What are Ascended Masters and who are they?

What are Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are very old and wise souls that have completed their incarnation cycle. They have reached a state where they no longer need to incarnate in order to evolve. Instead, they are now assisting Earth from the non-physical dimension. They both assist humanity as a whole and individual humans.

Who are the Ascended Masters?

Ascended Masters come from all races, and cultures and have worked with mankind throughout history. In Buddhism, Ascended Masters are referred to as Bodhisattvas.

Ascended Masters are often associated with one of their more prominent physical lives (incarnations). Very well known Ascended Masters are Jesus and Gautama Buddha. Maybe you know Saint Germain. But there are many more. Some more well-known than others.

Below is a list of Ascended Masters and the areas they are associated with. If they cover an area you would like assistance with, you can ask for their assistance. More on how to do this after the list.

List of Ascended Masters:  

List of Ascended Masters

Mahavatar Babaji. Indian Yogi.
Meditation, Yoga, and simplifying life.

Buddha        Siddhartha Gauthama Buddha.
Founder of Buddhism.
Born in Lumbini in what is now Nepal in 563 BCE or 480 BCE and lived to the age of 80. His teachings cover ethical training and training of the mind which includes meditative practices such as mindfulness1.

Ascended Master Buddha
Ascended Master Buddha statue

Chohan of the 5th ray.
Communication and Healing.
Other incarnations:    Apostle Paul.

Master of the 2nd Ray.
Known for Christianity. 
Unconditional love, Forgiveness, Joy.

2nd Ray Master and Hindu Avatar.
See Maitreya

Kuthumi Lal Singh       
Master of unconditional love and non-judgment.
Love and Wisdom.
Other incarnations: Shah Jahan

Kuan Yin
Also known as Kwan Yin or Quan Yin.
Unconditional love.

Lady Nada       
6th Ray Master
Ancient healing methods and wisdom.
Helping develop spiritual abilities, Children, and Fertility.

Lao Tze       
Chinese Ascended Master. Master of the 2nd ray.
Wisdom, Joy.

Lord Ling       
Chinese Ascended Master
Other incarnations:
Ananda – Gautama Buddha’s chief disciple.

Learn how to use the angels

Madame Blavatsky   
Helena Blavatsky, Russian Spiritualist and Medium.
Lived in the 18th century and made a big impact in various ways.
Teachings, promoting meditation, etc. 

Maha Chohan   
8th ray Master. Representative of the flame of the Holy Spirit.
Can assist with healing.

Also known as Lord Maitreya.
Head of the White Brotherhood.
Making the Earth a better and more peaceful place.           
Guided Jesus when he was on Earth.
Other incarnations: Krishna

One of the three wise men with King Solomon, and King Arthur.
See El Morya.

1st Ray Ascended Master.

Master of Inner Alchemy and Earth Magic.
Guided King Arthur during the 5th century.

Mother Mary       
Mother of Jesus.
Bringing wisdom to Earth.

Known from the Bible.
See Lord Ling

Paul The Venetian
Master of the 3rd ray
Helps with creativity in all forms.

Shah Jahan       
Build Taj Mahal in India.
See Kuthumi

Saint Germain   
7th Ray Master.
Brought the “The Violet Flame” to Earth – a strong cleansing energy.

Saint Padre Pio   
Priest of the 18th Century.
Keeps us on the path of spiritual and personal growth.       

Serapis Bey       
Great Priest in Golden Era of Atlantis.
Harmony and balance on Earth.
Other Incarnations:
Pharaoh Akhenaton IV   
Pharaoh Amenhotep III       

5th Ray Master
Technology. Helps scientists

When will you encounter them?

They might just come to you

They might come to you at some point in your life to assist you with different purposes. For instance, if you do healing, energy work, or work with tasks that serve humanity or a greater purpose. They do not necessarily introduce themselves but might simply assist you in your tasks discretely. They can inspire you with ideas and make your way smothers. If it serves a purpose, you might get to know them also.

In Channelings

Ascended masters can also appear in channelings where they share their wisdom through a human channel. Their loving words can be guiding messages, encouragements, teachings, or their perspective on current events.

Channeling the Ascended Masters

They often assist lightworkers but everybody can reach out to them

Ascended masters often work closely together with lightworkers which also serves to assist Earth’s development and ascension. However, everybody can reach out to them for guidance and support. Your religious background, race, culture, or other choices in life doesn’t matter.

Due to their non-physical nature, they can assist as many people as needed at the same time. Hence, we should not worry about bothering them with insignificant requests.

How to contact the Ascended Masters?

We can contact and communicate with the Ascended Masters the same way we communicate with spirit guides, angels, or archangels. They hear our thoughts when we reach out to them. This way it is sufficient to contact them through our minds.

How to find the right Ascended Master to contact?

