What are Archangels

Archangels are extremely powerful angels. They are said to be some of God’s first creations. They can be considered extensions of God and each represents different aspects of God.

Archangels rank above the guardian angels that are connected to the individual human. In this sense, you can say the archangels have broader and larger responsibilities. Since they oversee broad areas more people get in contact with them. This is probably the reason they have become more famed than other angels. Some of them also appear in the bible and other religious texts.

Even though Archangels oversee big areas they are still able to serve as guides for individual people. They can for instance assist lightworkers or other people that work with their areas. But all people can reach out to them for their help and assistance. This is indeed highly appreciated. At the same time, they can be very useful for us due to their powerful nature. For this reason, I encourage everybody to connect with them and ask for their help when needed.

Even though angels don’t have a gender they can appear in a masculine or feminine form. This is to my knowledge related to the tasks they undertake.

Names of Archangels:

Below I have listed some of the important Archangels and their names. Click on the relevant angel to jump straight to a description.


Areas the Archangels are assisting

To easily find the areas where the different archangels are known to assist, I have created an “Archangel Finder” as seen below. The first column shows all the areas the archangels assist. The second column shows the angel relevant to that area. Click the name of the archangel to jump to the description of the angel.

Important: If you are viewing this page from a mobile phone, rotate your phone to horizontal to view the table correctly (or match the numbers).

Archangel finder

Area of relevance: —>
1. Beauty
2. Children           
3. Communication
4. Communication with animals
5.Contact to deceased loved ones
6. Cutting cords
7. Decoration
8. Endings /Transitions
9. Finding missing items
10. Grief (help to heal)
11. Grounding
12. Healing
13. Ideas
14. Inner peace
15. Life purpose guidance
16. Music
17. Nature
18. Parenting
19. Prayers
20. Protection
21. Sacred Geometry
22. Sensitive Children
23. Solutions
24. Spirits of Nature
25. Spirituality (developing)
26. Time bending
27. Traveling
28. Wisdom
29. Writing

List of Archangels and their roles:

Archangel Michael

His name means: He who is like God
Known to assist with:        
+ Protection.
+ Cutting cords.
+ Life purpose guidance.
Associated colors:   Blue, Purple, or White.
Other signs:   Often seen with his big sword that is also used for cutting cords.
Additional info:   Michael is not a shy angel and often shows his presence in different ways if called upon. He is one of only two archangels mentioned in the Bible (along with Raphael).

Michael is one of the Archangels I use most frequently myself. For this reason, I decided to write an entire article about him and how he can be used. You can find the article here: “Archangel Michael How to Invoke him?

Archangel Raphael

His name means: God heals
Known to assist with:        
+ Healing. Either direct or help to find the person or way to heal you.
+ Assisting healers.
+ Travelling. Assisting under travel.
Associated colors:   Green.
Additional info:   A lot of healers naturally get in contact with him. He is also known to assist other health workers such as doctors and nurses.

Learn How to Use Your Angels - A guide to get in contact with the angels

Archangel Ariel

Her name means:   The Lioness of God
Known to assist with:        
+ Overseer of Nature.
+ Spirits of Nature.
+ Communication with animals.
+ The planet Earth.
+ Grounding
Associated colors:   Pink.
Other signs:   Has a very feminine energy.
Additional info:   Due to her connection to Earth and nature she is assisting with grounding techniques and can help center our energy. You can learn a lot more about grounding in this article: How to Ground yourself. The Practice of Grounding

Archangel Gabriel

His name means: The strength of God
Known to assist with:        
+ Helping with communication including Writing.
+ Assisting with parenting.
Associated colors:   Copper
Other signs:   A feminine energy and often depicted with children around.
Additional info:   Gabriel is one of only two archangels mentioned in the Bible (along with Michael).

Archangel Uriel

His name means: The Light of God
Known to assist with:        
+ Wisdom.
+ Information, insight. Make us understand complex matters.
+ Ideas, or solutions.
Associated colors:   Unknown.
Other signs:   Often portrayed with a lantern shining yellow light.

Archangel Metatron

His name means: Unknown
Known to assist with:        
+ Sacred Geometry including Metatron’s Cube.
+ Time bending.
+ Helping children, particularly sensitive children.
Associated colors:   Violet, Dark Green.
Additional info:   I personally came across several people that claimed they had used Metatron to bend time to reach appointments that would be physically impossible. It sounds a bit unbelievable but in this matter, we need to realize that time and space are maybe not as fixed as we believe.

Archangel Chamuel

His name means: He who sees God
Known to assist with:        
+ Universal peace.
+ Finding inner peace during challenging times.
+ Finding missing items.
Associated colors:   Unknown.
Additional info:   I have come across many remarkable stories about how lost items found their way back when people asked the divine for help.

Learn How to Use Your Angels - A guide to get in contact with the angels

Archangel Sandalphon

His name means: Brother
Known to assist with:        
+ Music, assisting within all its forms.
+ Healing through music and sound.
+ Messenger of Prayers. Bring our messages to God and bring back answers. 
+ Spirituality, developing your spirituality.
Associated colors:   Turquoise.
Additional info:   Call upon Sandalphon to help you develop your spirituality and connection to the divine.

Archangel Jophiel

Her name means: Beauty of God
Known to assist with:        
+ Assisting with beauty in all forms including yourself and your surroundings. She can assist with things like dressing or home decoration.
Associated colors:   Pink, dark pink.
Other signs:   Feminine energy.
Additional info:   You might experience the scent of roses Jophiel is near.


Archangel Azrael

His name means: God helps
Known to assist with:    
+ Endings & Transitions in life.
+ Helping the soul to cross over after death.
+ Help to heal grief.
+ Contacting loved deceased ones.
+ Protecting against lower vibrational earthbound spirits that have not yet fully crossed over.
Associated colors:   Bright white.
Additional info:  Azrael can’t make your grief magically go away but he can help you through the process needed to heal grief.

Further Readings

If you want to learn more about archangels I can recommend the book below. It contains detailed descriptions of many archangels and Ascended Masters. It explains how they can help us deal with specific life problems, and how to call upon them.

What I further found out is that it can be used as a tool to find the angel that can assist us at the moment. It works a bit like drawing angel cards. Just turn to a random page in the book. The Archangel or Ascended master described on that page will be suitable to help you deal with your current challenges. This you will often realize when you read more about the selected Angel or Master.

Click the picture to learn more

Archangels in the Bible

Both Michael and Gabriel are mentioned in the Bible. Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary that she had been chosen to give birth to the Son of God1 (Luke 1:27-38). He also announced the forthcoming births of John the Baptist in Luke. Michael is referred to in The New Testament, Revelation 12:8-12, where he battles the evil and casts it out of heaven2. Micahel also appears in the Book of Jude to protect Moses’ body.

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