Angel cards

Did you ever wonder about what angel cards are and how they are working?

A deck of angel cards typically consists of 44 cards. Each card normally holds an artistic illustration and a text message. Based on the illustration and the text it is possible to derive messages that can guide you in life or in relation to your specific questions.

What’s the difference between Angel Cards & Tarot Cards?

Angel cards and tarot cards are both oracle cards. However, the energy of angel cards is much lighter than the one of tarot cards. Angel cards also mainly hold messages of positive nature. For instance the widely famed tarot card “Death” is not to be found in angel cards. This does not mean that angel cards only hold “happy happy messages” but the messages are formed in a way that can help and support the user. In that way, angel cards are a safe and positive choice if you want to get started with oracle cards. Furthermore, angel cards are easier to get started with than tarot cards where greater background knowledge is needed. 

How do Angel Cards work?

Angel cards work through “the law of attraction”. This means the answers of the cards vibrate with a certain frequency and the same do the questions we ask the cards. Thereby there is also no reason to worry about if one or more cards came out by mistake. My experience is very clear here. They do not. It is more a matter of understanding the cards.
Second, angel cards are a communication channel for – yes you guessed it – angels. Angels are very powerful, loving, and insightful light beings that only want us good. They can help us in many ways if we just ask them and that way give them permission to do so. When we use angel cards we give them permission to share their knowledge with us and guide us through the cards.   

Angel cards can also be used as a tool to develop your clairvoyant abilities. The more you train with the cards, the more detailed messages your will be able to obtain through the cards. Angel cards can hence be a good way to develop your spiritual abilities.

It is possible to do angel card readings for yourself and others. Both can be very rewarding and inspiring.

How to do an Angel Card Reading? How to draw the cards?

This can be done in many ways. If you are seeking the answer to a specific question, then keep that question in your mind while you shuffle the cards. It is also okay to say it out loud if you feel like that but it is not needed since the cards will match your intention. One way is then to simply keep shuffling the cards until one or more cards fall out of the deck by themselves. 

Another approach is to keep shuffling the cards to you intuitively get a feeling of “now is the time to stop shuffling”. Hereafter you can draw one or more cards from the top of the deck. Listen to your intuition about how many cards to draw.

A third approach is to spread out the cards on a table and then pick the cards you feel drawn to. No matter what method you choose, the cards you draw will hold messages in relation to your question.

If you do not ask a specific question, while drawing the cards, the angels will provide you with the cards that are most relevant to you (or your client) in the given situation. Then the cards could for instance address an area of your life where you are currently facing some challenges. This can also be a very useful way of doing a reading.

How to Interpret the Cards?

When you have drawn the cards it is time to interpret them. Most angel cards will have short text messages printed on them. These can give relatively direct and straightforward guidance or answers. The skilled angel card reading will however be able to go far deeper than that.

The skilled card reader will be able to perform “intuitive readings” of the cards. This is where angel cards really start to be useful and where the angels have the opportunity to communicate more directly with the user. Again, the more you practice and the more you get to know your angel cards, the better you will become at being a channel for the angel’s messages. It is truly magical to be able to experience when the angels communicate with you through the cards.

Learn to do Angel Card Readings for Yourself and Clients Today

Do you also want to learn how to do angel card readings for yourself and other people? Maybe start a little side business where you help people? This is by the way a truly rewarding experience. In that case, I have made a guide for you packed with knowledge, tips, and tricks on how to do angel card readings.

Getting started + Learning the Advanced Techniques

You will both learn how to get started – all from scratch – but also learn the more advanced techniques through which you will be able to do deeper readings. I will guide you on which cards are suitable if you are new to angel cards + teach you how to find the cards that match you as a person and at soul level. This means finding the cards you will have the most success working with.

You will receive insights into how the angels work. How to ask questions to the cards and the angels in the best possible way – and how to get the answers. Advice on how to prepare for a session. How to connect with the angels. How to use crystals when you work with angel cards and how to find the right crystals for you.

Angel Cards Spreads

The guide will also show you how to do different kinds of spreads for different purposes. (Templates provided in the guide). Moreover, you will learn how to create your own spreads. With your own customized spreads, the possibilities with angel cards are almost endless.

Predicting the Future with Angel Cards

The guide also comes around predicting the future with the cards. The Ethics of angel cards readings. To do readings for yourself versus for others. Important information on how to deliver the messages to your clients in a good way. Tips and tricks on how to become a skilled angel card reader. What NOT to do. What to do if a card does not make sense. Upside-down cards. The order of the cards. The link between the cards etc. 

The guide is divided into 42 sections to make it easy for you to handle all the information. After each of the bigger chapters, there is a summary for you to easily recap all you have learned.

Do Reading for Yourself and Clients

With this guide, you will be very well prepared to do actual angel card readings for yourself and clients.

What is my background for making this guide? Angels came into my life many years ago and I learned to communicate with them in different ways. First without angel cards but later on also through angel cards. During the years I have done a lot of angel card readings both for myself and paying clients.

Besides this, I have attended courses/seminars with both Doreen Virtue, Kyle Gray, and Colette Baron-Reid. This way you will not only get my experience but also the experience of 3 of the most recognized persons within Oracle Card readings and angels.

Learn it all from the Comfort of your Home

All my learnings and experience are put together in this guide and made easily accessible to you. This way you will be able to learn everything you need to know to become a skilled angel card reader – all from the comfort of your home.  

Learn to do Angels Card Readings

Right now the price for this extensive guide is only $19.95! (was $ 37.95)
Far less than most people charge for a single angel card session with a client.

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