Merkaba - Sacred Geometry, Symbol & Usage

The Merkaba, or Merkabah, is a fascinating and ancient symbol with deep roots in various spiritual traditions. It is also referred to as the “Divine Light Vehicle” or “Chariot of Ascension“. Merkabah in Hebrew (מרכבה) means “Chariot”, also spelled Merkaba. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. Together it is the union of spirit with body, surrounded by light.

The symbol or divine light vehicle was allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach the higher realms.

Today the Merkaba is still believed to be a powerful spiritual tool that can be utilized in many ways. In this article, we will look at how the Merkaba works, its history, and how you can utilize it.

The Sacred Geometry of the Merkaba

The Sacred Geometry of the Merkaba

The geometrical shape of the Merkaba consists of two interlocked tetrahedrons. One points up, the other points down. Together, they form the three-dimensional shape of the Merkaba with the form of a star which is also referred to as the Merkaba star. The design of the Merkaba is believed to be of sacred nature and is closely linked to sacred geometry.

Function of the Merkaba

The Merkaba is referred to as a divine light vehicle that transports people from one dimension to the next. I believe this is rooted in the Merkaba’s sacred geometry and innate divine qualities. Due to its sacred design, it lifts the energy and raises the vibration of the person who utilizes it. This, in turn, makes it easier to connect with the higher realms like angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters, or conduct other spiritual activities. It provides a focused space, balances the energies, and provides some degree of spiritual protection. In this light, it makes sense to symbolically consider it a “Divine Light Vehicle” or “Chariot of Ascension”.

When seen energetically the Merkaba consists of light and the two tetrahedrons rotate in opposite directions. This creates an energy field around it that perfectly balances the opposing energies of the masculine and the feminine energy, the grounding energy of the Earth and the light energy from the sun, etc.

How to Utilize the Merkaba?

How to Utilize the Merkaba?

Knowing the innate qualities of the Merkaba, let’s have a look at how it can be utilized in your spiritual practices. Below you will find 5 suggestions on how to use the Merkaba.

1) Meditation

Based on the Merkaba’s ability to balance energy and lift your vibration, it is an ideal structure to involve in meditation. It will create a sacred space and help you to become and remain focused. Some will even feel healed after such a meditation. Below is how you can do it.

Steps to follow:

1. Place yourself in peaceful and relatively quiet surroundings to avoid disturbance and maintain your focus during the meditation. Position yourself in a comfortable position, preferably upright with a straight spine. Laying down is in general not recommended since it increases the risk of falling asleep.

2. Take some deep breaths and focus on your breathing. Inhale, Exhale. Inhale, Exhale. After a while and when you feel calm you can start the visualization part.

3. Now visualize yourself sitting inside the structure. See for your inner eye how the two tetrahedrons rotate in opposite directions. Sense how the energy inside the structure balances your energies, how you feel calm, at peace, and focused.

4. You can explore the energy and sensations as you like. Sit like this in the Merkaba for a while and meditate.

The first time you do this meditation, I recommend you do not overdo it. The initial experience is about familiarizing yourself with the energy. Later you can add to the length of the meditation.

5. Ending the meditation. When you want to end the meditation, just step out of the Merkaba and visualize it dissolve. Then move your energy to the core of Earth to ground yourself. When you feel ready you can slowly open your eyes again. The meditation has been completed.

If you at any time during the meditation feel the energy becomes too intense or it feels uncomfortable in other ways, you can simply step out of the Merkaba. You can do this by visualizing yourself stepping out of the figure and visualizing it dissolve. Again, it is also recommended to ground yourself by visualizing that you connect your energy to the core of the Earth.

You will likely realize that it feels good to sit inside the Merkaba. This may spark the question if you can’t just leave the Merkaba on all the time? This is not recommended and might leave you uncomfortable. The same can happen if you forget to “turn off” the Merkaba. It will cause no harm but just make it a habit to end the meditation properly.

Guided Merkaba Meditation
If you prefer being guided through a Merkaba meditation, you can use the video below for that purpose. It deviates a bit from the mediation above. You can experiment with what works best for you. However, if you follow the video below, I recommend you end the meditation by stepping out of the Merkaba, seeing it dissolve, and grounding yourself by connecting your energy to the Earth’s core.

2) Healing

Healing with the Merkaba is very similar to the Merkaba meditation. Follow the same steps as for the meditation. However, this time you set your intention on healing while you visualize yourself inside the Merkaba. Since the sacred design is very suitable for balancing energies it is ideal for healing.

In general, I recommend to be open and observe what happens during the healing. You can also experiment with visualizing various colors to see how they affect your healing. To learn more about healing with colors, you can read this article Colors – Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism which also covers how to heal with colors.

3) The Merkaba as a physical construction

I have seen examples where people have constructed real physical Merkabas. Besides the structure spreads good energy and is beautiful to look at, it is possible to position yourself inside some of them. This way you can do your meditation or other spiritual practices when physically inside the Merkaba to utilize its positive attributes.

4) Connecting to Your Higher Self

The Merkaba is referred to as the Divine Light Vehicle or Chariot of Ascension. This is linked to its divine qualities that make it easier to connect to the higher realms including our higher self or soul.

