Food and Spirituality - What is the connection?

What is Spiritual Food or a Spiritual Diet?

In my opinion, spiritual food is food that supports our body and general development in the best possible way. In other words, a diet that gives our soul the best conditions to thrive, experience, create and unfold in the human body. A diet that supports us in creating and living the lives we desire and supports us in reaching our full potential.

Spiritual food is also a diet that makes it easier for our soul to communicate with us. Our soul holds a lot more knowledge and wisdom than what we have access to at a conscious level. It holds all the wisdom and knowledge from all past lives it has lived. And that can be many. Our soul often has the solution to many of our challenges if we just manage to tune into this subconscious knowledge. The cleaner and more balanced our body is, the easier it will be to tap into this knowledge. To listen to our soul’s wisdom and let it guide us.

Quality Diet equal Spiritual Diet

A quality diet (a spiritual diet) further increases our well-being, prevents diseases, and prolongs our lives. So to me, a spiritual diet is a diet that supports us at all levels.

With that being said, we need to remember that we came to Earth under the spiritual law of free will. This means we can utilize our free will to experience exactly what we want. If we desire to eat a lot of unhealthy, low-vibrating food, with related consequences, we are completely free to do so. Or, we can choose a balanced healthy diet that supports our physical, mental, and spiritual development. 

From a spiritual perspective, both choices involve learning so none of them are considered wrong. With this article, I hope to sheet light on important aspects of our food and diet. Then people can make their own decisions.

Spiritual Development and Food

When we start to develop spiritually our vibration will start to increase. For many, this also causes a change in food preferences towards more healthy food. Healthy food in general holds a higher vibration than for instance junk food. Your increased vibration has made you a match for higher vibrational food.

The other way around, you might have noticed that when you have hangovers you get a desire for all kinds of unhealthy food. When having hangovers your vibration is lower than normal and you become a match to lower vibrating food – like junk food.

Spirituality and Meat

Meat and Spirituality

It is very common that spiritual development is accompanied by a gradual change of diet towards less meat and more vegetables and fruit.

This shift towards a more vegetarian or vegan diet can be explained by several factors. In many cases, it is just a matter of food preferences gradually change as people evolve spiritually and their frequency raise. They simply desire and feel better by having more vegetables, fruit, and less meat. Meat is also difficult to digest. Beef can for instance take up to 48 hours to fully digest. So by eating more fruit and vegetables it is possible to maintain a “lighter energy”.

Another reason for the reduced consumption of meat can be a greater understanding and compassion for the suffering involved in modern meat production. Spiritual development is often accompanied by a greater feeling of Oneness. We are all connected. This can make it difficult to accept that other beings need to suffer in order to produce some types of food.

We need to see Food from a Higher Perspective

In the following, I will share my thoughts on food in our modern-day society. In some areas, we have definitely moved in the wrong direction. This I will shed some light on and finally, I will have a look at what YOU can do to make sure your food makes you thrive physically, mentally, and spiritually! If you want to jump straight to the 8 Spiritual Food Recommendations – Click here

Organic vs. Conventional – Some Perspectives

Most people are aware that vegetables and fruit can be produced Conventionally or Organically. This among other things determines if pesticides can be used during production. To me, it seems a bit odd to use these terms. It would make more sense to label conventionally produced as “Can contain toxins” while organically produced should not be labeled at all. The norm should not be that our food can contain remains of poison. In the future, I am sure we will shake our heads when we are told that poison was allowed in our food.

A Tomato is more than a Tomato

Organic food vs. Conventional - Some Perspectives

But besides the organic/conventional element, there can be huge differences in how for instance a tomato is produced. Is it grown directly under the sun or with artificial lightning 24 hours a day? Did it grow in a rich natural soul with a complex mixture of natural nutrients, minerals, microbes, funguses, etc? Or has it grown in a completely sterile growth medium with artificial fertilizers to ensure streamlined fast growth? Did it have time to ripe under the sun or was it harvested while still green?

It should be obvious that the first tomato has a significantly higher overall health value even though science as of today might claim the two tomatoes contain the same nutritional value. Just try to smell and taste the difference between a tomato grown in your garden and compare it to the cheapest from the supermarket. Your body will definitely prefer the first.

Animal products:

Meat products – They hold the Energy of the Animal

To a large extent, it is the same with meat production. Imagine a hen that lives entrapped in a small cage for egg production. It never sees the sun and food on a diet that is optimized to keep costs low. Reflect a bit on the eggs this hen produces. They will hold the bad energy and suffering of the hen. And when you eat these eggs, your system will be affected by this energy.

The more purified and clean your body and system becomes, the more sensitive it will be to such energies.

What kind of Food Production do you want to support?

