Past life Oaths and Vows - Are they affecting you

Past life oaths and vows are promises or commitments made during past lives.

Oaths/vows in general are energetically very strong and are lasting throughout time and space.

An oath or vow made in a previous life can potentially affect all subsequent lives. For this reason, we should be very careful about making oaths and vows.

Another problem with oaths and vows committed to in past lives is we might not even know they are in place. But they still affect us.

In this article, I will explore past life oaths and vows, how they can affect us, how to find out if they are in place, and how they can be removed.

How does an Oath or Vow work and why we make them

By making an oath or vow we are using our free will to commit or bind ourselves someway. This might seem like a good idea at the time we make them. We might also have committed to the oath or vows for very valid reasons and out of good intent. But again, the problem is they can affect all subsequent lives. Not only the life we made them.

Areas where oaths/vows can be in place

Oaths/vows can affect all areas of life. This comes naturally since it is possible to make oaths/vows within all areas of life. However, they are commonly found in regards to Love (including marriage vows), Poverty, Penitence, Chastity, Vengeance, etc.

Oaths and vows made under previous lives can be made for various reasons. They can be based on religious or ceremonial traditions. This was not uncommon for monks, nuns, or priests. Or they could have been made due to special circumstances in that lifetime.

Personally, I found out that my life was affected by several oaths/vows that had a very limiting effect on me. It initially arose as I was looking deeper into why I had a very hard time settling with the partners I met. It was like I was always looking for something different. A relentless chasing after something I did not even fully know what was. It was not healthy and I had to address it. Below you will see what I found out.

An Example of a Past life Vow restricting Love

Past life Vows affecting Love

By looking into this at a spiritual level I found out that a vow was in place. I had apparently made the promise to “love someone forever”. My spirit guides showed me the life where it was rooted. In that life, my partner and I had shared such a deep love that we did not want it to end. This was the reason we made the vow. The problem with stating “forever” is that it truly means forever. This vow was still in place and it was shown to me through several mental pictures.

By following the instructions of my guides and with the help of the angels, I was able to remove the vow. Then I was shown a mental picture of how energetic chains were dissolved. I was set free from the limitations of the vow.

This vow had been tying our souls together for a long time making life difficult. At least for me. I had at a subconscious level been looking for that soul all the time. This had made it difficult for me to settle with other partners.

Shortly after that vow was lifted I formed a relationship that lasted longer than any of my previous.

An Example of a Past life Oath in regards to Money

Oaths and Vows from past lives
Past life Oaths and Vows Removal

Another oath/vow my spirit guides encouraged me to look into was related to money. I postponed it for a while but it came out rather interesting when I finally took the time to look into it.

When I asked if a past life oath was in place in regards to money the answer came even before I had finished my question: “Absolutely!”.

During my session, I found out I had been living a life as a Viking in Skandinavia. (Vikings were active from the late 8th to the 11th century1). As you might know, Vikings were known for their voyages by the sea and how they raided and spread horror. I was, apparently, no exception. I was told and shown how I had raided and collected a lot of wealth that way.

Regret and making the oath

Later in that life, when I started to get old, I regretted my deeds. I was shown a Viking on his knees in one of the traditional Viking houses/huts. My head was down and I could clearly feel how the Viking deeply regretted what he had done. I could also clearly feel that the Viking was me.

The Viking wanted to make it up for his deeds and wanted to prevent it from ever happening again. On this background, he made the oath “to live in poverty forever”. My guides then told me “That’s it” to signal “this is all the information you need”.

Removal of the Oath

I then took the needed steps to clear the oath in cooperation with the guides and angels. The process was a bit emotional since I could feel how this oath had been affecting my life negatively, lifetime after lifetime. It gave me such a sad feeling, all the suffering this oath had caused me. But it was a good thing this oath had finally been removed setting my soul free.

The Anatomy of Oaths and Vows

Oats and vows like the above described can affect our lives at a subconscious level so we strive towards undesired outcomes, self-sabotage, etc. Basically, we have given the Universe an instruction about how we want our life to be. The Universe then helps us align with this desire. As my own examples show, these oaths and vows can however be clearly damaging when they reach beyond the lifetime they were made.

After the Removal of a Past life Oath or Vow

Once the oath or vow has been removed your soul is set free of the limitations imposed by the oath/vow.

It is not easy to say how long time it will take before you notice a difference. It can have an effect almost immediately as my first example shows. But the timespan can vary. We have to remember that we manifest our reality and lives on a continuous basis. Some of our manifestations that are taking place now are caused by our thoughts and actions some time ago when the oath was still in place.

But forward going, we will be much freer to form the life we want, now that our soul is not limited by the oath or vow anymore. Our life can better start to form in a desired direction in the area the oath/vow was affecting. 

How to know if you are affected by a past life Oath or Vow?

As I wrote initially, it is not that straightforward to find out if you are affected by an oath or vow from a previous life since we normally can’t remember our past lives. However, there are signs to look out for.

1) You are struggling in a particular area of life and you have a hard time finding out exactly why. Even if you do all the right things, it seems like you are facing an invisible wall.

2) You know you are different than other people in a particular area of life. You might have a particular behavior that seems to be rooted at a subconscious level. You want to change it because you know it is not beneficial.

3) You have been pushed towards this area by your spirit guides or soul. Many people are awakening spiritually these days and have started to heal important aspects of their life. We are living in special times and a lot of people feel inclined to do important soul work that can benefit them not only in this lifetime but also in subsequent lives.

Do you suspect being affected by a Past life Oath or Vow?

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If more than one oath is in place, this check will relate to the oath that is most relevant to remove. That will likely be the oath that is impacting your life the most at the moment.

If an Oath or Vow is in place
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It is completely voluntary if you after the initial check want to buy the session where I look deeper into the oath/vow and carry out the removal.

The reason I do an initial check is that I want to make sure I can help the client before committing to a session. Further, it can help you to easily determine whether an oath or vow is affecting you or not.

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By Klaus Kaae

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