Life after Death - What Happens When We Die?

Life after death and what happens after we die are subjects that have intrigued humans throughout time. In this article, I share my perspective on these subjects based on the knowledge I have collected during my life. My knowledge about life after death both comes from reading books, talking to people that had experiences within the area, and by communicating with the spiritual world myself.

However, this will be subjective no matter how much research is done due to the nature of the subject. With that being said, I hope you will enjoy the article.

What Happens When We Die? The Final Moments

Life after death - soul leaving the body

When the physical body dies the soul will leave it. During the final moments, if the person is critically ill or seriously injured, it is often reported that the person sees the situation from an external perspective. For instance, from the ceiling. Seeing the doctors and nurses working hard to save your life. It will not be possible to communicate with people. If in pain before, the pain will be gone at this point.

Dying and Seeing The Light at the end of the Tunnel

What happens when we die - Light at the end of the tunnel

Later, many people describe how they are moving towards a bright white light1. A beautiful light. Bright as the sun but without hurting the eyes as it would in the physical dimension.

From this point on, it is a bit individual what happens, according to my knowledge. But there will always be someone welcoming the deceased. It will typically be other dear deceased family members and maybe members of our soul family. Our primary spiritual guide will also often be present during the crossover. How big a role our primary guide plays seem to vary. Other being or souls can also be present. These can be specialized in helping souls that have just left the physical dimension.

How many are waiting seems to be related to how developed the soul is. Especially for the younger souls, the crossing over is prioritized. The older and more experienced souls require less attention and support during the cross-over.

The spiritual realm always knows when a soul is about to pass over. No one should fear being forgotten.

The Soul has a Restitution Phase after the Physical Death

Life after Death - Restitution Phase

The soul can be significantly affected if it had a hard life or experienced a violent death. This can be reflected in the energy is worn and twisted. This will be addressed as some of the first after arrival to the spiritual realm. Time will be dedicated to having the soul properly healed and revitalized. This takes place in a very organized manner in special areas of the spiritual realm, according to what I know.

A Review of the Life that just Passed

When the healing and revitalization part is completed it is time to review the just completed life. This takes place in cooperation with our primary spiritual guide. This can be considered a form of evaluation or life review looking back at all the things that happened during that life. What did the soul experience and learn? How did it deal with the challenges met? Did it learn what it hoped for and did it make progress within the areas it planned for? Which areas still need attention, etc?

This review is later followed up by a meeting where also some of the ascended masters participate. Ascended masters are very evolved souls with great experience in the earthly life. You can read more about the Ascended Masters in this article: “What are Ascended Masters and who are they?

The life review might have formed the belief among some people that we are judged after death. However, being judged is a very wrong way to put it. It is all taking place in a very loving atmosphere with a great deal of understanding. Our guide and the ascended masters know how challenging life on Earth can be. The aim is not to judge but to assist the soul in its development and ascension journey.

Life after Death. A Period in the Spiritual Dimension

After this, most souls will stay a period in the spiritual realm where learning and doing activities is also possible. A kind of like on Earth but in the non-physical dimension.

In some special cases, the soul decides to go back to Earth very quickly. This can be the case if the soul was involved in very unfortunate behavior and for instance, caused a lot of harm to other people. In order to quickly release the karma created and learn from its actions, it can choose to go back to Earth fast. It will then choose a life suited for this purpose.

But normally the soul will stay a period in the spiritual realm before it undertakes a new life on Earth. There is no pressure in relation to going back to Earth. But most souls want to keep going to not lack behind the peers in their soul family/soul group. A soul family or soul group is a group of souls that evolve together. You can read more about this subject in this article: “What is a Soul family or Soul group

Selection and Planning of The Next Life

Life after Death - Planning of the next life

When the soul is ready to undertake a new life on Earth, it will be presented with a selection of lives to choose from. The soul will not be given full insight into the lives (to avoid interfering with the learning experience). But it will be presented for the main themes and key insights. It could be things like who the parents are, how the body will look, mental characteristics, etc. The physical surroundings/location will also be presented and some of the key experiences that can be expected.

The life selection happens in close cooperation with your spiritual guides and the ascended masters. The lives available to choose from a carefully selected based on where the soul is in its evolution, what aspects of life it is currently working on and what learning is needed at this point. The lives will also aim to release karma built up during previous lives.

At a spiritual level, all is known about us and for this reason, the lives will naturally appeal to us. We will never end up in a situation of not wanting any of the offered lives.

