The Ocean A Powerful Healer

Many people enjoy going to the beach and for good reason. It is super healthy for mind, body, and spirit. Studies confirm that going to the beach improves mood and mental health1. But why is it so beneficial and how can you benefit from it? This is explained in this article.

Benefits of Going to The Beach:

1) Great for Reducing Stress

The beach is a great place to go if you feel stressed or overwhelmed. The beauty of the scenery combined with the calming sounds of the ocean helps your nervous system calm down. It is for a reason that many meditations or relaxation apps play calming sounds of the ocean.

2) It Can Help You Find Clarity

Walking by the beach can help you find clarity

If you are dealing with many things in your life and need to find direction or make important decisions the beach can help you. Take a walk by the beach, let your mind calm down and sometimes solutions or insights will come to you intuitively. When we allow our minds to calm down we are better able to listen to our inner guidance system. Our inner guidance system includes our soul and spirit guides. They have a hard time reaching us if our mind is racing.

3) The Extra Exposure to Natural Sunlight Boosts your Mood

Beaches are very open areas meaning lots of natural light. The light is also reflected in the water and the sand. This extra dose of natural sunlight stimulates your brain to release extra serotonin1 which will boost your mood and help you to feel calm and focused. Your sleep is also likely to improve due to better regulation of the serotonin and melatonin levels1.
Another positive effect of exposure to the sun is that it stimulated your body to produce Vitamin D2. This happens when your skin gets exposed to the sun.

4) Swimming in the Ocean – a Cleanse to your Energy

Swimming in the Ocean - a Cleanse to your Energy

The purifying effect of swimming in the ocean is significant. You probably already know how good it feels to go swimming in the ocean and the feeling afterward. Water is a strong conductor of energy but further, ocean water is saltwater. Salt is traditionally used for spiritual cleanse in many ways to purify and cleanse energy because it absorbs energy. By swimming in the ocean you are literally swimming in millions of small salt crystals that help cleanse your energy.

If the ocean is a bit cold, the sudden change will make your blood flow faster and cause a release of endorphins. Winter swimming is a very popular activity in some countries and highly addictive – in a good way.

5) Doing Sports at the Beach – Release your Endorphins!

Doing Sports at the Beach - Release your Endorphins!

If you combine going to the beach with doing some sort of physical activity you like, it is a win-win. You get all the positive effects mentioned above combined with the benefits of being physically active. Whether it is running by the beach, playing beach volley, surfing, kayaking, etc. doesn’t matter much. The key is you enjoy what you are doing and it gets your pulse up. Being physically active with some intensity guarantees a boost to your endorphins, also known as the happiness hormones. And, all the fresh air and physical activity will help your sleep like a baby.

6) A Social Place – Reduce the Feeling of Loneliness

If you are feeling lonely going to the beach might help with that too. People are often gathering at the beach and the atmosphere can be uplifting and energetic (of course depending on season and location). The atmosphere and energy will affect you when staying there.
Or, even better, you can arrange to meet with a friend at the beach. Enjoy some food or just have a chat. It can also be a nice place to do oracle card readings for each other or explore the Zodiacs. Learn more about Zodiac pairs at

The Golden Hour

The golden hour is the time just before dawn when the sun is close to the horizon. There is something very special about this time of the day. The light appears softer and warmer and it has a very calming effect on the nervous system. Go to the beach at this time if you are in need of relaxing your mind and feel that calming effect.

Alternatives to the beach

If you are not near a beach, you can go to a lake, river or similar. This will have some of the same benefits. Just make sure you follow all safety protocols for the location. Not all places are safe to swim for instance.

General Health Disclaimer:
Always make sure to follow all local regulations and safety instructions. Also, be mindful about your exposure to the sun. In general, it is recommended to stay out of the direct sun during the hours between 10:00 – 15:00.

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By Klaus Kaae

Klaus is a Reiki Master Healer, Energy Worker, and passionate writer at Lightworkersnet. His background is in the corporate world with a Master's Degree in Finance and Economics. But his connection to the spiritual realm has always been strong and developed further over the years. He learned to communicate with spirit guides & angels and learned to apply many spiritual tools and techniques. A lot of these he shares here on Lightworkersnet. He also offers sessions within specific areas and has published books in multiple languages. You can learn more about his services here