Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning, Symbolism and Message

Did you notice a dragonfly and were wondering if it had a special significance or meaning? If it had a message and what the symbolism could be?

Dragonflies are certainly special and magnificent creatures as they gently hoover and change direction in a split second. But what are the spiritual meaning, symbolism, and message if you see a dragonfly? And how can you apply this to your life? This will be explained in this article.

Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism of the Dragonfly

Symbolism of the Dragonfly

The dragonfly is associated with transformation, change, and adaptability. It starts its life underwater and then evolves into the magical flying insect we know so well. After the transformation, it is able to move fast and quickly change direction. The symbolism of flying is moving effortlessly through life and manifesting with ease. It is also associated with freedom.

The dragonfly emerges from water which holds a strong symbolism. Water represents feelings. So this can be linked to diving into feeling in order to emerge transformed and fully ready to undertake life.

The Dragonfly further signifies the connection to nature’s spirits like ferries.

To sum up, the dragonfly is associated with:

  • Transformation
  • Adaptability
  • Change
  • Effortlessly moving through life and adapting quickly
  • Self-realization
  • Freedom
  • Living life to its fullest
  • Lightness and joy
  • Working with feelings
  • Nature spirits like ferries

The Spiritual Message of the Dragonfly

Spiritual Message of the Dragonfly

You have undergone a transformation or the transformation is ongoing or pending. Be inspired by the Dragonfly and learn from it. When adapting to changes be agile and maintain a light attitude under transition. Be ready to change direction when needed. Live your life with joy in order to attract good.

It can also be a message about diving into unfelt feelings in order to emerge transformed and better on the other side.

We often have a tendency put away unpleasant feelings since they can be painful to deal with and feel. However, In order to heal we need to feel these feelings. There is a reason the saying goes: “Feel it to heal it”. This can be done little by little if it is too overwhelming to feel it all at once. If it is really painful you can start by feeling them fully for 1-2 minutes and then repeat again later. But the road to healing is clearly to feel the unfelt.

The reward lies on the other side the Dragonfly reminds us. Just look how amazing and full of life the Dragonfly is after it has finished its transformation processes in the water.

Questions to Ask Yourself when you see a Dragonfly

To identify why the Dragonfly came to you, you can ask the following questions:

  • Did I undergo some sort of transformation recently?
  • Am I living my life with enough lightness?
  • Should, or can I, lighten my perspective on things to achieve a better foundation for living life and manifesting smoothly?- Did I hide away or suppress uncomfortable feelings that the Dragonfly now asks me to feel?
  • Do you feel a connection to nature’s spirits like fairies? In that case, it may be time to explore that area and connection further.

How to know if the Dragonfly has a Message?

Sometimes we start to pay special attention to certain things in our life. This can for instance be an animal – like the dragonfly. We will often pay extra attention to them if they have a message for us. This is particularly the case, if we are open to the signs the Universe, spirit guides, or angels bring us. Sometimes you can just feel this animal has a message. Or, it might appear in situations or surroundings that make you pay attention to it.

The dragonfly can also show up in a dream. In that case, there is a good chance it holds a symbolic message. More on this below.

Did you see a Dragonfly in a Dream?

Dragonfly in a Dream

When you see a dragonfly in a dream it will most likely hold symbolism and it will clearly make sense trying to interpret the dream. Our spirit guides, soul, and the universe send us messages through dreams in order to guide and help us.

In order to interpret the dream, you can have a look at the context and situation in which the dragonfly appeared in your dream. This can supplement the general message and symbolism of the dragonfly. Also, the color of the dragonfly can hold meaning. Below you will find interpretations of different colored dragonflies.

Dragonfly Color Meaning

The color of the dragonfly can also hold meaning and symbolism. Below you will find how you can interpret the meaning of Dragonflies in various colors.

Blue Dragonfly Meaning

Blue Dragonfly Meaning

Blue is the color of spirituality, intuition, and inner peace. It is also related to communication and expression of self.

A Blue dragonfly can be linked to your spiritual development. 

The Blue Dragonfly asks you to listen to your intuition to be able make your next move. This will help you achieve greater joy and freedom in your life. 

Blue is also the color associated with the Throat Chakra that can be linked to communication. Make sure you use light, positive and uplifting words as these will help you to manifest positive outcomes.

Red Dragonfly Meaning

Red Dragonfly Meaning

Red is associated with passion, warmth, stability, trust, and security.

The red dragonfly reassurances you that everything will be okay. It is okay to pursue your passion. It can for instance be related to a spiritual or heart-based business. However, listen to and learn from the red dragonfly. Be ready to make adjustments and be agile when needed. Your path is not a straight line and sometimes we need to adapt, change, or transform things in order to succeed and grow.