From my list, you can get inspiration and a bit of knowledge about each Ascended Master. However, you do not need to know which ascended master to reach out to. The right one will find you when you reach out to them. According to Peter Mt. Shasta:

A call to any of the masters is a call to all of them, so the right one will come”

This makes good sense and from personal experience, I know it works the same way with angels and archangels.

What is the difference between Ascended Masters and Archangels?

Both the Archangels and the Ascended Masters oversee the development of humanity. However, there are differences. The powerful Archangels were directly created for the purpose and serve as extensions of God (or “Source consciousness” if you prefer that word). 

Ascended Masters in contrast evolved to become what they are. They are souls that went through thousands of human lives on Earth (incarnations) in order to evolve and grow at all levels. Through their many incarnations, they have obtained vast knowledge about different aspects of human life and at some point ascended. Now they assist and serve humanity from the spiritual realm the same way as the Archangels do.

Due to their highly evolved nature, their energy frequency is also very high and pure. This way they are energetically close to the Archangels that also hold a very high and pure energy frequency.

To sum up, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters have similarities and both serve humanity but they have different backgrounds. For more insight on Archangels please refer to this article: “What are Archangels?”.

Learn how to use the angels

Do the Ascended Masters still incarnate on Earth?

The Ascended Masters have completed their incarnation cycle so they do not have to go to Earth. However, they can choose to do so voluntarily to firsthand contribute to Earth’s development and ascension.

Then they will typically function as lightworkers of some sort where they can contribute in various ways. They will not necessarily incarnate as religious leaders. Instead, they may take on the lives of ordinary people that however somehow make a difference.

How many lives (incarnations) does it take to Ascend?

According to my knowledge, there is not a fixed number of lives needed to ascend. It is individual how much growth and experience each incarnation contribute to the soul’s growth. It is also individual how fast the soul learns its lessons. Some lessons need to be repeated through many lifetimes before the soul advances to new areas of learning. But to my knowledge, we are talking thousands of incarnations.

Other Masters, Divinities, Deities, and Cosmic helpers of the Earth

Below is a list of other Masters, Divinities, Deities, and Cosmic helpers. They in some cases get mixed with Ascended Masters. But in my opinion, they fall more in the above categories. Not all Masters originate from Earth but can still assist Earth in many ways.

I mention these here since you might come across them at some point. Or, they might make their presence known to you. I have only limited experience in using these. I consider the Ascended Masters described above, The Archangels, and Angels very safe to work. But the list below is very mixed. Hence, you should use your own intuition about whether you want to be involved with any of them or not.

Abundance, money flow, prosperity.

Irish God.
Poetry and love.

Celtic Goddess of Summer and Wealth.

Greek Goddess.
Love, beauty, sexual pleasure, and fertility.

Japanese Goddess of the Sun.

Greek God. 
Healing, archery, music, and arts.

Greek Goddess.
Hunting, wild animals, and wilderness.

Greek Goddess. Wisdom, handicraft, and warfare.

Extraterrestrial being with relation to Earth.

Goddess of pre-Christian Ireland. Wisdom, poetry, healing, protection, blacksmithing, and domesticated animals.

Romano-British goddess of wells and springs.

Celtic Goddess. Fertility, health, luck, kindness, abundance. Protector of children and the inner-child.

Indian Goddess. Mother Goddess, represents female energy.

Celtic goddess. Associated with Horses and fertility.

Norse god. Justice and reconciliation

Hindu God. Can remove obstacles on our way.

Green man
Appreciation of and connection to Nature.

Egyptian Goddess.

Polynesian and Hawaiian moon goddess.

Egyptian God.

Goddess of Love, Sex, and War.

Egyptian Goddess. Helps with sensuality, sexual energy, divine feminine, and feeling good with your body.

Celtic goddess. Relationship love, including familial, romantic, parental, and friendship.

Kali Ma
Indian Goddess. Even though she can seem scary in paintings, she can be useful for transformation processes.

Hindu Goddess.Abundance, Good fortune.

Alt. Luxing. Chinese God. Success, wealth, and longevity.

Celtic God. Healing from painful situations and, Alchemy.

Egyptian Goddess. Balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice.

Celtic Goddess. Nature, Joy, Protection.

Goddess of divinity, femininity, fertility, beauty, and love.

Egyptian god of fertility, agriculture, and the afterlife.

Pallas Athena       
See Athena

Hindu Goddess of power, nourishment, harmony, devotion, and motherhood

Hawaiian Goddess. Helps us get in touch with our true passion

Sanat Kumara       
Great Cosmic Master. It is believed that he came to Earth during the darkest days. Helps us to find our inner God-consciousness. Helps Earth to ascend.

Goddess of the Sea

Solar goddess

Egyptian God. Writing, Learning.

Hindu God.

Roman Goddess.

The higher aspect (soul) of Sanat Kumara. See Sanat Kumara.

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Sacred woman of supernatural origin to the Lakota Native American people

White Tara
Buddhist Goddess. Compassion.

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