Ouija Board is it Dangerous

What is an Ouija Board?

The Ouija board, also known as a Spirit board is a tool used to communicate with spirits. It dates back to 1890 in Baltimore, Maryland where Elijah Bond patented it. The “game” consists of a board with all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers from 0 to 9. A moveable pointer, also known as a planchet, is placed on the board. An upside-down glass can also be used. Then each participant places a finger on it. Spirits are then asked to come through and the idea is that they can now communicate by moving the pointer around on the board. The Ouija board is surrounded by a great deal of mysticism and some people warn strongly against it. The mysticism has only increased with the movie “Ouija” (2014).

So, what is this all about, and is it really that dangerous? This I will look into in this article. Please be aware that this is my perspective based on my knowledge and experiences within this field and the research I have done. This will of course be subjective to some extent.

What can happen if you use the Ouija Board?

There are a lot of stories out there about what happened to people who used the Ouija board. The worst stories tell about how people went crazy or even committed suicide afterward. There are also stories where people “just” got really scared or experienced mysterious stuff going on around them during the session or on the following days or weeks. Then there are the less dramatic stories where people apparently communicated with spirits and nothing bad happened. Finally, some people report that nothing happened at all and the glass did not even move.

What kind of Spirits do you attract when using the Ouija Board?

Before we look into if the Ouija board is dangerous, we need to understand what kind of spirits we get in will get in contact with through the board. What happens when we use the Ouija board, is that we invite spirits into our space.

The first problem is that we have no idea what kind of spirits we potentially get involved with. However, since the Ouija board is often recklessly used for entertainment purpose by people with little experience with the spiritual realm, the board tends to attract spirits of very low quality. Low vibrating beings or spirits from the lower astral planes. This kind of spirits do not necessarily have good intentions. Some can even be defined as evil even though I don’t like that term.

For this reason, there is no guarantee these spirits are honest. They could for instance pretend to be a deceased family member or a deceased famous person to get attention, scare or manipulate the participants. 

The below video from CBN is an interview with a man that used the Ouija board as a teenager. He got in contact with something. This thing did not want it well for him and it took him a while to get rid of it again. Before that happened he was close to suicide.

Ouija Board Rules

If you do research on the Ouija Board you will find people are mentioning different rules. The rules describe what to do to contract to the spirits, how to end a session, what not to do, etc.
The rules can vary depending where you look.

When I am reading up on the rules they seems to vary and some of them are obviously centered around fear – justified or not. For instance “You have to end the session by doing… or the spirit will still be around”.

I decided not to list the different rules mentioned various places, since I feel it can do more harm than good. I cannot guarantee it will be safe to follow these rules or that they are even useful.

However, if you, against my advice, decide to use the Ouija board, I recommend you use it with great caution and are very considered. You should not be under the influence of alcohol since it reduces our ability to make sound decissions. Further, it makes us more vulnerable in relation to spirits with bad intentions. Lastly, you should not use the Ouija board if you are mentally unwell or vulnerable.

The Ouija Board and the lack of protection

The second problem is that the participants in an Ouija board session seldom know how to protect themselves. People that work professionally with clairvoyance or mediumship know it is essential to ask for protection before this kind of activity. 

Is it dangerous?

Based on the above I will clearly say “Yes, it can certainly be dangerous”. I find it highly misleading to consider the Ouija board a game and it should under no circumstances be used by children. There is a significant risk that you unintentionally invite something into your life that can affect you negatively also after you “played the game”.

I hope this article has served to inform you about the Ouija board and the potential dangers related to using it.

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By Klaus Kaae

Klaus is a Reiki Master Healer, Energy Worker, and passionate writer at Lightworkersnet. His background is in the corporate world with a Master's Degree in Finance and Economics. But his connection to the spiritual realm has always been strong and developed further over the years. He learned to communicate with spirit guides & angels and learned to apply many spiritual tools and techniques. A lot of these he shares here on Lightworkersnet. He also offers sessions within specific areas and has published books in multiple languages. You can learn more about his services here https://lightworkersnet.com/services