Archangel Michael How to Invoke him

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is one of the most well-known Archangels.

His name means: “He who is like God”

He is the great protector of Earth and has been so since the beginning. Always has been and always will be. He is both a protector of the planet and of mankind. He also watches over the guardian angels which in turn watch over the individual humans.

Archangel Michael is also known under the names: Mikail, Mikhael, Mikhail, Saint Michael, Sabbathier, or Beshter.

I decided to make an article separately about Archangel Michael because he is one of the Archangels that I personally use the most frequently and he can be useful in so many ways to us if we know how to invoke him.

How to recognize Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is easy to recognize with his big sword and is often portrayed as a muscular, athletic archangel with a powerful expression on his face. He is often associated with the colors blue, purple, and sometimes white. In many pictures, he also carries a shield.

What can Archangel Michael be used for?

Archangel Michael can assist with multiple purposes and can be considered one of the more diverse Archangels. Below I have listed some of the areas where he is particularly useful. The list is not exhaustive and you should not limit yourself to only these. If you feel inclined to use him for a particular purpose, you should definitely do so.

You can Invoke Archangel Michael for:

  • Spiritual Protection
  • General Protection
  • Protecting of home, car, or belongings
  • Protection while driving or under transportation
  • Clearing old attachments & cutting energetic cords
  • Working with past life contracts and related
  • Shielding and clearing your energy
  • Boosting your courage, confidence, inner power, or determination
  • Overcoming challenging life circumstances
  • Sending spirits home by helping them into the light

How to Invoke Archangel Michael

Before I go into detail about how to use him for different purposes, let’s first have a look at how to invoke him. How to call upon him and make requests for assistance. It is actually fairly simple but it is still important to know a bit about the process.

Like with all angels, we can contact them through our minds. For instance, you could say the following in your mind:

Thank you Archangel Michael for helping me with..”


“Dear Archangel Michael, please help me..”

Some people find the first wording more powerful which can make sense since it is stated as it is already happening. If you are familiar with the principles of manifestation, you can relate to this. But both ways will work very well.

The way you ask or request assistance is not that important, the important thing is that you do it. This is important because if you do not, the angels are not allowed to intervene in your life due to the spiritual law of free will.

Remember to say thank you, as you would do to any other person that has helped you.

In the next, I will look into the different areas where Archangel Michael is known to work. 

1. Spiritual Protection using Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael - Spiritual Protection

Michael is an excellent protector against lower energies, negative spirits, or alike. If you at any time feel fear or negative energy in relation to spirits, you can always call upon Michael to shield and protect you.

I once woke up in the middle of the night feeling a strange but relatively intense fear. As I remember, I had some sort of feeling that something not nice was in my room. I am not sure if this was just my imagination or if something non-physical was actually there. There was probably nothing, but the fear was real.

Since it is so deeply rooted in me to call upon Michael for spiritual protection if needed, I simply said the following in my mind:

“Dear Michael, please protect me”

I was still laying in my bed in the dark room. The next I remember very clearly. I noticed the shadow on my wall very clearly showed the figure of a big angel. It was a bit surprising to see the angel on my wall just after the invocation, but it made me feel good. Soon after I fell asleep again. I never afterward noticed the angel on my wall again.

To me, the experience demonstrated two things:

  1. He wanted to show me “Yes, I am here, don’t worry my child”.
  2. Wanted to assure me that even though it was maybe insignificant, he was still showing up.

I hear from other people that he is definitely not a shy angel and it is not unusual that he gives signs or shows his presence as he did to me.

2. Using Archangel Michael for General Protection

Whenever we feel vulnerable or in danger we can call upon Michael for this protection. It could be that we find ourselves walking in a dark street that feels unsafe. We can invoke Archangel Michael’s protection as simple as this:

“Dear Archangel Michael, please protect me till I’m back home safe. Thank you” 

This however should not be an excuse for not taking proper care of yourself. But there are times when we find ourselves in situations we did not plan for.

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3. Protecting of Home, Car, or Belongings

As Archangel Michael can protect us, he can also protect our house, car, or belongings.
I used him this way very recently when I had to leave some luggage in the reception of a hotel. I did not expect something bad to happen but It would be a big setback if I lost some of the items stored in my luggage, and hence I asked for his protection. Nothing happened to my luggage.

4. Protection while Driving or Under Transportation

When you are driving your car, other vehicles, or under transportation, you can ask Archangel Michael for his protection. He will then ensure you arrive safely. By asking for protection you give him permission to intervene if a dangerous situation arises.

Be ready to listen to his guidance. It can appear as a clear voice in your head or by intuitive feelings of what to do to avoid danger. But he can intervene in numerous ways. For instance, delay you just a few seconds to make sure you don’t get hit by that other car.

