Learn How To Use Your Angels - a guide to get in contact with the angels

  • A step-by-step guide on how to: - Get in contact with the angels - Ask them questions and receive answers - Ask them to help you with specific things - Find the angels that can help you with what you need - Etc.

By Klaus Kaae

Klaus is a Reiki Master Healer, Energy Worker, and passionate writer at Lightworkersnet. His background is in the corporate world with a Master's Degree in Finance and Economics. But his connection to the spiritual realm has always been strong and developed further over the years. He learned to communicate with spirit guides & angels and learned to apply many spiritual tools and techniques. A lot of these he shares here on Lightworkersnet. He also offers sessions within specific areas and has published books in multiple languages. You can learn more about his services here https://lightworkersnet.com/services