11:11 What does it mean?

Do you also keep seeing 11:11 everywhere and have you started wondering what it means? Some people see it to an extent where they start to feel crazy – because it does not make sense that I see it everywhere?! When you look at the clock, the car dashboard, at a receipt, and so on. Why is this happening?

“it could be a sign that you are experiencing a spiritually awakening”

Don’t worry you are not crazy and you are not alone. This is happening for many people all around the world and it could be a sign that you are awakening spiritually.

11:11 What does it mean?

The meaning of 11:11

Your soul has started to shine through. Some refer to 11:11 as “The lightworkers call to action”. It is your soul that is pushing you to wake up and urging you to begin to follow your soul’s calling and desires. With this, I refer to the things your soul planned even before it incarnated to Earth for you to start doing at some point during your early life.

11:11 is a hint that you need to start considering whether you are living your life in a meaningful and satisfactory way that is fully aligned with your true self. Are you living according to your core values and beliefs? Do your daily activities fill you with joy and energy or the opposite? Maybe your body has already given you some warnings that something needs to be changed in your life?

No matter what, now is a very suitable time to start reflecting on how you can move towards a more meaningful life that is more aligned with who you truly are.

11:11 The Soul’s Calling

Start pursuing the activities that feel meaningful deep within you. Things that feel right and give you a feeling of purpose and satisfaction when you do them. It is not necessarily the things society, school or your parents have taught you are important to do. It will more often be passion-driven, a matter of heart, or a hobby. Maybe something you read books about or something you do in your spare time, solely because it makes you feel good. Look for things that are joyful for you.

Finding Your True Purpose

If you need clarity about what is meaningful to you and your true purpose, you may want to start meditating. Do not expect to get all the insight right away during meditation and do not expect to find your true purpose on day one. Finding your true purpose is a process, a journey, and may not be a single thing, activity, or task. Thereby do not worry too much about finding it before you start. Just get started and see where the road will lead you. This is most often how it works.

However, meditation can help you calm and balance your mind and body which will make it easier to notice and follow your intuition towards what is right for you. Spending time in nature can also help you find peace and strengthen your focus to create positive changes.

In this process, if not already, you might start to question your life and what you have spent your time doing in the past. Here it is important to remember that whatever you have been doing, these activities have not been a waste of time or wrong. They have given you valuable experience, made you who you are today, and prepared you for your further journey. But as of now, 11:11 asks you to move forward towards your heart’s desires and your soul’s calling.

11:11 and The Caterpillar

As you gradually find the courage to make positive changes in your life and start doing more activities that are aligned with your soul and true self, you will start to find purpose in life. You will experience a greater feeling of satisfaction with life in general. You will start to flourish. At some point, you might see your journey as the one of a caterpillar. It goes through a process, and at some point, it spreads out its beautiful wings and reveals its true self.

Good things are waiting for you if you have the courage to pursue your dreams. 11:11 is telling you now is the time.

Best of luck

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By Klaus Kaae

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