With the above in mind, you can reflect a bit on what kind of food you want to expose your body to and what you want to support. You can for instance buy eggs from farms where you know the hens had a good life. Or you can buy meat from free-range pigs. Another option is to reduce your meat consumption or become vegetarian/vegan if it feels right to you.

The Consciousness Level of Animals

The Consciousness Level of the Animals we eat

Animals have different consciousness levels. Primates for instance have a higher consciousness level than fish. According to some spiritual theories, it is better to eat an animal with a low consciousness level than a high one. In this context, cows are highlighted as having a high conscious level, followed by pigs, chickens, and fish. I don’t want to go into detail with these theories. But I mention it so you have the option to explore it further if you like. Personally, I have experienced that my body and system respond best to fish and worst to beef.

Modern-day food production and its consequences:

Industrialization of food production and its effect on you

Another issue nowadays is that many food products have been industrialized and over-optimized to increase the manufacturer’s profit. It is a tendency that is quite scary and easily can be overlooked. It is particularly a problem with processed food and ready-made food. In short, the issue is that the manufacturers use ingredients of lower and lower quality. Simultaneously they stuff the food with fat, salt, sugar, and additives to mask the taste. Of course, they do this to increase their profit. But it has big consequences for the overall public health.

The long time consequences of eating a poor diet

However, the biggest problem with eating processed food and a poor diet is that a lot of people are not aware of the consequences. When we are having a bad diet it is not like we get sick instantly. It is more like our system will function worse than it could. The immune system will weaken. Our intestinal flora will deteriorate. Mental health can also be affected. Maybe our sleep will be affected. A lower level of energy and stamina. You might gain weight and with time you might experience health issues or diseases that otherwise could be avoided.

It is also related to how fast we age. How many years we can maintain a healthy and well-functioning body. You can perceive it as an engine. If there is a tiny bit of gravel in the gasoline/oil, the engine will still function for some time. But at some point, it will start causing problems. The engine will perform worse and worse and not last as long as if it was given clean fuel.

What can you do to promote the needed change?

One of the benefits of a capitalistic society is that the manufacturers will produce what is in demand. And luckily we see positive trends. Organic food production is growing and it is not expected to continue. Some manufacturers have also started to focus on “natural ingredients” and “no additives added”. Things are heading in the right direction. But there’s still a huge market for low-quality food because the consumers are buying it.

Spiritual Food Recommendations:

Now let’s have a look at what you can do to support your whole system. Below you will find 8 Spiritual Food Recommendations to support your physical, mental, and spiritual development.

1. Choose Organic when possible

Spiritual food advice 1 - Choose Organic when possible

As described above, it should not be the norm with poison in our food.

Some people will state: “Yes, but the government has set some maximum threshold for different toxins and chemicals in our food or water”.

Well, these minimum thresholds do not take into account the “cocktail effect”. A subject of increasing discussion among researchers. The cocktail effect refers to when we are exposed to several chemicals simultaneously they might become even more toxic. Or, their effect on us might change.

In other words, we are most likely not fully aware of how the chemicals in our food affect us.

In this context it is concerning that many diseases are on the rise and men’s sperm quality is on a decline. This stands in contrast to our society is more advanced than ever. Something does not add up.

By choosing organic when possible, you eliminate a lot of chemicals from your food. Your soul will definitely vote for this!

2. Avoid Additives and Processed Food

Spiritual Food Advice 2: Avoid Additives and Processed Food

A lot of the food we buy is stuffed with additives. Additives are substances that are added to our food to preserve it, improve the taste or appearance, change or maintain the consistency, etc. Some are naturally occurring while other are artificially produced.

It varies from country to country how strict the regulations are for what can be added to the food. Regulations are tightened as negative effects are discovered which only highlights the problematic aspect of additives. We most likely don’t fully understand how they affect us.

Some additives have the purpose of killing or limiting bacterial growth in our food. This sounds like a good thing. But wait a minute. Our guts and intestines are populated by a lot of beneficial bacteria. They help us break down the food we eat and retrieve nutrients and vitamins. They also play an important role in fighting disease. Our gut microbiota and the immune system are closely connected1. Studies also suggest a close link between mental health and diverse gut microbiota2.  In this light, it seems very wrong to ingest bacteria-killing additives.

Today 30 to 40 percent of the population has functional bowel problems3, which underlines the importance of this area.

3. Get plenty of Raw Unprocessed Vegetables and Reduce the amount of Meat

Advice 3. Get Plenty of Vegetables

Raw, unprocessed vegetables and fruit have a lot of health-promoting benefits. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber are some of the good things they are stuffed with. You ensure most of these properties are maintained by consuming them raw or at least not prepared unnecessarily.

