Shooting Start Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Ever wondered what the meaning or Symbolims of a Shooting star was? If it had a certain spiritual significance or message? This I will explore in this article.

In many cultures, seeing a shooting star is perceived as a sign of good luck. It is a common interpretation that when you see a shooting star, you should close your eyes and make a wish.

But what does a shooting start actually symbolize and does it have a spiritual meaning?

What does it mean to see a Shooting Star?

Seeing a shooting star can hold several meanings that often can be linked to the situation you are seeing it. Find them below.

1. Making a Wish

As described initially, it is a very common belief that you should make a wish if you see a shooting star. Keep it secret if you want it to come true, the saying goes.

2. A Confirmation or Sign from from the Universe

A shooting star can be a sign from The Universe or your spirit guides. Maybe you are sitting reflecting and watching the night sky. Just as you were thinking: 

“I hope there is a bigger meaning behind everything I am going through” – Then, a shooting star passes through right where you were looking. Wow! What a coincidence!

Well, maybe it was not that random. 

This is a way the Universe and your spirit guides can let you know: “We hear you and are around you. Yes, there is a bigger meaning with everything you are going through”.

“Asking the Universe for a sign” can also be answered with a shooting star.

3. A Greeting from a Deceased Loved One

Similar to above, deceased loved ones can be sending us a greeting through a shooting star. If you are sitting watching the night sky and thinking about a loved deceased person – and then seeing a shooting star – it is likely be the deceased sending you a hello from the other side. 

Symbolism of a Shooting Star

Symbolism of a Shooting Star

As described above, the overall symbolism of a Shooting star can be several things including:

– Good luck
– Confirmation from the Universe
– A sign of being supported by a greater power
– A Greeting from a deceased loved one

And lastly, you might say it could be a sign of an object burning up in the atmosphere1. Yes, you are 100% correct. But our spirit guides and the Universe are using the things around us to get our attention and deliver messages to us. A shooting star can be a beautiful and touching way of doing so.

Does a Shooting Star mean Good Luck?

Yes, it is in general perceived as good luck when seeing a shooting star.
In many cultures, it is believed that you should make a wish when you see a shooting star. The saying also goes that you cannot tell anybody what you wished for in order to make your wish come true.

What does it mean to see a Shooting Star with someone?

If you are seeing a shooting star with someone it can highlight your connection. It is a sign to appreciate what you have, appreciate the moment, and a reminder to be present and enjoy life. 

 What does it mean to see a Shooting Star in a Dream?

In general it can be perceived as a sign of good luck and encouragement. However, you need to look at the context of the dream. How did it appear in the dream? Was it in relation to a specific situation or person? This could give you additional hint on how to interpret your dream.

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