There are many ways to connect with our higher self or soul. This can be a very interesting and useful experience for many reasons. Our soul has a much broader perspective on a lot of things and access to vast amounts of knowledge. We need to remember our soul is our eternal being and has lived hundreds of lives through reincarnation. Since you found this page, and are reading this, it is more likely your soul has lived thousands of lives. People who find this kind of information interesting typically have quite old souls. However, imagine if you could connect to all the knowledge from these thousands of lives. That you can do by connecting to your soul through the Merkaba. So, how to do this?

You do not necessarily need the Merkaba to connect to your soul but it will make direct communication easier. You can do this through the Merkaba meditation described in the section above. After you have reached step 3, you can give direct communication with your soul a try by asking it questions. Keep the questions simple and rephrase them if you don’t get a response. The answers can come in many ways including but not limited to mental pictures, words, sentences, or feelings.

If you don’t get answers answers do not be discouraged. The Merkaba meditation itself will improve the general connection to your soul. By regularly performing the exercise of visualizing yourself in the markaba, you will gradually raise your frequency which in general will make it easier to connect to your soul. This in turn makes it easier to navigate in life, make good decisions, and helps find greater peace within. By improving your general connection to the soul, it will become easier to listen to your intuition – which is indeed a key way for the soul to guide us.

5) A tool for Manifestation

Due to the Merkaba’s strong ability to raise our frequency and focus the mind, it is ideal to use in relation to conscious manifestation. If you are unfamiliar with manifestation, it is the practice of using your mind, to deliberately attract things into your life – in short. For a full explanation of manifestation, please refer to this article: What is Manifestation – An Extensive Guide to Manifestation.

However, as you might know, it becomes much easier to manifest when you have a high vibration. Here the Merkaba becomes useful. You can use the Merkaba Meditation above on a regular basis to raise your vibration. The higher your vibration is, the more smooth things will manifest in your life.

You can also use the Merkaba to visualize the things you want to manifest. During the meditation described above, and when you are sitting inside the Merkaba, you can visualize the situation as you desire it. Remember to feel it fully to support your manifestation. The more effectively you can imagine how it is to be in the situation you desire, the better it works.

6) Merkaba Crystals

Various crystals can be found in the shape of a Merkaba. They have been cut and polished into this shape. This way the crystal will both hold the properties of the specific crystal and the Merkabah with its positive qualities.

To learn about various crystals and their properties you can consult a variety of sources online. If you find more than one crystal in the shape of a Merkaba to choose from, simply choose the one you are most drawn to. We are naturally drawn to the crystals with the properties that benefit us. Trust your gut feeling and initial reaction to the crystals. To have a look at some of the beautiful Merkaba crystals, you can visit

Merkaba Crystals

Picture credit:

My first Experience with the Merkaba

The first time I experienced the Merkaba was as a part of an exercise to connect with my soul. Following a guided meditation by my teacher, that involved both grounding and cleansing my energy, I took place in the Merkaba through visualization. As a part of the exercise, I then asked my soul some questions to which I indeed received meaningful answers. Since I am already familiar with communicating with my soul, this was not that surprising. What surprised me the most, was how I felt after the exercise. It felt like I had received a very powerful healing and I felt very well and totally at peace.

Linked to the human life-form

To my knowledge, each being is linked to a geometrical shape. The human life-form is linked to the Merkaba. Likewise, a cat is linked to the geometrical shape of a pyramid and the dog a square. Plants also have associated geometrical shapes that vary from plant to plant.

Symbolism of the Merkaba

The Merkaba symbol is associated with spiritual growth, transformation, the path to higher consciousness, balance, ascension, and the merger of body and spirit.

History of the Merkaba

The history of the Merkaba dates back to before the birth of Christ. The earliest references are to early Jewish mysticism. c. 100 BCE – 1000 CE, and is centered around visions such as those found in the Book of Ezekiel. These visions are mainly references to the Chariot1.

It is unclear when the Merkaba shape first was introduced. However, the symbol gained prominence in various mystical and occult circles, where it became a tool for meditation and spiritual exploration. The emphasis on the Merkaba’s geometric patterns aligned with broader interests in sacred geometry during the Renaissance. As interest in sacred geometry grew, so did the appreciation for the Merkaba as a symbol representing the interconnectedness of all creation and the opposing energies of the universe.

Merkaba – a forbidden or restricted study

Talmudic Merkaba teaching and discussion were widely forbidden in the past. Discussions on Merkaba were restricted to esteemed sages, with cautionary tales emphasizing the risks. The esoteric teachings were not to be openly discussed. Quoting a passage:

“Seek not out the things that are too hard for thee, neither search the things that are above thy strength. But what is commanded thee, think thereupon with reverence; for it is not needful for thee to see with thine eyes the things that are in secret.”  Sirach (iii. 21–22)

The teachings were reserved for exemplary scholars, as highlighted by guidelines stating that Merkaba should not be explained before a group unless they were wise and capable of understanding it independently.

We can only speculate why the study of the Merkaba was restricted. Nevertheless, the fact that it was restricted is interesting in the first place. The reasons could be many. Below I have listed a few:

  • A (misunderstood) respect for the divine?
  • A fear of the power the Merkaba possesses?
  • Fear of risk associated with the use of the Merkaba?
  • A fear that the ordinary man would become too spiritually evolved which could pose a risk to the established religions and their control of society.

Today, the Merkaba is surrounded by less mysticism and is widely used for various spiritual practices of positive nature, as described earlier in this article. I believe we need to see and value the Merkaba for what it is. A sacred shape and symbol that can assist us on our spiritual path.

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