Another good property of vegetables and fruit is that it is in general very easy for your body to digest. In contrast, red meat can take up to 48 hours for the body to digest. We need to remember that digestion is one of the most energy-consuming processes in the body. So when we lighten the burden here and at the same time reduce the amount of chemicals, it gives our body room to cleanse and rebuild. In other words, we give our body space to do maintenance, cleanse, and self-repair. 

If you want to experience the above, you can try for a few days to solely eat raw, organic vegetables. Many will experience flu-like symptoms and in general, feel unwell. Of course depending on how cleansed your system is. When you suddenly change to this diet, your system is relieved from a heavy load and starts to detox. This can explain the flu-like symptoms some people will experience.

4. Cook Your Own Food

Cook your own food

When you prepare your food from scratch you are totally in control of the ingredients. You can avoid additives, choose organic, and find fresh quality ingredients. At the same time, you have the opportunity to teach your children about all the lovely ingredients and how a meal is prepared.

If you have access to a garden or land plot you can start growing your own vegetables. Besides all the delicious and healthy vegetables, it is a very mindful activity and serves to ground your energy. It is documented that gardening and nature reduce stress4.

5. Perceive Quality Food as an Investment – With a High Return

Spiritual Food Advice 5 - Perceive Quality Food as an Investment - With a High Return

Most people are VERY willing to spend money in order to regain their health AFTER they got sick. At this time it is almost impossible to put a price on regaining your health.

Try to perceive the money you spend on quality food as an investment in maintaining and keeping your body at its best. Preventing disease and making sure it lasts longer – and in a better condition.

Spending that extra money on healthy quality food is a very wise investment. Both healthwise and likely also monetarily. Your older you will thank you!

6. Reduce Stimulants

Stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine all affect our state of mind. To some extent, it is individual how they affect people. Some people are for instance very sensitive to caffeine, while others can easily sleep after a big jug of black coffee. However, there are disadvantages related to stimulants. Particularly extensive consumption of these.

Firstly, they make it difficult to sense how you actually are feeling. Our body is giving us warning signals when we are going too fast, need to slow down, or change direction. These can easily be missed when under the influence of stimulants.

Spiritual Food Advice 8: Reduce Stimulants

A typical example is a stressful job. Some people handle this with coffee during the day, to be able to perform, and alcohol at night to relax. Instead of suppressing our body’s natural signals, it could be an idea to consider if this is the life we want.

Alcohol makes it more difficult to listen to our soul’s guidance. An extreme example is seen with alcoholics who often gradually have moved away from their soul’s true nature and wisdom. They often struggle to make good decisions for themself and the people around them. But lower amounts of alcohol can also affect our ability to tune into our soul’s guidance and not least – to follow it. To learn more about alcohol and spirituality, you can read this article Alcohol and Spirituality – Does it mix?

Stimulants can also be used to suppress unpleasant feelings so we don’t have to deal with them. This is however a bad strategy. Sooner or later these feelings will hit the surface. Suppressed feelings can even manifest themselves as diseases after some time if not dealt with – and felt.

I don’t like to tell people how they should live their lives concerning alcohol, smoking, or drinking coffee. However, I am a strong advocate for reducing the intake of the above in relation to a spiritual diet. What I also notice is when people start to evolve spiritually they will naturally reduce or sometimes completely quit the intake of the above. This brings us to the next recommendation.

7. Listen to your Body

Spiritual Food Advice 7: Listen to your body

Your absolutely best diet advisor is – yourself. Learn to listen to your body and what it tells you. If your body does not respond well to a particular type of food, then it is most likely trying to tell you something. Probably that you should cut down or avoid this food.

8. Your Thoughts About the Food you eat are Important

Your thought about the food you eat are Important

Lastly, our thoughts about the food we ingest are actually important too. If you are familiar with spiritual principles, you know that our thoughts create our reality. This means if we perceive a specific food as beneficial, our body will respond better to it.

Healthy food becomes extra supportive for your system if you are aware of the health benefits and focus on these. By preparing our own food with quality ingredients we will promote this positive focus. Another good reason to cook your own food!

The above does not mean unhealthy food will magically become healthy if we just think positively about it. But it can influence how well our body responds to it. For this reason, it is important to find peace in your decisions whatever you choose.

The Cleansed Body

Spiritual Diet: The Cleansed Body

A thing many will experience when they start to eat and live more healthily, and their body has time to cleanse, is increased sensitivity to unhealthy foods. This could sound like a bad thing but it’s actually not. It is a symptom of a cleaner body that reacts when it is exposed to stuff that is not good for it. So if you experience this, congratulations on your cleaner and healthier body!

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