Is My House Haunted? 18 Signs of A Haunted House & What You Can Do About It

Do you have a feeling that your house could be haunted? Maybe strange things are happening around you or you simply feel bad or get drained of energy when in your house? This is not how it should be.

In this article, I will look into the typical signs of unwanted spiritual activity. This way you can easily determine if your house is haunted. Later I will look into what you can actually do to get rid of the unwanted spirits.

18 Signs that your House is Haunted

1. Electric Installations are Behaving Strangely

Signs of a Haunted House - Electric Installations are Behaving Strangely

Spirits have a tendency to make their presence known by manipulating electronics. It could be the TV turns on when you are not in the room. The light turns on or off. Or, children’s toys are activated without being touched. This can even happen when the batteries are taken out. 

2. A Sudden Drop in Room Temperature

A Sudden Drop in Room Temperature

Maybe you are sitting on your couch and it suddenly feels like the temperature of the room dropped 10 degrees. This is a very common sign of spiritual activity and that a spirit is present.

3. Objects are Moving

Sign of a Haunted House - Objects are Moving

A vase or book is out of nowhere falling from the shelf and making a loud boom as it hits the floor. The object is found several meters from the shelf making it obvious that it did not “just fall”. Another example is a door handle that is moving. Could be many things but the common denominator is that it is spirits that show their presence. The first example indicates a more aggressive spirit that might not like the residents of the house while the second is more neutral.

4. Doors are being Opened or Closed

A door being slammed is another common experience. Or, you are finding doors unlocked that you are 100% sure you locked.

5. Strange Sounds

Footsteps, knocking sounds, or alike when no one is there.

6. Scents of Tobacco or Perfume that should not be there

Suddenly noticing the smell of tobacco or perfume could also be a sign. Many times the smell will remind us of someone. This could be a grandfather that has passed away. This is a way spirits let us know they are around. Not all spirits are bad or unwanted. Some could be deceased relatives who pay a swift visit or stay around to watch over us.

Scents of Tobacco or Perfume can be a sign of your house is haunted

7. Being Touched or Poked

This can both be a gentle affectionate touch of the chin or a discrete poke on the shoulder. If it is gentle like this it again could be a deceased relative showing its loving presence. If it is more aggressive it could be less friendly spirits or energies. 

8. Pets Behaving Strangely

Cats and dogs can often see or sense things we can’t. It could be that your cat is sitting and looking around on a blank wall as it is following something, but there is nothing to see. Or maybe it is suddenly running out of the room like something terrifying scared it.

If the above video is a real footage I can not tell, but it demonstrates how it could look.

9. Children are Afraid of a Room and don’t want to Stay Alone

Children are Afraid of a Room and don’t want to Stay Alone

Children are like animals often more sensitive to spirits. They might tell you about things you can’t see but that are very real to them. Friendly spirits are known to hang out with children and sometimes play with them. This should not be a concern as long as your child is happy.
However, if your child is scared of being alone in a certain room, or comes running out of the room because something scared it, It should raise your concern. Particularly if it persists.

10. A Strange Feeling of Being Watched

Sign of a Haunted house. A Feeling of Being Watched

This one is self-explanatory. A feeling of being watched even when you are alone. This is your sixth sense that is picking on the spiritual activity in your home.

11. Seeing Shadows or the Outlines of People

Seeing Shadows or the Outlines of People

Some people see dark shadows or blurred outlines of people. It can be in the periphery of the vision and when they turn their head to see, it disappears.

12. Objects Disappear

Objects that you know should be in a certain location and suddenly they are not to find.

13. In General Strange Things are Happening

It could be many things. But let me give you two examples I came across to give you an idea:

– The dishwasher is suddenly not working. The electrician came to fix it but reported that it had simply been unplugged. This was not possible without moving the heavy dishwasher which no one did.

– A padlock that needed a key to be opened was mysteriously removed from a window and found locked next to the window. Later the same window was found cracked. This happened in a room where the toys also started moving by themselves.

14. Feeling very Drained when in the House

Feeling drained when in the House could be a sign of Unwanted Spiritual Activity

Some people report they feel completely fine but as soon they enter the house they get completely drained of energy. This is a clear red flag that your house is haunted.

15. Nightmares or Disturbed Sleeping Pattern

Nightmares or Disturbed Sleeping Pattern due to spiritual activity

Having nightmares is not necessarily because of an unwanted spirit in your house. But frequent nightmares or seeing the same person in your dreams could be indications of a haunted house.

