What is Spirit guides

Spirit guides exist in the non-physical realm from where they help, assist and guide us during our physical life on Earth. All people have at least one but more often several spirit guides that assist them in their daily life.

Our Primary Spirit Guide

Our primary spirit guide will be at a higher level of development than the human it is guiding. This spirit guide has lived (incarnated) many times on Earth (or similar planets) and hence has great experience with the physical life and all the challenges we can face. By having lived many lives, our spiritual guide has obtained a vast knowledge that it can draw upon and can easily put itself in our position. It has oftentimes experienced the same situation firsthand or a similar situation. It knows the feelings involved in the situation, the struggles, the likely outcomes if we choose different directions, and most importantly, the learnings we will experience if we chose different directions.

Many Types of Spirit Guides

Besides our primary spirit guide, we most often have many other spirit guides around us to assist us. They can be highly specialized and might have come to assist us to complete a specific task or help in a particular area of life. That area could be anything and does not necessarily have to be spiritual. It could be something as ordinary as “child care” or “operating a car” but it could also be spiritual. For instance, learning Reiki healing or developing your clairvoyant abilities. In any case, the spirit guide that has come to you will have vast knowledge within that particular area and can assist you on your path.

Having Spirit Guides Assigned

You can both ask for having a spirit guide assigned to you to help you with a specific task or they may in many cases show up automatically. This could for instance happen if you decide to learn Reiki healing. Then it is likely a spiritual guide will assist you with this task.

Spirit guides do not necessarily introduce themselves to you when they arrive. This is simply because their main role is to help and assist you within a specific area and this can be done in many ways without you even realizing you are being assisted. It might even confuse and distract you if they are too direct in their communication with you.
But if you are spiritually open or maybe already have experience in communicating with the spiritual realm, then they might let you know about their presence and purpose in your life.

Can and will a Spirit Guide solve all my Problems?

That would be nice! – most people would think. However, that is unfortunately not how the Universe operates – and not in our best interest. It is a bit different how actively our primary spirit guide helps and assists us and how it approaches it. But the thing is, if our primary guide helps us solve all our challenges in life easily, we will miss valuable life lessons. Many times in life, we have to experience the consequences of “wrong decisions” to learn firsthand why this and that is a bad idea.

It is a bit like your children if you have such. You can teach them about life, but when all comes to all, they have to get their own experiences. To learn from, grow, and form them.

It is the same with the soul. It goes into the physical body to get experiences – some we would categorize as good and some bad. The spiritual world would instead categorize them as “pleasant” or “not so pleasant”. But they are more focused on the growth and learning aspect of different life experiences and hence they will not solve all of our challenges for us.

How do Spirit Guides Operate and the Lessons of the Soul

An example of what they will do instead can be like this. We, as a human, are facing the same situation – for the fifth time – and it looks like we will approach it the same way as we always do – and it will lead to the same not desirable outcome. Then the spiritual guide might step in and place a thought in our mind on how the situation can be approached differently. So this time we decide to walk a different path that leads to a more desirable outcome.
Now the soul has learned valuable lessons related to this specific situation. It knows why the first choice is not a good idea because it felt the pain involved. This lesson will be brought forward to future lives as a “gut feeling”. You will instinctively know that some things in life are just a bad idea even without knowing why. This is your soul’s memory that is only present at an unconscious level but highly worth listening to. 

Where do Spirit Guides come from?

Spirit guides do not necessarily originate on Earth. Civilizations exist in many places of the Universe. Beings from other places in the Universe also assist humans on Earth. Therefore you should not be surprised if your spirit guide does not look 100% human if it for instance shows up in a dream or as a mental picture in your mind. 

Can a Deceased Family Member be my Spirit Guide?

Yes, it is quite common for deceased family members to stay around a person they had a special connection to and take on the role of a spiritual guide and protector.

What is the difference between Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels?

Many people confuse the two terms and it to a large extent depends on how you use the terms. Spirit guides and guardian angels have some things in common but also hold some distinct differences. Hence it is a good idea to separate the two terms. You can read more about guardian angels, how to contact yours and how it differs from your spiritual guides in this article:  “Who is my guardian angel

Connecting to your Spirit Guides

If you would like to connect to your spirit guides your can try out this beautiful guided meditation

By Klaus Kaae

Klaus is a Reiki Master Healer, Energy Worker, and passionate writer at Lightworkersnet. His background is in the corporate world with a Master's Degree in Finance and Economics. But his connection to the spiritual realm has always been strong and developed further over the years. He learned to communicate with spirit guides & angels and learned to apply many spiritual tools and techniques. A lot of these he shares here on Lightworkersnet. He also offers sessions within specific areas and has published books in multiple languages. You can learn more about his services here https://lightworkersnet.com/services