The last time I used Michael this way was when I found myself in a speeding taxi on a rocky mountain road with no seat belts available. In situations like this, it is nice to know that you are watched over and protected if needed.

5. Clearing old Attachments & Cutting Energetic Cords with Archangel Michael

Cutting Energetic Cords with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the one to go to if you want to cut cords or remove attachments that no longer serve you. This can be both to people, situations, or other.

Maybe you had a very deep and intense relationship with someone but now it has come to an end. After you went through all the processes needed to let go of someone, you still find it difficult to let go of that person. Further, you feel it blocks you from moving forward with your life. In this situation, it would be very suitable to invoke Michael for assistance in cutting the cords. You can do this as follows:

Visualize yourself and the partner in front of each other. Become aware of the energetic strings that still connect you and the partner. Ask Archangel Michael to help set both of you free and remove the energetic strings. You can use Michael’s powerful sword to cut the strings between you. See and visualize how the powerful sword easily cuts through the string and how they are absorbed back into both of your energetic bodies.

You can invoke Archangel Michael in the same way in relation to situations you need to let go of. Find your own proper way to visualize and to request Michael’s assistance. Use your intuition.

Archangel Michael - Past Life Contracts

In the same way, as we can cut strings to persons and situations in this life, previous lives can also affect us. I personally became aware that my love life was influenced by a past life oath. The oath made it difficult to form meaningful lasting romantic partnerships.

During a meditation, I found out I had made an oath to “love someone forever”. In that lifetime we had loved each other so deeply and didn’t want it to stop, that we made the oath. The problem with stating “forever” is that it really means forever. Oaths like this are stored in the Akashic records and will continue to have an effect. This oath was clearly not serving me anymore.

With the help of Michael, and through a visualization process, I was able to release myself from that oath. In the time after, I was able to form a relationship that lasted longer than any of my previous relationships.

7. Shielding and Clearing Your Energy

Archangel Michael can Protect your Energy

Some people are very sensitive to other people’s energy. It can affect their mood and energy level to an extent that is clearly not desired. You can ask Archangel Michael to shield you from unwanted energy. He will step in and safeguard your energy with his shield.

If you already feel affected by the energy of other people you can also use him for this. This could be following attending a party or other gathering with many. Again, it is simple to invoke him and it could be like this:

“Archangel Michael, please clear my energy”

If you are a sensitive person you might be able to feel a tingling sensation while he cleanses your energy.

In relation to cleansing your energy, it is also useful to know about “The Violet Flame” which is a very strong cleansing energy. This you can read more about in this article: The Violet Flame – A strong tool for clearing energy.

8. Boosting your Courage, Confidence, Inner Power, and Determination

Archangel Michael - Strength and Courage

You can use Michael to boost the above-mentioned abilities. This can be useful in situations where you need one or more of these abilities. Maybe you are going to deliver a presentation to a big group of people or are going to make an important speech. Both can be daring and you can invoke Archangel Michael’s support. It could be as simple as this:

“Dear Archangel Michael, please give me the courage, confidence, and strength to do this presentation. Thank you.”

He will immediately rush into action. Sometimes you can actually feel his presence, sometimes not. In both cases rest assured that he is by your side supporting you.

9. Overcoming challenging Life Circumstances with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael - Help overcoming challenging life circumstances

Most of us will from time to time be facing circumstances that take all our courage and strength to overcome. Even though Archangel Michael is very powerful, he can not solve all of our challenges. Some of the challenges and situations we are facing are serving our higher good and involve important lessons we need to experience to learn from and grow – both as a human and at soul level.

But this should not hold us back from reaching out to him for help. He will still be able to support us during challenging times and make sure the outcome of situations is serving us.
A way to invoke him could be like this:

“Dear Archangel Michael, please help me overcome the current challenges in my life in the best possible way. Thank you.”

You can make much more detailed invocations, but the above is just to show you how simple it can be done. 

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10. Sending Spirits Home by Helping them into the Light

Spirits can get stuck between the physical dimension and the higher dimensions where souls stay when not incarnated. This can happen if the spirits are very connected to a place, have “unfinished business”, or if death was very abrupt. These spirits can be disturbing and cause unrest in a house.

Archangel Michael is often used by people who work with cleansing houses for unwanted spirits.

About the use of Archangels and Angels in General

This leads me to another point. Some people consider the Archangels something very special since they are a bit famous. But this should clearly not hold us back from contacting and using them. We have to remember that angels exist in the non-physical dimension without time and space. Thereby, they are able to assist an unlimited number of people at the same time. Indeed they appreciate us reaching out to them because by doing so we are moving in a positive direction. Increased awareness about, and the use of angels, will serve to increase the consciousness level and vibration of humans and Earth. 

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