Spiritual Growth - 10 Tips to boost your Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth can be desired for many reasons. Maybe you are curious about the spiritual side of life and want to get more in touch with it. Or, perhaps you have a desire to develop your spiritual abilities.

Whatever your motivation is, spiritual growth and development will help you become more in tune with your higher self and true purpose. Spiritual growth can ultimately pave the road to a more balanced and meaningful life.

10 Tips to Boost your Spiritual Growth, Development, and Abilities

1. Read Spiritual Books

Spiritual Growth Tip 2. Seek Out Likeminded

A great way of expanding your spirituality is by reading spiritual books. You can find books coverings tons of spiritual subjects like Life after death, clairvoyance, spirits, angels, meditation, tarot cards, hand reading, dream interpretation, tantra, yoga, etc., etc. Reading inspiring books will moreover raise your vibration.

If you have access to a public library they are likely to have a shelf where most of these spiritual books are located. Pick a selection of books from the shelf that you find interesting. When you later return the books, you can check the shelf again. New books are probably to be found since other people have returned them in the meantime.

2. Seek Out Like-minded

Spiritual Growth Tip 2. Seek Out Like-minded

It is a really good idea to connect and talk with like-minded people who are open to the spiritual side of life. Sharing experiences and perspectives can be very rewarding and will surely benefit your spiritual growth. Not all people are open to the spiritual side of life. But just touch the subject gently when talking to new people. You will quickly learn who is open-minded and who is not. 

3. Practise Meditation

Spiritual Growth Tip 3. Practise Meditation

Meditation is probably not new to you if you are into spirituality. Meditation is a way to quiet your mind and allow for greater clarity. A way to connect to your soul’s wisdom. Many positive effects are associated with regular meditation. This includes reducing stress, greater well-being, improved concentration, and sleep, and serves in general to restore balance in our system.
Our brain waves slow down when we meditate and this will further make it easier for our spirit guides and guarding angel to connect with us.

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4. Learn to use Oracle Cards

Spiritual Growth Tip 4. Learn to use Oracle Cards

“Oracle cards” is a broad term for cards made with the purpose of receiving divine guidance. It is a great way of training and expanding your spiritual abilities. Practicing with oracle cards can help you get more in tune with your intuitive abilities and train your third eye.

Tarot cards are the most well-known due to their presence in movies and the famous card “The Death”. A card that by the way means transformation and not physical death. But besides tarot cards, you can find oracle cards with themes like angels, nature, ascended masters, etc.

A good and “safe” place to start is Angels cards. Angel cards predominantly hold messages with a positive twist. They are inspiring and uplifting while they can still address challenges. They serve as a good tool for lifting and guiding you. Like all oracle cards, they can also be used for giving readings to other people. To learn more about how to do angel card readings, you can read this article: “What are Angel Cards and how to use them?

5. Attend Spiritual Courses or Workshops

Spiritual Growth Tip 5. Attend Spiritual Courses or Workshops

A lot of different courses or workshops are available. Some take place on the weekends making it possible for people with regular jobs to attend. The subjects can be various but examples could be: Meditation, Hand Reading, Clairvoyance, Astrology, Drum Journey, Tantra, etc.

Learning new skills is always inspiring and will most likely spark new ideas. Evolving in one area can sometimes also boost your current abilities in other areas.

This is further a great opportunity to bond with like-minded. 

6. Learn to do Healing

Spiritual Growth Tip 6. Learn Healing

Learning and doing healing is not reserved for highly evolved spiritual individuals. Everybody can learn to heal. Different modalities exist, but Reiki is big and popular. Reiki courses are available in most locations. During a course, you will be initiated in the energy and receive instructions and training. After your initiation, you can start healing your family, friends, and yourself. Personally, I found that self-healing is a very useful tool for supporting my own health and well-being.

Having the Reiki initiation will often serve as a catalyst for spiritual growth. This way, a reiki course can boost your spiritual journey, growth, and development besides learning how to heal.

7. Visit Spiritual Fairs

Visit Spiritual Fairs

Depending on where you live, you might have access to Spiritual faires from time to time. At these fairs people sell crystals, oracle cards, books, offer holistic treatments, hand readings, etc. It is a great place for being inspired. Another benefit of visiting fairs is you can often try different services for a special “fair price”. Maybe have a tarot card reading, a small clairvoyant session, etc. It is a great way of having a taster since the sessions are often shorter and lower priced. In connection to the faires are sometimes also held presentions on various spiritual subjects that can be attended. 

8. Start to write down and analyze your dreams

Write down and analyze your dreams

Becoming aware of your dreams and analyzing them can open up for closer contact with your soul, your guides, and the universe. Dreams often serve to guide us and give perspective to current circumstances, situations, or decisions.

By paying attention to and analyzing our dreams, we can learn to make better decisions that are more aligned with who we truly are. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Otherwise, the memories will easily fade.

9. Go on a Spiritual Retreat

Go on a Spiritual Retreat

Going on a spiritual retreat can be the perfect mix of vacation, self-development, personal growth, and well-being. It is also an opportunity to learn new things, get inspired, and connect with spiritual-minded people. Rocking the boat a bit and leaving your comfort zone will fuel your further journey and can boost your spiritual growth.

10. Spiritual Facebook Groups

Spiritual Development through Facebook groups

Facebook groups are an easy way of getting in contact with spiritual like-minded. If you are not familiar with Facebook groups already, it is small communities people can join from within Facebook. If the group has the status of “closed”, it is only the members of the group that can see what is written in the group. In these groups, you can share your thoughts, development, and spiritual experiences.

Some spiritual facebook groups are focused on particular subjects while others are more general. Others are made so the members can practice their spiritual abilities. For instance, the members can practice clairvoyance or train oracle card readings in some groups.

Joining spiritual Facebook groups can be a good way of learning from other people. Here you can ask all your spiritual questions you might not know where else to ask. 

Spiritual Development and Spiritual Awakening

For some people, their spiritual journey and growth are triggered by some sort of spiritual awakening. The most common trigger event is experiencing burnout which forces the person to stop up and look inwards. This can set off a deeper seeking for meaning and reflection on life. Ultimately, spiritual awakening is pushing people towards a more balanced life. A life with a higher degree of alignment with who they truly are.

Spiritual Development and Abilities can’t be Forced

Spiritual growth and development of spiritual abilities is not something that can be forced. It happens at the pace it is meant to take place. However, by exploring some of the tips above, you will have a really good foundation for spiritual growth to take place.

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