13 Ways to Raise you Vibration

Why Raise your Vibration?

Our vibration has a huge impact on how we meet the world around us and which situations we become an energetic match to. A high vibration means we are more likely to become a match to experiences, situations, and people with a high vibration (situations of a more positive and pleasant nature).

In contrast, a low vibration makes it more difficult to attract the very things we want and we easier become a match to lower vibrating situations. Lower vibrating situations are like swimming against the tide and we are more likely to face obstacles and negative circumstances. You are trying to achieve something but it feels like you only face obstacles and annoying people.

If you have heard about manifestation, you will also know that a key ingredient in the process of manifestation is a high vibration. Hence there are MANY good reasons to learn about your vibration and deliberately make an effort to raise it.

13 Powerful Ways to Raise your Vibration

Now that you know why a high vibration is very beneficial, let’s have a look at how you can raise your vibration. I have created a comprehensive list of 13 powerful things you can do to raise your vibration.

1. Stay in Nature

Stay in Nature to Raise your Vibration

Nature is a great healer! Most people can easily feel how they feel better when in nature. Nature itself has a high vibration and spending time in nature will increase your vibration. This is also why “stress gardens” have been “invented” to help people overcome stress. The beach and the Ocean are also really beneficial in this context. This is thoroughly explained in this article: “The Ocean – A Powerful Healer”.

So, make it a priority to spend time in nature. Take a walk in a forest or park. Sit and just take it all in for a while. Maybe you can arrange your transportation for work through nature.

2. Exercise


By doing exercise we activate our whole system. Our blood is having a boost of oxygen, natural happiness hormones are released in our body that will make us feel come and at peace. Studies have even shown that exercise can have a positive effect on light depression1 and stress2.

However, it is important to find a form of exercise you enjoy. Find a way of exercising that suits you. If you are a social person, it can be a social activity like badminton, tennis, soccer, or something different where people meet.

3. Listening to Music will raise your vibration

Listening to Music will raise your vibration

Music affects us very directly. We don’t have to think about and process the music we listen to. It goes straight in and affects our vibration positively. It is just about finding the music you like and that you can feel has a positive effect on you.

4. Focus on Beauty in your Everyday Life

By focusing on the beauty in our daily life, we get attuned to something positive which will raise our vibration. It can be anything. A beautiful blooming cherry tree, fog over the fields in the morning, a beautiful flower, a magnificent building, a piece of art, or a beautiful vase you just purchased. If you take a moment to appreciate the beauty, it will raise your vibration.

5. Read Inspiring Books

Read Inspiring books to raise your vibration

It can be books that make you obtain more knowledge within an area of your interest and maybe inspire you to do new things. It could be self-development books. Things that inspire us, raise our vibration and give us a sense of meaning and development.

6. Meditation will Raise your vibration

A lot of literature describes the positive effects of regular meditation. It is beneficial to our whole system and lowers our level of stress. Hence it has a positive effect on our vibration. Meditation further increases the connection to our higher self. Many good reasons to meditate!
If you are new to meditation you can try the guided meditation below.

7. Do Things that make you Happy!

Do things that makes you happy!

Find out what makes you happy. Whether it is playing amateur theater, playing the piano, singing, dancing, surfing, knitting, or solving crossword puzzles is not important. If it feels good, then it raises your vibration. So, find activities that make you happy and make them a priority.

8. Laughing and Smiling Raises your Vibration Fast

Laughing and Smiling Raises your Vibration Fast

Our vibration automatically increases when we laugh and smile3. Seek out activities, places, and people that make you smile and laugh. Watch silly videos online if it makes you laugh. It all raises your vibration.

9. Surround Yourself with People that are Good for You

Surround Yourself with People that are Good for You

Find out which people are good for you and who drag you down. Who do you feel good in the company of and vice versa? Cultivate relationships with the first group.

10. Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are one of the most important factors in raising your vibration and keeping it high. Positive thoughts have a very beneficial effect on both body and mind. On the other hand, you cannot think negative thoughts and at the same time maintain a high vibration. It is solely a matter of time if you keep thinking negative thoughts before it starts to affect your vibration and mood negatively. Therefore, pay special attention to your thoughts. Many people believe they cannot control their thoughts. This is very far from the truth. In fact, this is something that to a large extent can be trained. The very first step is to become aware of your thoughts and how they affect you. Are they in general positive and uplifting or negative?

When you are aware of your thoughts, you are also able you stop a negative thought pattern before it starts to lower your vibration. Pay special attention to your thoughts in the first 15 minutes after you wake up in the morning and the last 15 minutes before you go to sleep. Your thoughts here are particularly important since they affect how your day turns out or how well you sleep. It is far easier to maintain a high vibration based on positive thoughts than trying to reverse it when trapped in a negative spiral.

11. The Power of Gratitude

By focusing on all the positive things that are already present in our lives (instead of what we lack) we will automatically get more energy and obtain a more optimistic perspective on life in general. This will then open up for an even bigger inflow of positive circumstances and things in our lives.

What is actually happening during this process is that our positive focus increases our vibration. And with a higher vibration, we will:

1) Be in a better position to take advantage of the opportunities life presents us.
2) We will attract and become a match for more positive situations and outcomes. High vibrational situations and circumstances.  
A good starting point could be to make a list where you write down all the things you are grateful for. Just add to the list each time something comes to your mind. If you want to take it one step further, you can create a “Gratitude Journal”. In this journal, you should set a goal to write down at least 3 things per day that you are grateful for. This is an area where many people can benefit. Try it out! 

12. Raise your Vibration with a Healthy Diet

Raise your Vibration with a Healthy Diet

A good and healthy diet is very supportive of our vibration. A lot can be written about healthy food but try to get a lot of vegetables and fruit. This is food with a high vibration. Also, remember that the way food is produced affects the vibration of the food. For instance, the energetic vibration of an egg produced by a hen that has been living its entire life suffering in a small cage is much lower than that of a hen that has been living in the open air with access to natural food. Likewise, processed food stuffed with additives and made from low-quality ingredients also has a lower vibration than food prepared by yourself made with fresh organic ingredients.
Please also bear in mind that some of the food you ingest becomes a part of your system. Some of this high (or low) vibrating food you ingest becomes building blocks in your body. “Junk food” gives a short kick but lowers your general vibration.
When you start to raise your vibration, you are likely to experience that you will have an increased desire for healthy food. You have become an energetic match for this kind of food.

If you want to deep dive into this area, have a look at this article: “Food and Spirituality – What is the connection?”

13. Prioritize your own Well-being and Happiness

Prioritize your own well-being and Happyness

First of all, it is not selfish to prioritize your own happiness. Sometimes this involves taking out some time for yourself to spend alone. When you are balanced and happy you have more to give to others. You can perceive it as a glass you fill with positive energy. At some point, it will spill over and the people around you will also benefit.

Everything that brings happiness into your life contributes to raising your vibration.

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