Soul contracts - How are they affecting you?

What is a Soul Contract?

“A soul contract is a contract made between two or more souls before they incarnate into the physical life. The contract serves to make sure important lessons are learned by the involved souls.”

Soul contracts in general aids the expansion of the involved souls. They can be seen as a tool by which the souls plan important events in their upcoming physical lives (incarnation). This planning is done in close corporation with spirit guides and ascended masters.

What life lessons the soul wants to learn depends on where the soul is in its individual development and what bag of karma it is carrying.

What are the Types of Souls Contracts?

There are two main types of soul contracts. One type that aims at giving the soul new desired experiences and one that serves to release karma. Both types serve the soul’s expansion, but they still differ. The first is more based on what the soul desires to experience, while the second is needed to release karma and grow from that. Lastly, I will have a look at Soulmate contracts.

– Soul Contracts for the Expansion of the Soul

Soul Contracts for Expansion of the Soul

Souls evolve as humans do and they seek expansion. In order to evolve and expand the soul is constantly seeking new experiences to grow and learn from. Souls in general work on different aspects of life each time they incarnate (take on a physical life). These aspects change as lessons are learned and the learnings integrated. Then the soul moves on to new areas. To understand this process better you can read this article: “Reincarnation and the Soul Explained”.

To make sure learnings are obtained within a specific area, soul contracts can be made. Maybe it is agreed at soul level that another person should enter your life at a specific time. You agree to share a series of events that benefit the expansion of both of your souls. These events can both be of pleasant and unpleasant nature. But they will serve the expansion of your souls.

– Karmic Soul Contracts

Karmic Soul Contracts

The Karmic soul contract serves to release karma from previous lives. Maybe you have been a worrier in a previous lifetime and during that incarnation you raped someone. This was unfortunately not uncommon in the past and still happens today.

Being that warrior gave you some karma that your soul at some point needs to release. This happens for the soul to experience what its actions cause. It is not a punishment but serves to keep the universe in balance and propel the souls forward in their expansion.

But back to the karma of the warrior. To release the karma, that soul might choose to live a life where it is getting raped. A karmic soul contract can then be formed between two souls before they enter the physical life to where the other soul agrees to undertake the rape. This can seem cruel but it is actually an act of love (at soul level) because the other soul is helping to release karma.

Many such karmic soul contracts of different nature can be agreed upon before the soul comes down to the earth plane.

– Soulmate Contracts

Soul Contracts of Romantic Nature

Soulmate contracts can involve both of the above main two types of soul contracts. Hence they can both serve to release karma and to give new experiences to the souls involved. I however still describe soulmate contracts separately since they are a kind of special.

Souls evolve in groups when not in the physical world. These are called soul groups or soul families. Souls from the same soul group often plan to meet up when incarnated to Earth. An agreement for a meeting with a soul you already know at soul level can be categorized as a soulmate contract.

This type of meetings can be very intense and often involve a great deal of learning. They can for instance help the soul heal unhealed aspects from the current life – or previous lives. This is not necessarily a pleasant experience since they push our sore spots.

Can a Soul Contract be broken or changed?

Can a Soul Contract be Broken or Changed?

Yes, soul contracts can be broken or changed. We have free will and our lives are not 100% predetermined. As our lives unfold, plans can change and soul contracts might need to be changed or revised.  

What initially seemed like a good idea might not work out as events progress. For this reason, soul contracts are from time to time re-written behind the scene as we live our lives.

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