Can You Reincarnate as a Plant, Tree, or Animal?

Did you ever wonder if it was possible to reincarnate as a plant or a tree? Or maybe as an animal? How would that feel? Does a plant feel pain? And how is it to be a tree? This and more, this article will shed light on.

Many people have reported being able to recall past lives through hypnosis or other techniques. It is very fascinating and can even cause remarkable healing when past life traumas are dealt with. Most of the past lives we hear about are lives in human form. But sometimes people are also able to recall lives as animals even though these seem relatively rare. In even more rare cases, people can recall having lived as a plant or tree.

Below is one of the rare reports of a woman who was able to recall reincarnating as a tree. The report is quite interesting and gives insight into how the soul can explore life through reincarnating as a tree and other flora. The same person was also able to recall living as various animals, experiences we will explore later.

Reincarnating as a Tree – How is it?

Yes, I remember being flora and fauna. I remember first I was a flower, a quick taste of the physical, over very quickly. You can go back as many flowers and small plants or you can just complete this stage [edit: of the soul evolution] as a tree. We were warned the time it takes to complete it as a tree might actually make your mind go mad. I chose the tree next. Being flora was the first introduction to the physical realm. Your arms are outstretched but it’s no effort to do so. You see forward but cannot move you just simply are. You watch the sun rise and fall and try to turn to it to grow. You see the canopy above you and are mesmerized that one day you might just reach it. Birds and animals land on you, you feel no pain, you feel only warmth. You watch them and wonder what their minds must be like, how it feels to be mobile. You also sleep, sometimes the pure repetitiveness of it all can start to grate on your mind so you choose to sleep. A lot of trees are asleep. You can wake them up if you knock on them. It saves the mind from going too mad. The only thing you can control is when to drop a leaf. You can choose to drop a leaf. I once saw people walk past, the ultimate fascination and I dropped a leaf as they walked past me. I saw them look at me and comment how big and beautiful I was. I wondered what I looked like through their eyes.

Reincarnate as a Tree

You continue to stretch and rise. Eventually, you reach the canopy. Eventually, you cannot see the forest floor anymore. Eventually, all you see is a sea of the tops of the trees and you finally see the sun in all its unfiltered glory. Then there was guilt. I spent so much time reaching, growing, struggling to reach for the light through the trees above me. I hadn’t considered that now I was the tree who was blocking the light from the ones below. So I tried to contract, I tried to create space through my leaves so that others may also rise. That’s the last thing I remember.”

The above gives great insight into how it is to reincarnate as a tree. Apparently, it can drive you mad because of the long lifespan of a tree and the repetitiveness of life. She was warned about this, as a soul in the non-physical dimension, before she decided to experience life as a tree.

Another person told me that it can be quite frustrating to incarnate as a tree. As a tree, he witnessed an ongoing war in front of him, but there was nothing he could do. Just stand there. That frustrated him a lot.

From the above, we also learned that trees can sleep and don’t feel pain but can feel the warmth of the sun.

We can wonder how a tree can see without physical eyes. I believe this is possible through what is equal to the human’s third eye. We have to remember the soul exists in the non-physical realm and it may be easier to switch to the non-physical perspective as a tree.

Reincarnating as an Animal

Later she talks about reincarnating as various animals.

“I remember being two different fish and a dolphin, each with vivid lives. Then I remember being an ant. Then a bird, that was my personal favorite. Then a cat, then a dog, that life was very sad. Then some kind of big cat. Then a bear, that life was beautiful. In some of these lives are the incarnation of people who are with me today. My family and partner and children show up in some but not others. I also remember before I was physical, waiting with other spirits for my turn.”

The ant life, she said was about being a part of the colony. Being a builder or a forager. She was a forager and experienced being lost but finding back to the colony.

Reincarnating as an Animal

She said she had emotions in all of her animal lives. As a fish, she experienced having a creature stuck on her tongue, eating everything she ate. It drove her mad. She was hungry all the time and it made her so angry that she decided to starve herself to death. That way the creature living off her would also die and she could start over in a new form. As a human, she found out the creature stuck on her was a “tongue-eating louse” or “Cymothoa exigua”. A parasite that attaches itself to the tongue of the fish and can cause underweight of the fish1.

As a bird, she felt great freedom and safety when in flight. Her life as a bear she said was about family, connection, and love.

It is also interesting that she mentions the people around her today were also taking part in some of her animal lives. Here she refers to their eternal selves, their souls. This indicates that what we refer to as soul groups or soul families goes back to before the souls start to reincarnate as humans.

Perspective on Reincarnating as a Plant, Tree, or Animal

Perspective on Reincarnating as a Plant, Tree, or Animal

Personally, I believe that experiencing life as a mineral, a plant, and a tree is a way for the soul to initially experience and familiarize itself with the physical dimension. Later various animals can be explored before reincarnating as more advanced lifeforms, such as homo sapiens or similar beings. This way the soul gradually advances to more complex life forms. The more complex lifeform, the more room for expansion which is a key goal for the soul and the Universe as a whole.

However, besides this way of evolution, I sense and have information that some animals have highly evolved souls. They too come with important soul missions and are important parts of the whole, including helping humans. We certainly need to respect and honor the animals of Earth. To connect with animals you can reach out to Archangel Fhelyai. You can read more about Archangel Fhelyai here.

When our soul has evolved to a level where we incarnate as humans, we will typically not reincarnate as animals anymore. I am however familiar with a case where a person had been working with horses. In that life, he had been very cruel to them. His soul later decided to reincarnate as a horse in order to experience the same cruelty.

Do all Plants, Trees, and Animals have a Soul?

Do all Plants, Trees, and Animals have a Soul?

Following the above it would be natural to ask if all plants, trees, and animals have a soul? I have not yet found a clear answer to this. I would however say, they certainly all have some sort of consciousness. Maybe not all as individual souls. Instead, they can have a “group soul”. A group soul is when many animals or plants share the same oversoul.

I know it is possible to communicate telepathically with flowers, trees, animals, and even crystals. This supports the idea that they all have some sort of consciousness.

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