The Violet Flame. A Strong tool for Cleansing Energy

What is The Violet Flame of Saint Germain?

The Violet Flame is a very powerful cleansing energy. It was allegedly brought to Earth in the 18th century by the alchymist Sct. Germain, today known as the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Saint Germain

It can be used as a powerful energetic tool to dissolve and transmute negative energy in or around you. This includes clearing stuck energy in the body, emotions, or thoughts. It can be used to revitalize your energy and physical body down to a cellular level.

Violet has the most purifying frequency of the light spectrum. The combination of violet and fire makes the violet flame a very powerful tool for disintegrating lower vibrational energy. This way it is also a very healing energy.

In this article, I will teach you how to utilize The Violet Flame.

How to Cleanse your Energy with the Violet Flame

You can call on the Violet Flame to cleanse and purify your energy while transmuting negative energy. This can be done through visualization.

Easy Visualization Exercise

Easy Visualization Exercise

Close your eyes and imagine a powerful violet flame. Visualize it from the top of your body. A strong purifying flame washing from the crown chakra and down. Visualize how it dissolves everything on its way. Maybe you see darker patterns in your energy field that it vaporizes. Burning and clearing all stuck energy and restoring the body’s natural healthy energy. The more you can visualize the process, the better. Let the flame sweep your energy from top to toe several times.

You can also try to visualize yourself inside a tube where the flame cleanses everything inside. Just see which techniques that work best for you.

The Violet Flame Meditation

If you prefer being guided through the process, you can listen to the Violet Flame Meditation below.
You can use it for clearing, cleansing, and purifying your energy. The meditation takes 9 minutes. The first part of the meditation is about relaxing and calming you while the second is focused on clearing and cleansing your energy. 

Violet Flame Decree from Saint Germain

The visualization is a strong tool on its own and many people use it that way alone. However, Saint Germain has given us the following Violet flame decree that can be used specifically to invoke the Violet flame for clearing and cleansing our energy:

“I AM a being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires”

Violet Flame Decree pdf, Saint Germain

By reciting this decree or mantra, you invoke the violet flame for the purpose of personal cleansing. You can recite the decree in combination with a visualization of the flame viciously surrounding your body. Visualize how it moves deep into your cells and atoms to transmute and cleanse at all levels. You can download the Violet Flame decree pdf here. This way you can save it on your phone or other devices for easy access.

Cleansing your Surroundings

As you can use the violet flame to cleanse your own energy, it can also be used to cleanse your surroundings. This can be useful for many reasons.

“.. the energy of a place can be affected by events that took place hundreds of years ago.”

The energy of a location is affected by the events that take place there. Imagine a movie theater where they showed a horror movie for the last two weeks. What do you think the energy of that place looks like? Yes, it probably could need a cleanse.

In the same way, the energy of a place can still be affected by events that took place hundreds of years ago. What today looks like a nice green field might have hosted a violent battle during medieval times. The energy of the battle, with all the intense emotions of fear, pain, and suffering, can still affect the area today.

Cleansing Energy with the Violet Flame of Saint Germain

Sensitive or spiritually open people might be able to sense it. Maybe you have sensed it yourself when visiting historic places where dramatic events took place in the past.

The above are extreme examples of distorted energy. But it can also be more everyday related. For instance, if you had a party in your house and you following want to sweep the house of all the different people’s energy. Here the Violet flame could serve well for cleansing the energy of the house.

How to Cleanse a Place

Cleansing a place with the Violet flame can be done with the following invocation:

“I call upon Saint Germain and the angels of the Violet flame to dissolve or transmute all negative energy “in my house” ” 

You can replace “in my house” with the relevant place where you want to cleanse the energy.

Again, it is possible to support the process by visualizing the flame sweeping the area, house, or location. As with the visualization for cleansing yourself, you can visualize how the flame vaporizes all dark or stuck energy.

Angels of the Violet Flame

Angels of the Violet Flame

As you may notice the above invocation refers to “Angels of the Violet flame”. Angels are assisting with many aspects of life and some angels are also assisting with specific energies. The Violet Flame energy has angels that are helping with channeling and handling the energy the same way they help with for instance the Reiki energy.

Healing with The Violet Flame

The Violet flame can also be used for healing purposes where it can be very effective to heal at all levels. This comes naturally due to its ability to restore energy to its native purity.

All diseases are rooted at an energetic level before they become a physical manifestation. This way the Violet flame is a great tool to restore energy before it causes physical ailments. But even when a disease has become physical, the Violet flame can still be used for healing.

I came across a rather amazing story in relation to this. It describes how a group of people, through prayer and the visualization of the Violet flame, healed a girl with a brain tumor just days before a life-saving surgery. On the day of the planned surgery, and after a lot of testing, the medical team brought her the following message:

“there was a tumor, but now the tumor has disappeared, you can go home”

Like in other energetic contexts, the effect is much stronger when people combine their energy and intentions. This most likely contributed to the remarkable healing. You can read the full story here. Doctors categorize this type of events as spontaneous remissions and science as of today is having a hard time explaining them.

To me, this only demonstrates we still have a lot to learn about energy and the human body.
If we look at our science from a higher perspective, it is still very immature. Most of the advanced progress has been made within the last 50 years. Imagine where we could be in 200 years. Or imagine a civilization that is 2000 years ahead of us.

Further Readings

If you want to deep dive into The Violet Flame and how it can be utilized, you can have a look at this book. According to my knowledge, it is one of the best on the subject. Click the image to learn more.

Violet Flame. To Heal body, Mind & Soul
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