Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning, Message & Symbolism

Did grasshoppers start to appear in your life? Maybe you recently started to pay more attention to them, or found one and were wondering if it had a message for you?

Grasshoppers are magnificent small creatures with the ability to jump more than 1 meter despite their limited size. This would be equivalent to a human hopping over a five-storey building or the length of a football field1.

So they are definitely special creatures. But what are the symbolism, spiritual meaning, and message if you see a grasshopper? This I will have a look at in this article.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Grasshopper

Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning

The grasshopper is not afraid to jump into the unknown or uncertain. It just hops in the fate that everything will be good and it lands a better place. This, we humans can learn a lot from. To trust the Universe and sometimes take a leap of fate when we feel inclined to. We often prefer to be 100% assured that everything will be fine. Truth is, life is never 100% certain, and in some situations, we just need to trust that life will bring us to a better place if we take a leap of fate.

The Spiritual Message of the Grasshopper

Spiritual Message of the Grasshopper

When the grasshopper appears in your life it is an encouragement to take the jump into the unknown. You will benefit from change and the timing is right to make your move.

The change can be in relation to your career, relationship, or other situation in your life. It will typically be an area that no longer serves you well. Maybe a situation or aspect of your life has come to a stall or has changed for the worse and the grasshopper is now asking you to address it.

Questions to Ask Yourself when you see the Grasshopper

To identify in what area the Grasshopper wants you to impose change, you can go through the following questions:

  • Am I stuck in some aspect of my life?
  • Has a situation changed in my life so that is not serving me anymore?
  • Am I being held back in some aspect of my life due to fear?
  • Have I delayed an important decision?

Most often when you see the grasshopper you already know that an area of your life is out of balance or needs change. Maybe you have already received hints in other ways. Our body for instance tends to give us warnings. Sleep quality, digestion, and general mental well-being are some of the first areas to be affected if things are out of balance. Our dreams can also guide us when aspects of our life are in need of change. 

It is important that you are completely honest with yourself when answering the questions above. 

Repeatedly Seeing Grasshoppers – This is what it means

If you repeatedly keep seeing grasshoppers it just underlines the message above. The hint about taking a leap of fate is being repeated.

Signs from the Universe will often keep repeating to we get the message or take action. Then they stop or we get new signs and messages about our next step instead.

So the repeating aspect can be seen as continued gentle pressure and reassurance that it is time to make the needed move. To take the jump into the unknown.

Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning Love

Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning Love

If a grasshopper appears in relation to love it has a message. Either you need a change or you need to take it to the next level. Where you are now is no longer serving you. 

The questions stated at the beginning of this article will be super relevant to ask yourself. But this time put them in relation to love, a partner, or a love-related situation that is on your mind.

– Am I stuck in some aspect of my life?
– Has a situation changed in my life so that it is not serving me anymore?
– Am I being held back in some aspect of my life due to fear?
– Have I delayed an important decision?

We often stay in relationships or situations for too long out of fear. Can I live alone? Will I be able to find a new partner? Is it too late? If the grasshopper appears in this situation it is a message to trust the Universe and do what you know is right. Maybe something you have been inclined to do for a while already. Listen to your intuition and make the needed changes.

Grasshopper Landing on You – Spiritual Meaning

Grasshopper Landing on You Spiritual Meaning

If a grasshopper is landing on you it is the Universe’s way of highlighting that you need to listen to the grasshopper. The meaning is the same. Here the message is just a bit stronger and more insisting, harder to overlook, and ensures your attention.

Grasshopper in the House – Spiritual Meaning

Grasshopper in the House Spiritual Meaning

The house symbolizes you, your mind, consciousness, and soul. Different rooms represent different aspects of your psyche. For this reason, if you keep finding grasshoppers in a specific location of your house, you can look into the meaning of that specific room. For instance, the kitchen is where the food is prepared. This can again be seen in relation to income generation/job.

How do you know if the Grasshopper has a Message?

When does the Grasshopper have a Message?

You should particularly pay attention to the grasshoppers if they appear in places you normally don’t see them. Or if you for some reason start to pay attention to them. You can also be assured it has a meaning if it appears in a dream.

If you are in tune with the Universe and your spirit guides you can sometimes just feel when things that appear in your life have a special meaning and message. And the more you learn to listen to this type of sign, the more will appear. 

Tuning in on the Grasshopper to have it reveal its Message

You can actually try to tune in on the grasshopper or any other animal you feel has a message if you like. This can be an interesting little exercise if you are spiritually open. 

Just look at the animal while you ask in your mind: “What message do you have for me, little friend?”. Be open to receiving the answer in whatever way it may come to you. It can be an intuitive understanding, feeling, words popping up in your mind, or other ways. Be open and curious about the message that might come. 

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Did a Grasshopper Appear in your Dream?

If you see a grasshopper in a dream you can be even more reassured it holds a message. When it shows in a dream it certainly isn’t just a coincidence and should not be overlooked. Our spirit guides, soul, and the Universe work with us in our dreams. So by seeing a grasshopper in your dream, they use the symbolism and message of the grasshopper to guide you. 

