Reinkarnation and the Soul

What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the repeating cycle where the soul enters the physical body to experience a physical life and then at death withdraws itself from the body. Later the soul can enter a new body to complete another incarnation cycle. A single physical life is called an “incarnation”. The process where the soul enters the physical body to live a physical life is called “to incarnate”.

What is the Purpose of Reincarnation?

This is a big question but in short, the Universe has a desire to experience itself and has decided to do so through the creation of souls. Souls are small pieces of Source consciousness, small pieces of The Creator, or small pieces of “God” if you like. To me, the name is not of importance. This also implies that since we are all small pieces of God or The Creator, we are deeply loved whoever we are. And it also means we are all equal since we come from the same source.

Souls incarnate to Earth to experience what life has to offer on this planet. Life on Earth is very different for the soul than the non-physical dimension where the soul normally exists.

Earth can be considered a school where souls come to grow, learn, and evolve. All of which contribute to the evolution of the soul. For each incarnation, the soul gathers more experiences and becomes more evolved.

Life on Earth – A tough School for the Soul

Life on Earth is considered to be a tough school among souls but also a place where the soul can achieve great development in a short time. Hence many souls are eager to go to Earth and find the experiences here very valuable.

The soul has a bit of a different view on the Earthly experiences. Where most people on Earth prefer pleasant experiences, the soul actually values all kinds of experiences. Also the ones we would categorize as not so pleasant or even bad. This can be a bit hard to understand but the soul learns a lot from these experiences which it can benefit from in later lives and at soul level. Just to take one example, experiencing a very cruel life helps the soul to develop compassion.

The Physical Life is highly valued by the Soul

Further, a physical life on Earth is considered something very special. Compared to the non-physical dimension that the soul normally exists in, life on Earth is very intense! Many things can be experienced in a different way here. Feelings for instance do not exist the same way in the non-physical dimension and are hence something that makes the physical life special. But just the fact that a life on Earth is physical makes it special. Try to reflect a bit on this the next time you swim in the beautiful ocean, have some amazing food, or have sex. Life can be experienced in many ways here.

Why can’t we Remember our Past Lives?

Most people are not able to recall their previous lives even though there are examples of children who can. However, in most cases, these memories fade as they grow older or as adults tell them it is just their imagination. If you find this subject interesting, I can recommend this book:

But back to the subject, there are several reasons why we are born without memory of our previous lives. One reason is that this way we are better able to experience our current life to its fullest and be fully present in this life. Can you imagine how overwhelming it would be to have your last 25 lives fresh in memory of which many likely have been cruel. We have to remember that many places on Earth have been very tough places to live in the past and many places still are.

For those who find it interesting, I am told that some more evolved species located in other places of the Universe actually can remember their past lives. I assume a higher level of consciousness is required before this starts to take place. A level we have not yet reached on Earth. In this context, we have to remember that the human civilization on Earth is relatively young compared to civilizations in other places of the Universe.

Why does the soul reincarnate again and again, if we can’t remember our past lives anyway?

Even though we can’t remember past lives at a conscious level, our soul still remembers, and we still benefit from the knowledge obtained in previous lives. However, the knowledge is reflected as subconscious memory or as an “inner knowing”.

It can be explained like this. In some situations, you just know what is right or have a strong feeling that something is a really bad idea. Maybe you can’t explain exactly why you know or feel this way. You just do. This is most likely because your soul has experienced something similar in previous lives and now tells you subconsciously: “Hey! We already tried this and that did not go well!”. This is why it is very wise to listen to your intuition and gut feeling. It’s a way your soul guides you.

How do you know if you have lived before?

Since you are on Earth right now it is highly likely you have also been here before. In my experience, most people have indeed had many incarnations before their current one. Even the fact that you are reading this article indicates that your soul is older than the average soul. Older souls, meaning souls with many incarnations behind them, are in general more attracted to spiritual-related subjects. This type of

knowledge often resonated with them.

Is it possible to get access to Previous Lives?

For most people, yes it indeed is, and this can actually be a very healing experience if it is done under the right circumstances. If you have heard of “Regression therapy”, you will know what I am talking about.

How Past Lives can Affect our Current Life

Regression therapy is a type of therapy where the person is taken back to one or more previous lives under hypnosis. It could be done out of pure interest or it could be done to address a specific issue the person is dealing with. For instance, a person has an extreme and irrational fear of water and wants to find out if this is rooted in a previous life.

During the regression therapy session, he is brought back to a life where it shows that he has experienced a traumatic death where he was drowned by a rival. This traumatic memory is still deeply rooted in his soul and explains his seemingly irrational fear of water.

By recalling a past memory like this and dealing with it at a conscious level, there are many examples of how people have healed issues that were otherwise hard to explain. Another example was a woman that had massive issues with sleeping after she had become a mother. It turned out that in a previous life as a wife to a Viking, her baby was stolen and killed while she was sleeping.

Where can you find more info?

There are many stories about past lives and how they have strings to our current. It is a very fascinating area that you can explore more on your own if it has your interest.

There is, in particular, one book written by Michael Newton Ph.D. that I would recommend. It is named “Journey of Souls” and has grown increasingly popular and for good reason. It is a very fascinating book where the author has interviewed 29 people under hypnosis to bring them back to the stage between their physical lives – the soul state.

This way he has been able to retrieve so much information about previous lives and the state where the soul is not yet incarnated. It is super interesting and I can highly recommend it. You can find it here:

I hope this blog post has been helpful and maybe contributed to your understanding of reincarnation and the soul.

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