Yellow Dragonfly Meaning

Yellow Dragonfly Meaning
Yellow is associated with willpower, strength, and self-control. 

If a yellow dragonfly appears, it can be a message about staying strong and tapping into your inner strength during times of transformation. Change and transformation can at times be tough or challenging. The yellow dragonfly tells you that you have what it takes and asks you to be strong. 

Yellow is the color associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra

Black Dragonfly Meaning

Black Dragonfly meaning

Black is the absence of color. It can represent the hidden, subconscious, and mysterious. It can also be associated with blockages. For instance, a blockage in the aura is often seen as a dark spot.

The black Dragonfly asks you to brighten up. What is blocking you from living your life to its fullest? Maybe it is time to deep-dive into the hidden waters of your subconscious mind in order to have a look at what potentially is holding you back?

The first step of healing is making the subconscious blockages conscious. By becoming aware of what is affecting us we can start to deal with it and heal it. The process can be transformative and will help you flourish and enjoy life with greater lightness – as the dragonfly.

Dragonfly Landing on You Meaning

Dragonfly Landing on You Meaning

If a dragonfly is landing on you, it is the universe’s way of doing an extra effort to get your attention. The message of the dragonfly is coming through with a bit more persistence. Hard not to notice!

Dead Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism

Seeing a dead dragonfly is an indication that things in your life associated with the Dragonfly have halted, slowed down, or stopped. This can have happened for fair reasons, so please do not be hard on yourself. However, it can be a good idea to have a look at how you can bring some of the positive qualities of the dragonfly back into your life. These includes:

  • Living life with joy and lightness
  • Effortlessly moving through life and adapting quickly
  • Self-realization
  • Living life to its fullest
  • Adapting to change smoothly

Seeing a dead dragonfly could also be an indication that a transformation process has been halted or has stopped.

What can you do when you see a dead dragonfly?

If you see a dead dragonfly and the above resonates with you, you can try to identify what is dragging you down. Is it a factor from the past? Or, is it something that currently is affecting you? What can you do to change or heal this? 

If it is at an emotional level, the dragonfly encourages you to explore these feelings and feel them in order to heal.

In general, to lift yourself and be more aligned with the qualities of the dragonfly, you can focus on raising your vibration. If you don’t know how to do that, or seek inspiration on how to do it, you can read this article: 13 Powerful ways to Raise your vibration.

Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning

Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning

You can have a Dragonfly tattoo for many reasons. Most people will have it because they admire the beauty of the dragonfly or have a special bond to the dragonfly. But what does a Dragonfly tattoo mean and symbolize? 

By having a Dragonfly tattoo, you are imprinting the animal physically to your body which holds a strong energy. This is also the reason why many tribes have a special relation to tattoos and are very passionate about them. 

Having a dragonfly tattoo is a way to associate yourself with the properties of the dragonfly. These can include:

  • Self-realization
  • Freedom
  • Living life to its fullest
  • Lightness and joy
  • Effortlessly moving through life and adapting quickly
  • Nature spirits like ferries

Having a Dragonfly tattoo can also serve as a reminder to be more like the dragonfly.

In the same way as when you see a living dragonfly and then feel it has a message, seeing a dragonfly as a tattoo can hold the same message. The universe and our spirit guides use what is around us to get our attention – and get their messages through.

Dragonfly as a Spirit Animal

Dragonfly Spirit Animal

Spirit animals are a kind of spirit guides that are helping us. We all have them. Some are assisting us without we are even knowing. But if you are spiritually open, you might know which spirit animals that are assisting you at the moment.

Different animals have different strengths and properties. A particular spirit animal typically shows up in our lives when we need its properties. Maybe a situation, task, or challenge makes it suitable for this spirit animal to help us.

Having the Dragonfly as a spirit animal means it will help us with things and properties like:

  • Being able to Adjust Quickly to new circumstances / Adaptability
  • Living Life with Ease, Joy, and Lightness
  • Support us during Times of Transformation
  • Working with Feelings
  • Helping us to Connect with Natures Spirits
  • Dealing with Change

It is also possible to request the assistance of a spirit animal, in this case, the dragonfly. We can ask it in our thoughts to come and assist us with its strengths and properties. I personally tried this myself when I wrote this article. Just 20 minutes later, I was amazed to find a beautiful dragonfly sitting at my balcony. Which is by the way not a common occurrence here. There was no doubt request had been answered!

Thanks to the Dragonfly

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