Also, it is a good idea to visit the toilet before so it will not become a distraction.

Before you start it also can be a good idea to cleanse the energy of the room. This can be done in many ways. Burning a bit of insense, or even better sage, while walking around the room, works well. You can do a visuatization of white light cleansing the room simultaneously. Or, you can use The Violet Flame for this, which is also a strong tool for cleansing energy. Make sure to air out so the smoke doesn’t bother you.

2) Set your Intention

Now it is time to set your intention. What is the purpose of accessing the Akashic Records this time? Do you have one or more specific questions you seek answers to? An aspect of your life that needs attention? A behavior of yours that you believe could be rooted in a past life? The reasons to access the records can be many and the above are only examples.

3) Ground Yourself

Start by grounding yourself. This can be done by envisioning your feet flat on the ground. Visualize how roots sprout out of your feed and penetrate deep into the ground. Feel the earth’s grounding energy for a moment. Let the earth absorb all energy or vibrations that are not yours and doesn’t serve you. 

4) Entering the Meditative State

This step aims to bring your state of consciousness to a state where you can access the Akashic Records. A relaxed and open state where your brain waves change. A kind of a trance-like state. To reach this state we use meditation. Meditation can be done in various ways and if you already have a preferred method you can use that one.

Otherwise, you can take some deep breaths while focusing on your breath. Next, visualize how a bright white light surrounds you. Purifying and lifting your energy while you meditate. If you are not familiar with meditation, you can do some sessions solely training meditation before entering the Akashic Records. 

Spend approximately 10-15 minutes meditating to enter the needed state of mind. How long depends on how experienced you are with meditation and how easily you reach the needed state of mind. What you are looking for is a relaxed, clear, and focused state. A bit like light sleeping while being present and awake. 

5) Connecting to the Records

Now you can ask your spirit guides to connect you to the Akashic Records. Many methods exist to get access but your spirit guides will surely help you. 

6) Asking your Questions

You can now ask the questions you have prepared. It is sufficient to ask them in your thoughts. But if you like, you can speak them out loud too. Open-ended questions are best. Like “why” and “how” while you should try to avoid yes/no questions.

How you receive the answers can vary. Some hear the answer as a voice in their head, some see mental pictures or video clips. It can be combined with feelings and an intuitive understanding of the situation. The last can be a bit difficult to explain, but you just simply know what things are about. How you will receive depends on which way you are most receptive. It can also be a combination of the above. 

Allow some time for the answers to come before you ask a new question. Feel free to ask follow-up questions to broaden your understanding.

How long time you should spend asking questions and receiving answers depends on your purpose and how things develop. But aim at spend 15 minutes to an hour. More than that is not recommended and less will make it rushed or shallow.

7) Ending the Session and Closing the Records

You can now say thank you to all spirit guides and beings who have been involved in the process. Then ask your spirit guides to close the records.

8) Write down the received Information

During or following your session you should write down all the information you obtained. If it does not distract you too much, you can do it during your session. Otherwise, do it right after the session.

9) Ground Yourself and returning to your daily activities

After you finished your session, you need to get back to your normal mode. The energies might have been high and now you need to find back to your normal state of mind. Moving around can help you become grounded and fully present in the body again. Washing your hands, having some water, or taking a walk outside can also assist the process.

Using and Integrating the Received Information

An important aspect of working with the Akashic Records is the integration of the new knowledge and insights received. Some insights you will need a little time to digest while others can give instant “aha” moments.

If you received answers or information you did not fully understand initially, the understanding might come the following days. This can come as sudden realizations, through dreams or visions. Your guides will be working with you in this process.

Some of the subjects touched during a session can be sensitive, why the answers may stir up emotions. A session can trigger deep healing why it is important to feel the feelings. Allow difficult feelings to be felt. We heal when we feel, and by allowing the feelings to be felt they will eventually evaporate. But don’t worry, you will never get access to something you are not able to handle.

Things you can do that will help you Access the Akashic Records

Anything that helps to raise your vibration is beneficial in connection to receiving information. This can include eating healthy food, exercising, focusing on positive thoughts, doing yoga, etc. This article: “13 Ways to raise your vibration” includes many tips on how to raise your vibration. I recommend you take a look to become familiar with the subject if you are not already.

Crystals are also beneficial. Different crystals hold different properties. Some will help you calm down or ground you, while others can help you receive the messages. I will not go into details here since vast amounts of information on crystals are available online. But below are some common crystals that are good for this specific purpose.

  • Amethyst (Great all-round crystal with many good properties)
  • Clear Quartz (Amplifies energy)
  • Selenite (Helps you to raise your vibration and remove negative energy)
  • Red Jasper (Grounding and calming)

Last a little warning. Do not use any recreational drugs including alcohol within at least the last 24 hours before a session. Doing so will disturb your energy and makes it more difficult to receive. We want to be as clear and focused as possible.

Can you get Access to All Information?

What I learned by working with the spiritual world is that even though access to all information is theoretically possible, we will not necessarily get it. The key thing here is it needs to serve a purpose. And moreover, a meaningful purpose. To my knowledge, entertainment or solely to demonstrate the spiritual realm is real, are not considered meaningful purposes. However, if our intent is real, it serves a meaningful purpose, and we are ready to receive the information, then we can get access.

To elaborate a bit on “being ready to receive the information”. We might not be able to access everything from our Akashic Records. Some memories or knowledge we will simply not be ready to deal with or it would create more confusion and pain than healing and understanding.

Healing can be perceived like an onion. We need to start with the outer layer and when that is healed, a new layer is revealed. Getting access to some information would be like starting with the inner layers, which would not serve us.

We might not be able to fully understand what information that is meaningful for us to access. This comes natural since we do not have full insight from our current earthly perspective. Here we have to trust in the divine of the records, our guides, and the keepers of the records.

Can you Access Another Person’s Records?

Yes, it is possible to access the Akashic Records of other people. However, they need to give you permission to do so. To my knowledge, it is not possible without that permission. We are simply not granted access. It is a sacred and very personal space and you will only get access to the information that is needed and relevant in order to help that person. Further, it is not deemed acceptable to access a child’s records before the child turns 18. At that age, the person can give the permission personally. It would not be fair for the parents to give that permission to explore their child’s soul history, etc.

Akashic Records Meditation

If you prefer to be guided through a session to the Akashic Records, you can use the Akashic Records meditation below. The guided meditation brings you into a light state of hypnosis and will guide you through a full session. The meditation includes a relatively long relaxation and grounding phrase (approx. 24 min) which will increase your odds of success. The total meditation is 1 hour and 5 minutes and hence gives plenty of time for visiting the records and asking your questions.

Please be aware that you will never lose control during the hypnosis/meditation. You will always be in charge, and nothing can happen against your will. If you want to exit the light hypnosis, you are able to do so at any point. For extra protection and peace of mind, ask your angels and spirit guides to protect and help you during the session. Your guides will however most likely already be present when you start.

Are the Akashic Records real?

In my opinion, they are very real. If you believe in the concept of the soul and a greater meaning behind everything, the concept of The Akashic Records will also make good sense. From a logical point of view, there simply needs to be a place where this information is stored and can be accessed in case it is needed.

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