What are Angels How to get their help

Angels are spiritual beings with a very high and pure vibration. Their intentions are always good and they are here to help us.

Many types of angels exist. The Archangels are the most well-known. But so many more exist. 

They are always available and can help us in so many ways. They will help us as long as it serves us. Nothing is too insignificant or tedious. If it bothers us, can help us in some way, or serves our soul’s expansion, they will help us.

However, and this is important:

We need to invite them into our lives by directly asking them to help us.

If we don’t do that, they are simply not allowed to help due to the spiritual law of free will.

The moment we start to focus on them, they are able to take part in our reality. There is no limit to how many people the angels can assist at the same time since they exist in a dimension without time and space.

How to Communicate with the Angels?

It is possible to communicate with angels through our thoughts. We only need to think about them and it is like an instant call. This way it is also sufficient to ask them for help through your thoughts.

Our connection to the angels will grow stronger the more we focus on them and use them.

Everybody has a guardian angel which is a special angel that follows us all the time. This angel, among others, makes sure we do not depart Earth before time. But there are angels specialized in so many areas.

You do not need to know what angel to contact. The relevant angel will automatically find you as you reach out.

Ways the Angels can help us

The angels can assist us in all areas of life. But an area I noticed they are particularly useful in is helping to find needed information. Let’s assume you asked them for help to lose weight. Following, they might arrange circumstances so that you “by incidence” stumble upon an article that describes the perfect way for you to lose weight. What a coincidence! Or was it?

The angels are absolutely fantastic to arrange what many would categorize as “lucky circumstances”.

Thoughts, ideas, and solutions placed by the Angels

Thought and idea placed by Angels

Another way they can help us is by placing thoughts in our minds. Maybe you suddenly get an idea of how to solve a situation after asking for their help. This type of thoughts you should write down as they might hold the solution to what you asked for.

A line in a song can hold the answer

Message from Angels - Song in the Radio

Or, maybe the radio is playing in the background and you suddenly notice a specific line of the song. That line answers precisely the question you asked the angels not long ago. It could also be you walk by two people in the supermarket that are talking. You only hear one of their sentences as you pass them. But this sentence makes so much sense in relation to what you just asked the angels to help you with.

Personally, I have experienced this in so many forms. I even met a stranger at the beach that starts talking to me and then suddenly he said something philosophically about life. It gave me goosebumps – because that answered the question I just asked the angels a few hours earlier.

The angels can reach us in so many ways, the above are just examples.

So, to sum up, it is about:

  1. Ask – if we do not ask they are not allowed to help us.
  2. Be aware of what you asked them to help you with while waiting for their assistance.
  3. Be ready to receive the help in the form it might arrive. 

Signs from the Angels

Signs from the Angels - Feather

Another thing many people experience when they start to use the angels is receiving signs from the angels. One of the most common is starting to find white feathers. Or even seeing a white feather gently falling out of the sky and landing in front of you.

Seeing hearts is also a typical sign from the angels. Maybe you notice the raindrops on a surface form a beautiful heart.

It is also relatively common that the angels use clouds to send us signs. Seeing a heart, a feather or even an angel in the sky are some of the ways they can reach us.

Signs from Angels - Heart in the Sky

So what do these signs mean?

These signs can hold many meanings and here you need to listen to your intuition. But they are typically confirmations from the angels. If you just started using the angels, often the meaning can be something like: “Yes, we hear you and will respond to your request”, “Yes, we are around you” or simply a way of showing love and support. A sign of “you are not alone. We are around you”.

It can be very magical to receive these signs. I particularly remember a big angel I saw in the sky a long time ago when my journey with the angels was just started.

What do the Angels want in return?

The angels do not require anything in exchange for their help and assistance. It is a pleasure for them to help us. However, they very much appreciate a heartfelt “Thank you”.

Want to learn more about Angels and How to Communicate with them?

The angels came into my life many years ago when I was facing a significant personal crisis due to stress. At a point I was so desperate that cried out “Then help me God damn it!”. It was an expression made out of anger and frustration about my life. It was directed towards the divine. I just knew that somehow out there, there was help to get. It was before I even learned about angels.

That expression turned out to be pivot.

In the following weeks and months, I started to receive help and guidance from the divine. During the process, I found out that it was angels that were helping me. My expression/request had opened up for them to be able to help me – and so they did.

Guided out of the crisis

The guidance started as dreams. Lots of dreams with symbolism and messages related to my situation and what I could do to improve it. I also started to see and receive signs during my everyday life that indicated it was angles that had started helping me.

The communication evolved and became gradually more advanced. It seemed like they were experimenting with different ways of communication to see which way suited me best. That way I learned to communicate with them in multiple ways. From simple ways to direct messages in my mind. The communication often took place in many forms during the day after what suited the circumstances best.

The process continued this way for years and I learned a lot about angels and how they operate. I learned the ways we can request their help, how we can expect it to come and what else we can do to get a close connection with them.

It was very fascinating and magical to experience the help, communication, and contact with the angels. And not least, I was very thankful for receiving their help during a challenging period of my life.

For this reason, I decided to make to a guide that could teach other people how to get in contact with the angels too. To teach them how to communicate with the angels and have the angels help them in their life. Whatever their challenges would be.

The result is the guide you see below.

Learn How To Use Your Angels - a guide to get in contact with the angels

In this, I teach you everything I learned over the years.

This includes:

  • How to establish the initial contact to the angels.
  • The many different ways to communicate with the angels. Find the way(s) that are working for you.
  • How to ask them questions – and receive their answers.
  • How to ask them for help in different areas of life – and receive it.
  • How to receive healing from the angels.
  • Learning to benefit from the angel’s higher level of insight to make better decisions.
  • How to strengthen your connection with the angels.
  • The different types of angels available to us.
  • The areas specific angels are specialized in. Find the angel(s) that suit your need.

The guide is 40 pages and you will receive it by email when you order.

At the moment – just $ 12.95 (Normal price: $ 16.95).

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Any questions regarding the guide?

Feel free to send a mail to lightworkersnet@gmail.com

Learn How To Use Your Angels - a guide to get in contact with the angels

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By Klaus Kaae

Klaus is a Reiki Master Healer, Energy Worker, and passionate writer at Lightworkersnet. His background is in the corporate world with a Master's Degree in Finance and Economics. But his connection to the spiritual realm has always been strong and developed further over the years. He learned to communicate with spirit guides & angels and learned to apply many spiritual tools and techniques. A lot of these he shares here on Lightworkersnet. He also offers sessions within specific areas and has published books in multiple languages. You can learn more about his services here https://lightworkersnet.com/services