16. A Sudden Change in Behavior

A Sudden Change in Behavior caused by spirits

A change of behavior can in some cases be explained by a spirit that has attached itself to you and is now affecting your behavior to have its own needs met. For instance, If you are experiencing a sudden urge to drink alcohol and this is not normal to you, it could be such a spirit.

17. Scratch Marks appearing out of nowhere

Scratch Marks made by Spirits

This one is a bit scarier and only happens on very rare occasions. Nevertheless, I have seen it a few times why it is relevant to mention.

Examples are seen where people wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with scratch marks on their back or other places where it is hard to explain. Some people have even reported scratch marks appearing in the front of their eyes in combination with a burning sensation.

The lady in the picture woke up at 3 a.m. and felt pain at her back. When she went to the bathroom her boyfriend noticed these marks on her back. Before they went to bed they also experienced the door to their bedroom opening by itself and then slamming.

If you experience something like this, I strongly advise you to seek out professional assistance. The spirits are clearly showing aggressive behavior which under no circumstances should be tolerated.

18. Observation of Orbs

Observation of Orbs when a place is haunted

Orbs can often be seen when filming or taking pictures at haunted places at night. They appear the same way as dust floating in the air except they move differently. They are often observed to change direction in midair. If a photo is taken and zoomed in on, often faces will appear on these orbs. 
Do not mix orbs with lens flares that appear when taking a photo against the sun or other bright source of light.

Why is my House Haunted?

A house can be haunted for several reasons. When we die, the spirit will most of the time relatively fast find its way towards the light and the soul will find its way back home. However, in some cases, this process can take some time. This is one of the main reasons for houses being haunted.

Below are some of the most common reasons that the soul does not move into the light straight away.

Reason 1: A Connection to the Place

Old houses with a long history are more likely to be haunted than new ones. The previous resident of the house that has passed away may still be around. This can happen if the person had a very strong tie to the place or in other way is having a hard time letting go of the physical dimension.

Reason 2: A Very Sudden Death

If the death came in a very abrupt way, the soul might not have fully realized it is dead. It might still stay in the house and wonder why these new people moved in and have started to move around stuff. This might upset it and the spirit wants the new residents out of the house. This explains why strange things are happening. The same can be the case if the deceased had a very strong connection to the place and for this reason don’t want to leave.

Reason 3: Something has Happened in the Haunted House or “Unfinished Business”

If something with a very big emotional impact has happened at the place, it could tie the involved spirits to the place for a period. This is often seen at castles where people were murdered in brutal, and maybe unjust, ways. It could be the feeling of “unfinished business” that causes the spirit to get temporarily stuck. This is also the reason you want to finish your outstandings before you leave Earth in order to ensure a smooth transition to the spiritual realm.

Reason 4: A Deceased Family Member

In some cases, it is a deceased family member. It could be a grandmother that passed away and still stays around and look over the family. Under such circumstances, there is no need to worry as long as it is not disturbing the family.
It is also relatively common that babies in the cradle appear as they are being entertained by someone when no one is there. This could very likely be a deceased loving family member paying a visit.

Reason 5: Some People have a tendency to Attract Spirits

In the case where the spiritual activity is centered around a specific person, it could be more about that person than the house being haunted.

Some sensitive people have a tendency to attract spirits. This can also be the case with children that are naturally more open to the spiritual realm. If this is happening on a recurring basis and causes unrest around the person, or in the house, this should be addressed by professionals. A professional is a person that is familiar with this, as a healer, clairvoyant, or medium. He or she can help “close down” the spiritual openness of the person in order to restore peace. Later, if/when the person is ready to utilize these skills in a positive manner, it is possible to open up once again. But in some cases, the initial procedure is needed in order to restore peace and give the child or person a more balanced life. 

It is also possible for a person to pick up a spirit outside of the house. I have heard an example of a man that went to an old pub and apparently brought a spirit with him back home.

What can you do if your House is Haunted?

What can you do if your House is Haunted?

First of all, please relax. Even though it can be scary and maybe has a significant impact on your daily life and well-being, a lot can be done to make it stop.

Depending on the severity of your experiences you can either try to address it yourself first or have a professional do it. In the case of physical attacks, as I described with the scratch marks, I recommend you go straight to a professional.

However, if it is less bothersome and you feel confident to do it, there is a lot you can do yourself.

