Spiritual law of free will

What is Free will?

In the part of the Universe where we live, the spiritual law of free will exists. In short, this means that we can do exactly as we want without interference from the divine. We have the freedom to create exactly as positive – or negative – experiences for ourselves and others as we like.

This is one of the reasons that a lot of good but also a lot of bad takes place on Earth. We are simply allowed to in order to experience both which again is linked to the concept of Duality. However, this does not mean our actions do not have consequences. We are also under the influence of the spiritual law of karma. The spiritual law of karma serves several purposes but in relation to free will, it sustains balance by letting the soul experience the consequences of its actions.

Free will and suffering on Earth

Free Will and Suffering on Earth

Free will is as mentioned not a feature that is present in all places in the Universe. Some places operate under different spiritual laws making other types of experiences possible. Free will makes a lot of suffering possible on Earth but even this serves a purpose. Suffering for instance deepens our hearts thereby making greater compassion possible. This is considered a valuable lesson for the soul.

Suffering also serves by pushing us in a different direction. We find out what we don’t like and then start to move in a new and hopefully better direction. Suffering moreover serves as the contrast. For instance, we are more capable of feeling true happiness later on, if we have first experienced some degree of suffering. 

The souls on Earth will at some point learn and evolve to a point where less suffering takes place. At least that is my clear understanding.

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