Souls that Won’t Let Go

Some souls do not fully register their physical death when it occurs. Or, they have a hard time letting go of the physical dimension. The first can happen if death was very abrupt or if the person suffered from serious mental illness. Resisting letting go of the physical dimension can be an issue if the person was very attached to a place, situation, or person. In that case, the soul can stay in this “middle stage” between the physical realm and the spiritual realm for a period of time.

It is not like the soul is then trapped in this stage forever. We are always watched over and will at some point be assisted back if we do not go voluntarily. In relation to this, it is worth mentioning that time is not felt the same way at this “middle stage”. Even if the soul stays at this stage for a long period, measured in earth years, it will not be felt that way. But it is much more common that the soul only stays a short period at this stage before entering the light.

The soul often stays around its relatives for some time after death

Souls will often stay for a brief period following the physical death to be around their relatives, comfort them, see the funeral, etc. This is indeed very common.

Signs from deceased

Signs from a deceased - Butterfly
Signs from a deceased - Shooting star

Further, it is relatively normal that the deceased try to interact with people he or she was close to. It can be small signs such as a butterfly following you very insistently or in other ways behaving strangely. Seeing a shooting star the moment you think about the deceased is another way they can reach us.

It is also often seen that the deceased try to communicate through dreams. As a relative, you might experience a very real dream where you talk to the deceased. You might wake up very emotional while thinking: “Wow, this was so real!”.

The signs and communication can take place in many ways. The common dominator is it will make you think: “This was a bit strange. I wonder if that was a sign or message from..”. In that case, it most likely was. Also, if you feel the presence of the deceased, it is very often real.

The souls that stay this way might stay for around 14 days and then pass fully over. As a relative, this timeframe can be used to find closure. This will both benefit you and the deceased that will then have an easier time passing over.

Saying properly goodbye

If you never had the chance to say properly goodbye, this is a very suitable time to do it. Tell the person what you wanted to say as if the person was still there. You can do this in your thoughts, by talking normally as if the person was in the room, or you can write a letter. The deceased instantly know when we want to contact them. When we think about them it is like making a call. So don’t worry about if they will hear or see your message. They will.

A “Quiet Period”

When the soul leaves this “Middle stage” and enters the light, it does not mean it can not be contacted. However, after passing fully over there will often be a “quiet period”. During this period it will be difficult to contact the soul. This is confirmed by many psychic mediums that work professionally with communicating with the deceased. This period is, as far as I know, related to the soul needing some time to acclimatize, revitalize and integrate the completed life. Opinions differ about the duration of this period. This is might be explained by the period varies. People mention from 1-6 months. 

Following this period, the soul seems to be accessible again for communication if needed. The communication can for instance take place through a Spiritual Medium or clairvoyant. 

After the “quiet period” has ended, some deceased choose to come back and undertake the role of a spirit guide for near relatives. It could be that a mother who dies returns and stay around her daughter to guide and assist from the spiritual realm. Some people refer to these as guardian angels. Even though these souls can help and protect, a guardian angel is something different. If you like, you can read more about guardian angels in this article: “Who is my guardian angel“.

When a Place is Haunted

What happens when we die - when a place is haunted

It is primarily souls/spirits in the “middle stage” that is causing troubles in the form of unwanted spiritual activity. This can be observed in many ways. A typical sign is light turning on and off by itself, a sudden change of perceived room temperature, things that are moving by themselves, etc. For more information on this specific subject, you can read this article: “Is My House Haunted? 18 Signs to look for” 

Souls that have already entered the light will not cause problems this way when they come back. They are only here to assist. Further, they can come and go as they like.

Life after Death when a Child Dies

When a child dies it will grow up in the spiritual realm to it has reached the adult state, according to what I know. Other souls will of course take very good care of them during this period. My impression is they are cared very well for indeed.

Life after Death – Nothing to Fear

One thing became clear when structuring my knowledge for this article. There is absolutely nothing to fear in relation to death. Maybe our last time can be tough but when we first reach the other side, we face peace and tranquility.

What I also noticed is that no one mentions “Hell” or has experienced anything like that. Hell seems to be a man-made invention. Likely made up in order to control people through fear. But that is a completely different subject.

Following the completion of this article, I stump upon the video below. It contains interviews with two ladies that had near-death experiences. They share stories very similar to what I described above and also repeat the message of there is nothing to fear.

Further readings

I hope my perspectives in this article have shed some light on Life after Death and What happens when we die. Below you will find some related subjects you might want to explore for further understanding of this interesting area.

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