If the grasshopper is seen in a context in the dream this should be taken into account. Also if the color of the grasshopper in the dream is distinct, it can hold meaning. Below you will find the meaning of the different colors.

Green Grasshopper Meaning

Green Grasshopper Meaning

Green is the color associated with new beginnings, a fresh start, and growth which is closely related to the general meaning of the grasshopper. Green is also the color of healing and rejuvenation. 

The Green grasshopper might signify that it is time to leave the old and look for a fresh start where you are better suited to grow and expand yourself fully. If the old has been tearing you down, moving away from the old will allow you to heal. 

Green is the color of the heart chakra.

Blue Grasshopper Meaning

Blue is the color of spirituality, intuition, and inner peace. It is also related to communication and expression of self.

If you see a blue grasshopper it could be a sign to listen to your intuition and inner knowing before taking the jump into the unknown. The blue color could also indicate that you need to make a move within your spirituality. Either to take things to the next level, move in a new direction, or start a new project. In either case, the blue grasshopper encourages you to go ahead.

Blue is the color associated with the Throat Chakra.

Yellow Grasshopper Meaning

Yellow is associated with willpower, strength, and self-control. 

If a yellow grasshopper shows up in your dream it might indicate that it is time to use your courage and strength to make the needed changes. To break free from the old and take an important step into the new and unknown. 

It can be a big step for you mentally but since the yellow grasshopper shows up it also tells you you have the needed power at strength to accomplish this. Don’t let fear hold you back at this point. If feeling insecure ask the grasshopper to give you the needed courage to do what you know you need to do.

Yellow is the color associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra

Red Grasshopper Meaning

The color red is associated with passion, warmth, stability, trust, and security.

If a red grasshopper appears in your dream it can be seen as a message about you need to follow your passion. And since the grasshopper appears in combination with red, now is the time to do something about it. Make the needed changes and start pursuing your passions. 

Whether this is a heart-based business or other venture, the grasshopper encourages you to do so now.

Brown Grasshopper Meaning

Brown Grasshopper Meaning

Brown is an earth color. It represents grounding and a down-to-earth approach. Being considered and methodically.

If a brown grasshopper appears in your dream it encourages you to take a deep breath. You probably already know that certain aspects of your life are in need of change. The grasshopper encourages you to take a sensible approach to things. Do your homework, access the situation, but then – jump. The change is needed and the grasshopper encourages this.

Black Grasshopper Meaning

Black Grasshopper Meaning

Black is the absence of all the other colors. Black can be related to a blockage or something hidden. A black grasshopper can be interpreted as it is in the shadow. Taking a jump might bring it out in the sun where its beautiful colors can be seen again. In other words, you might be in a position at the moment where you are not shining or utilizing your potential. 

The grasshopper encourages you to do something about this. Make your move to pursue your happiness. Ask yourself what is blocking you from doing this? Many blocks are fear-based. Ask the grasshopper to give you the needed courage to pursue luck in the unknown. Archangel Michael is also very good for boosting your courage when needed. You can read more about him in this article: Archangel Michael. How to Invoke him? 

White Grasshopper Meaning

White is the color associated with purity, cleanse, innocence, peace, and protection.

A white grasshopper indicates that you are protected while you take the jump into the unknown. A place physically or mentally that will allow for greater peace at many levels. Maybe the white grasshopper wants you to simplify your life. This will most likely involve you taking a step in a new direction and leaving some of the old.

Grasshopper Symbolism in Different Cultures

Besides the above interpretation of the spiritual message of the grasshopper, different cultures have different associations and symbolism connected to the Grasshopper.


In China seeing a grasshopper is considered good luck. It stands for prosperity and fertility. The ancient Chinese even held grasshoppers as pets and believed they were reincarnations of dead relatives. The captivity also served to enjoy the singing of the grasshoppers.


In Japan, the Grasshopper is also a symbol of good luck and they can be found as good luck charms. There is even a temple named after the bell cricket. Throughout time people have traveled to this sacred place to meditate to the sound of the crickets. 

Grasshoppers in the Bible

In the Bible, Grasshoppers were one of the 10 major plagues described in the Book of Exodus from Exodus 7:14 to Exodus 12:36.

The 10 major plagues were sent upon the Egyptians when Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go. It is believed the plagues served as a demonstration of God’s power over Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt.1

The plague of Grasshoppers was the 8th plague and is described as follows:

God told Moses to stretch out his hand over the land of Egypt to bring a plague of locusts*. The locusts covered the face of the land and swallowed up every crop and all the fruits of the trees. Afterwards there was nothing green in the trees, and all the crops in the fields had been destroyed.2

* Locusts are a group of certain species of short-horned grasshoppers that have a swarming phase3

Prophetic Meaning of Grasshoppers

Particular Christian people can perceive grasshoppers as having a prophetic meaning due to their role in the bible as one of the 10 plagues. Grasshoppers were sent upon the Egyptians when Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go to demonstrate God’s power over Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt.

For this reason, dreaming about hordes of grasshoppers can by some religious people be perceived as a negative prophecy. However, pay attention to the circumstances in the dream and how you felt during the dream. There are other options for interpretation as described earlier that might be more likely.

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