First of all, remember you are much stronger than spirits. You exist in the physical dimension and are a powerful being. In contrast, spirits exist in the non-physical dimension and it takes a lot of energy for them to affect the physical world.

In some cases, it is sufficient to tell the spirits to stop bothering you in a very determined way. Say it out loud and in a powerful way that leaves no room for doubt that you mean business. It should be absolutely clear in your mind that you will not accept this and it should stop immediately. You are the one in control and you simply will not allow this. This will in many cases reduce the spiritual activity significantly or make it stop completely.

Another procedure or ritual for clearing unwanted spiritual activity is as follows:

Procedure for Clearing a Haunted House for Unwanted Spiritual Activity

  1. Set your clear intention of clearing the house.
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to assist you and protect you during the procedure. He is a very powerful Archangel known for both his ability to protect and for helping spirits into the light. You can read more about him here if needed.
  3. Light some incense or even better some sage.
  4. Walk around in the house with the sage/incense. From room to room while you visualize white cleansing light filling the rooms and removing all unwanted energies or spirits.
  5. After you have done your round in the house ask Archangel Michael to assist all unwanted energies or spirits into the light.
  6. After a bit, you might be able to feel a calming sense of peace. Open all the windows in your house. Let the fresh air sweep through the house clearing out all old energy.
  7. After a while, close the windows and feel the new peace of the house.
  8. Ask Archangel Michael to protect your house against unwanted energies and spirits now and in the future.
  9. Say thank you to Michael for his assistance. This step is not mandatory but is a gesture of gratitude for the help you just received.

The procedure is now completed and you can return to your daily activities. The above will in many cases be sufficient. However, some cases are more severe and need additional attention.

If the above is not effective, the problems keep returning, or you feel the need for professional assistance, you can contact a professional that can perform a house clearing for you.
This can both take place physically where the person comes to your house or by distance. Both are very effective and will in most cases address the issues with a single session.

How does the Clearing of a Haunted House take place?

Mediums, Healers, or Clairvoyants are all people that can be working professionally with clearing houses of unwanted spiritual activity. As already mentioned, it can take place both from distance or by having the person come to your place physically. My experience is that both are equally effective. If the person shows up physically, the session will often take place something like this:

1. Initially Assessment of the House for Unwanted Spiritual Activity

He or she will typically start the session by walking around in the house to sense what is going on. Which rooms are affected and what kinds of energies are present? Is it more than one energy or spirit? Could it be deceased relatives or why are they here? Does it have friendly energy or does it feel angry, disturbed, or even evil?
This is simply to get an understanding of the situation and what needs to be done. The medium might communicate with the spirits if deemed meaningful.

2. The Clearing of the House

Following the initial assessment, the medium will decide on which action to take. In most cases, this involves guiding the spirit into the light. This is often done with the help of spirit guides or angels. Sometimes deceased relatives of the spirit will also arrive to follow it into the light.

3. Finishing up the Session

Maybe the medium ends the session by doing a brief healing and grounding of the people in the house and the surroundings. They might also recommend you open the windows for a moment to conclude the session. Some mediums do a follow-up phone call after a week or two to ensure everything is okay.

Clearing a Haunted House from a Distance

If the house clearance takes place from distance, the person will perform much of the same procedure. Starting by sensing the situation, then clearings and assisting the unwanted spirits into the light and possibly a brief healing.

It can appear a little strange that a house clearance can take place from distance but we have to remember that it is taking place at a non-physical level and hence distance is not a matter. As long as the person is skilled, there is no difference in effectiveness. That is my clear experience. The advantage of a distance house clearance is that it will in many cases be lower-priced since there is no need for transportation and the medium can perform it from his/her own home.

What will happen After a Haunted House is Cleared?

Many people report that for the first time in a very long time everything is finally at peace. The vibe of the house has improved. People are feeling lighter and it is easier to smile, laugh, and relax in the house. Children again play in the room that was avoided before. People sleep better. The things that initially made people reach out to have the house cleansed normally also stop (things like those described under 1-18).

The change can often be felt instantly even though everything will find its new normal in the following days and weeks. In some rare cases, a second session is needed but in most cases a single session is sufficient.

How to Find a Person that can Clear Your House?

If you prefer having someone come and do the house clearance in person, you need to find one in your local neighborhood. As mentioned these go under the names Medium, Clairvoyant, or Healer. See if you can find one other people recommend. Let your gut feeling and intuition guide you to the right person.

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