Praying Mantis - Symbolism, Spiritual meaning & Message

Did you see a Praying Mantis and wonder if it had a message for you? What the Praying Mantis was symbolizing, and if it had a spiritual meaning?

The Praying Mantis is a special creature and very powerful for its size. It is famous for its strong forelegs, which can crush its prey in half. Its head can rotate 180 degrees and with its sharp mount parts, it consumes its prey. The Praying mantis is a strict carnivore and prey on other insects but is also known to eat lizards, frogs, snakes, mice, and even birds. Due to its impressive defensive abilities, it can live 10 to 12 months1.

So they are special creatures. But what are the symbolism, spiritual meaning, and message if you see a Praying Mantis? This we will have a look at in this article.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Praying Mantis

The Spiritual Meaning of the Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is a powerful little animal full of self-confidence. It is not afraid of undertaking big prey and when challenged, it stands up for itself with amazing bravery. It is like the creature knows it is powerful and this is fully integrated in its personality. This we can learn from. To step into our power and take control of our lives.

The Praying mantis is an Ambush Predator meaning it waits for its prey before it strikes. This requires patience and then striking at the right moment.

The Praying mantis can hence be associated with:

  • Stepping into your power
  • Pursuing your goals fearlessly
  • Knowing your worth
  • Take on challenges with confidence
  • Being focused
  • Bravery
  • Inner strength
  • Fearlessly fighting for your cause
  • Patience when pursuing your goals – some things take time, dedication, and effort.

The Spiritual Message of the Praying Mantis

The Spiritual Message of the Praying Mantis

When the Praying Mantis appears in your life it is message to step into your power. It like it wants to show you the way. A “Hello, look at me, this is how to apprach life“.

It wants you to aknowlede your power and put it into action. Don’t let fear hold you back but use your will-power to ackomplish what you have set your mind for. Don’t let temporary setbacks stop you, but keep going. You have what it takes and you will suceed in the end if you put in the needed effort and persistance.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Seeing a Praying Mantis

Questions to Ask Yourself When Seeing a Praying Mantis

To close in on how to interpret the Praying Mantis, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I full-hearted dedicated to what I am undertaking at the moment?
  • Could I pursue my goal more fearlessly?
  • Am I being held back by fear?
  • What is holding me back from pursuing my goals with full confidence?

It is important to be completely honest with yourself when answering these questions. 

Perhaps you’ve already received hints in other ways in relation to this. Our dreams for instance can guide us and often help shed light on situations or challenges in our lives.  

Repeatedly Seeing Praying Matis’ – This is What it Means

If you repeatedly see Praying Matis’ it just underlines the message above. It highlights the need to step into your power and pursue your goals full-heartedly.

Signs from the Universe often repeat themselves to we get the message or take action. Then they stop or new signs and messages will come.

Praying Mantis Landing on You – Spiritual Meaning

Praying Mantis Landing on You Spiritual Meaning

If a praying mantis lands on you, it is the Universe’s way of highlighting that you need to listen to its message. The meaning is the same as described above. Here the message is just a bit stronger and more insisting, harder to overlook, and ensures your attention.

How do you know if the Praying Mantis has a Message?

You should particularly pay attention to the Praying mantis if it appears in places you normally don’t see it. Or if you for some reason start to pay attention to them. You can also be assured it has a meaning if it appears in a dream.

If you are in tune with the Universe and your spirit guides, you can sometimes feel when things that appear in your life have a special significance or message. The more you learn to listen to this type of signs, the more will appear.

How do you know if the Praying Mantis has a Message?

Tuning in on the Praying Mantis to have it Reveal its Message

You can actually try to tune in on the praying mantis or any other animal that you feel has a message. This can indeed be an interesting little exercise if you are spiritually open. 

Just look at the animal while you ask in your mind: “What message do you have for me, little friend?”. Be open to receiving the answer in whatever form it may come. It can be an intuitive understanding, feeling, words popping up in your mind, mental picture, or other way. Be open and curious about the message that might come. 

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Did a Praying Matis Appear in Your Dream?

If you see a Praying Mantis in a dream you can be even more reassured it holds a message. When it shows in a dream it certainly isn’t just a coincidence and should not be overlooked. Our spirit guides, soul, and the Universe work with us through our dreams. So by seeing a praying mantis in your dream, the symbolism and the message of the praying mantis can be used to guide us. 

If the praying mantis is seen in a context in your dream, this should further be taken into account when you interpret the dream. Also, if the color of the praying mantis is distinct in the dream, it can hold meaning. Below you will find the meaning of some of the colors.

Seeing a Green Praying Mantis Meaning

Green Praying Mantis Meaning

Most Praying Mantis are green. However, if you sense the green color of the praying mantis is of significance, here is what it means.

Green is the color associated with new beginnings, growth, rejuvenation, and healing.

This way, a Green Praying Mantis may ask you to undertake your ideas or projects with self-confidence and step fully into your power. Use your inner strength to grow things and accomplish your goals. Put new energy into whatever you are undertaking and work persistently to achieve success.

Green is the color associated with the heart chakra.

Seeing a Brown Praying Mantis Meaning

Brown Praying Mantis Meaning

If you see a Brown Praying Mantis, and you sense the brown color is of significance, here is what it means.

Brown represents a down-to-earth approach, being grounded, calm, and considered.

This way, if a Brown Praying Mantis appears, it can be a reminder to take on the positive qualities of the praying mantis, like stepping into your power and pursuing your goals fearlessly. At the same time, you are reminded to stay grounded and approach things in a considered way.

Have a look at the above video to see the amazing physical features of the Praying Mantis.

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